Mikes hard life

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Hello, my name is Mike and I am 23. I live in Denver I have blond, hair and blue eyes. I weigh 150 pounds. I am athletic, but I think I can look better. I have three kids and a beautiful girlfriend. I want to marry her, but her mother and father don’t agree. They don’t think that I can take care of her and the kids. My Girlfriend Jane wants their approval to get married so we have to wait, or fight for their approval. Our family has one dog and his name is Max.

My family is really happy but Jane’s father does not want her to be with me. She says that in time we can get married with our without her dad. Jane and I are planning to be married with in two years. My children Bella, Helen, and Myron are very excited to be in the wedding. I call Jane’s dad every day and tell him that I love Jane and that I will always be there for her and the kids but he doesn’t listen.

As the weeks go by we plan more and more about the wedding. We have the place, decorations, dresses, suits, everything we need. Jane decides she doesn’t want to wait we are getting married in one month with or with out David her dad. When she told me that I was eating a subway that tasted so good it was the best one that I’ve had in a long time so I’m going to remember that forever.

We call them and tell them that we want then there, we give them the date and time. While we have the phone in our hands we call other people and sent our invites. Three weeks passed and what do you know, one more week and she is all mine, and I’m all hers I cannot wait. Until the cops come to my door “you have the right to remain silent anything you say can, and will, be used against you in the court of law!” says the cop that is taking me away. I did not tell Jane about my past about 4 months ago I was accused for having weed in my car and I was sent to jail. Later on they found out it was for my Grandmother because she had cancer she needed the drug to help cure her. So they let me go and I guess somehow after that they found something else out. That it was for me and not for my Grandmother, but I quit so they did a drug test but I did not pass that it why I was in Jail.

I tell Jane to call my lawyer and that everything is going to be okay. Jane freaks out calls my lawyer then her mom. David over hears then and out of nowhere he goes missing. No one can find him, he is nowhere to be found. Five days later David and I walk out of the police station together. David had bailed me out and got me ready for my wedding. Jane is surprised and she doesn’t know what to say. David takes Jane’s hand and told her he never hated me he just did not want to lose her.

Jane’s says, “There’s two days till my wedding what are we doing here?” so we leave. The two days passed by and what do you know in down the aisle waiting for my love to come. The priest gives the sign for her to come and then the music starts, she is in a beautiful white dress and her hair looks amazing everything is perfect. Our life is going to be great I can tell. No matter what I will always be they’re for her and the kids.

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