April 23, 2009
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Fiction_Writer18 BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
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His ice-cold eyes fell upon Shikoba Hawk that Saturday morning within the Hawk family’s kitchen. Wakahisa Aoi had avoided talking since the misunderstanding that had occurred three days before. To Shikoba, this was completely understandable, so he, too, chose not to speak.
—Five Months Earlier—
A lot of people were doing it. It was the newest and coolest way to meet your significant other. It was E-Love.com, the hottest online dating site around since who knows when. Guaranteed to help people out, it received excellent reviews; hundreds of the site’s older users commented on how their blissful relationships blossomed into harmonious marriages. Both Wakahisa Aoi and Shikoba Hawk craved for their chances to announce that with the mysterious, unknown women who would one day be their wives.
At that particular time, neither Aoi nor Shikoba knew that the other existed. Still, they were far closer and more alike than one would think. Both young men were in their early twenties. While Aoi resided in Tokyo, Japan and Shikoba in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and they each had different goals, one of those goals was common. That goal was to get involved in a relationship—and fast! They watched male co-workers and friends fall in love with gorgeous girls before their eyes, and it was deeply hurting them. What kept them from dating? They couldn’t understand it. They were attractive, genuine guys. It didn’t make any sense.
Then one day, both men discovered E-Love.com. It was as if God had spoken to them. Within days of use, the guys found their perfect others, whom they connected with instantly.
After a few months of chatting, they decided to meet them. And everything would’ve gone amazing, except for the fact that when Shikoba’s Japanese girlfriend got off the bus, it wasn’t a beautiful, rich woman.
It was hardly a woman.
Shikoba’s girlfriend was a man, and that man being Aoi!
—Present Day—
So that’s what happened. Shikoba’s eyes narrowed with anger as he tore past the seated Aoi over to his refrigerator and ripped open the door. In he reached, grabbing out a gallon of chocolate milk prepared and bought from the local grocery store. He moved over to the kitchen’s counter, back to Aoi, and pulls down a crystal-clear glass from the cupboard above his head. As he poured his morning beverage, Shikoba tried hard to ignore his “mistake” left at the table. For his own good, Shikoba thought exiting the scene would prove to be smart. So he whirled away from the tiled counter, ready to disappear. But then, out of the corner of his greenish-gray eye, he saw IT.
There resting in Aoi’s pale white hand was a watermelon margarita!
“What the heck’s your problem?!” Shikoba demanded as he slammed down his own glass with pure rage. He was the first one out of the two to crack; to say a word in three days.
“Hm? What are you yelling about?” questioned Aoi as his eyes opened slowly. They had been closed since Shikoba had poured his milk.
Shikoba furiously pointed to the alcoholic beverage. “THAT!! ARE YOU CRAZY?!! IT’S ONLY 8 A.M. AND YOU’RE PUTTING A MARGARITA INTO YOUR SYSTEM?!!!”

“So? Why do you care about what I do? It shouldn’t bother you. It’s not like I’m forcing it down your throat!” Aoi’s clutched his drink tightly and brought it up to his lips. With that said, he took a long, hard sip.
“What in the world is going on down here?”
Both young men sharply turned their heads towards the kitchen’s entryway, which was the direction where the voice emanated from.
A black-haired, copper-skinned woman of almost forty stood in the entryway. Osikah Hawk, Shikoba’s dear mother, glided into the kitchen. Her hair was pulled back into a low bun and she wore a simple maroon dress on her person. Standing at about 5’6”, she looked younger than the age she was. People saw her as a gentle and proud woman and often praised of her attractive looks, for it was said that she was quite the beauty in her younger years.
But now, the rather sweet-looking woman had a look of weary draped over her. She moved over to her obnoxiously loud son and asked, “Shikoba, what are you doing? Why are you yelling!?
“No ‘buts’! Apologize!” Osikah’s eyes narrowed.
Shikoba knew better than to make his mother repeat herself, so he followed her command. “I’m sorry,” he said coldly. He then added underneath his breath, “…You blue-eyed jerk.”
Osikah, not hearing her son’s addition, nodded with content and left the two children alone.
Once his mother was gone, Shikoba fell silent. Aoi opened his mouth and spoke some words of sincere apology.
“I’m sorry.”
Shikoba looked at him with a funny expression. “Huh?”
“I’m sorry…for not being what you wanted.”
A wide-eyed gaze washed over Shikoba’s face. Did Aoi…really want to be with me? Not really sure what to say back, Shikoba nervously replied with, “You know…you can be.”
Aoi smiled at that. It was a pure, genuine smile, in which Shikoba replied with honestly and earnestly.
It seemed that the website, E-Love.com, worked after all.

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