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May 1, 2009
By Tiffany Krzewinski BRONZE, Lancaster, South Carolina
Tiffany Krzewinski BRONZE, Lancaster, South Carolina
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I only use these three words, because--his name? Not important. His life? Been there, done that. At this point, sympathy is less than necessary. I watched him this time grab a Hefty garbage bag and run up the stairs. He finally pushed down the wall I had up. Is he happy? Do I think he deserved it? Yeah, I thought so.
“There are so many other fish in the sea,” my mother once said, and it’s so close to when the fish become sharks, and I am the one who is going to get eaten.
I’m glad he left. It is just an early reminder, once again that it doesn’t matter who he is. Don’t let him get too close. Don’t give into the cute admirations and simple anything’s that would make my mother smile.
I’ve always agreed with my mom, boys will be boys, but I never knew there could be a forty-one year old boy. Please don’t make me say it, but it’s too late. No time for the heartfelt goodbye’s. Thanks Dad, You just made yourself another page in the notebook that was never seen. I’m Ashley Coup, and this is my story.
You could say my mom is an extreme dater; she loves all types of people. Therefore, anything is her type. You could say I’m the bug eye glasses girl. My mom is the supermodel. It feels like a competition, I have the cute figure and brains but my mom has the athletic body and the New York fashion sense. I never really got to know my real dad, we left when I was two, but now that I’m sixteen, I need that father figure, the one that is going to walk me down the aisle, and meet my prom date, shake him up a bit. I’ll never bring a prom date home, or a boyfriend. Despite the fact that I would love him, my mother would try as well. Enough said, my mom frequently goes out on a date, maybe even every other night.
My family has always been wealthy and my mother takes that for granite. She conceived me at the age of fifteen and now that she is thirty one, she is looking for that right person. I tell her everyday, you can’t find that certain person by sleeping with every date you’ve ever had, but I’m not too worried about it. It’s her life; I’m choosing how to live mine.
Now that I’m sixteen, I am also looking for that boy who can treat me like a lady and not want what most typical teen couples thrive for. I have been looking slowly and I think I’ve laid my eye on one. His name is Adam Thompson and he is quarterback of the American Legion High School football team. Of course, you know the cliché, Quarterback, Head cheerleader, but I want it to be different, All Star Mathlete and Underachiever. It’s pretty sad when you’re the girl hiding behind the wall at lunch time watching your crush as he hugs all the Varsity cheerleaders. Life as I know it, is about to change.
So I’m a dork, at lunch today, I accidently dropped my lunch on the ground. To my luck, Adam Thompson just bought a new pair of Nike Shocks. I told him I would replace them and all he said was its good and stomped off. I guess I still don’t realize why guys are so attached to their shoes. Anyways, I went home and my mom was just sitting at the living room coffee table, with a little pink box with a big blue ribbon. That little pink box contained the key to my future.

“Hey mom what are you doing just sitting here?” I asked.

“Hey darling, nothing I got you something today, I think it’s about time you branched out and stopped only talking online to the human race.”
“I never saw anything wrong with it.” I stated.
She got a look on her face, which seemed like she was hurt, and upset about something.
“What is it mom?” I asked.
She looked at me again and then said “Ash, I have never really treated you right, and I’m sorry about it.”
“Its okay mom, it is not sob story time. I want to know what’s in the box.” I giggled.
“Okay” she smiled, “Close your eyes!”
“Okay, Closed” I was really curious at this point.
“Open.” She whispered.
“Contacts” She dared to say. “I think its time.”
“Wow, Thanks mom. You’re the best!”
“Anytime honey, But that’s not it, Look under the case.”
It was a shiny key, with the symbols of the three letters that any girl would love to read, BMW. I ran out the back door and stumbled upon my brand new car. I screamed for hours and actually ended up sleeping in it that night.

I drove to school in it for the first time this morning, and I never felt more confident. Adam Thompson literally ran up to my car and asked me to go out with him Friday night, it being Tuesday, I said yes. Ever since, we have been steadily dating and very happy. At first I thought he was only dating me for my money, but then he gave me this ring; He said it was his grandmothers.

The years went on and me and Adam Thompson got married and had two kids. I only let him meet my mom twice. Once on prom night and I rushed him then, twice on our wedding. Even though I still am surely jealous of my mother, she saved my reputation, and got me the man of my dreams. She also found her a man, His name is Josh Garrison. They have not gotten married yet, but she tells me everyday that she thinks it is true.

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