A Knight in Shinning Armor

April 24, 2009
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A knight goes away upon a dark and stormy night. He says good bye on multiple occasions but none have seem this hard before. He goes to his death or to glory, but probably the formal, as a Knight in shinning armor. She weeps and she sleeps day in and day out, never knowing when or if he’ll ever return. Days trun into weeks and weeks into monts. And still no word from her knight in shining armor. She as exasperated all hope of ever having him once again. Until one day as she sits outside gazing at the clouds, and accompany of men upon their noble steeds gallop towards her. Four of them flank the obvious knight. Fear beats into her heart as each one is masked and she fears the worst that the knight may bring. Upon arrival the knight dismounts, he is shining from head to toe in obvious chivalry. He removes his helmet, and there under dirt, grime and other foul absurdities is her love, her knight in shining armor.

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