Beautiful Swan

April 23, 2009
By thatoneperson999 SILVER, Everson, Washington
thatoneperson999 SILVER, Everson, Washington
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The wooden bench creaked as she sat down in front of the choir room piano. This was her home, a familiar place. It allowed her to think as her fingers worked their way up and down the piano.
She was a natural beauty, though she didn’t believe it. She viewed herself as the ugly duckling, except for the whole turning into a beautiful swan part.
She was different, but in a bad way. No self-esteem, so she didn’t even try to present herself. Few friends, and even the ones she had weren’t true. She always hid her tear-stained eyes behind her hair.
She lied constantly to hide the scars, both physical and emotional. No one had seen the real her for several years, no body had tried. She was alone, in her own little world. No one to talk to, which was just fine. It left more time to work on her music.
She used to be talented and smart, but now she’s too afraid to try except when no one was around.
She—someone walked into the room where she was playing piano. Her head jerked up, breaking her trance. And just for a moment when their eyes met, he broke through her mask of lies and saw the real her.
“That was beautiful. Who was it by?” She felt vulnerable, allowing someone past her mask. Her voice sounded foreign, strange with a hint of pride. “Actually I wrote it,” she whispered to the floor. “You’re very talented. I’m Jacob.” Her guards lowered, she replied “Ellie.” And as Jacob gazed at Ellie, she felt like a beautiful swan for once in her life.

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