A Last Time

April 29, 2009
By LostLilGirl BRONZE, Rosemount, Minnesota
LostLilGirl BRONZE, Rosemount, Minnesota
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A last time
She listens to the heavy words the world whispers to her. The tears slide down her flushed cheeks as the sobs finally break loose. She collapses on the lush green grass and shuts her eyes to let the summer sun dry the sorrow the tears had released. She wallows through her thoughts and she doesn’t hear his foot-steps proceed toward her. He stops right above her head and falls to his knees. He gently brushes away a strand of blonde hair from her shut eyes. His soft tender fingers dry the tears that have slid down her cheeks. He turns towards her and whispers in her ear, “What is wrong my little dove?” She holds her knees close to her pounding chest and curls up in his lap, hoping his touch will push away all her fears. Her thoughts race even faster as she starts to see the black cruel smoke curl up into the sky. She knew what he would find when he went back to his house and saw what remained. She knew where that vile smoke came from, but for the moment she would curl up even tighter and watch his relaxed face for one last time. She knew in the end he would no longer be hers, so she would soak up the sun on her hair and his love in her heart. Just one last time…

The author's comments:
Love will always follow us around but it may choose to hide or to embrace you. When you get the chance embrace it back and never let go.

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