The Love Story

April 20, 2009
By Anonymous

When our eyes first met, I knew he was the one that would always be there for me and he would care about me until the end. My heart was beating real fast like when you win a race. My body couldn’t move and I couldn’t speak. I was thrilled that I found my true love. But I had a feeling that something wrong would happen.
Chapter 1

My name is Sun mi Jang. I’m almost 15. When I was little I thought guys had cooties. I didn’t have a good relationship with guys. I would always fight with them or I would make fun of them. But I changed over the years. In middle school when I saw my friends dating I thought I should have a boyfriend. So I told my friends I wanted a boyfriend so they did blind dates.

“Thanks you guys for doing blind dates for me,” I said.

“No problem. Just have fun and find the one you really love,” my friends said.
But none of them were my type. They were all like nerds, rock, loud, partying men, and etc. My type was calm but very energetic or really good at sports. I was upset when all my friends had one but not me. I felt like I was out of the social group. So years passed and I was waiting for the one that was meant for me. Finally, in high school I found him. His name is Jeffrey. He is a sophomore and he loves sports. He is good at a lot of sports like soccer and tennis. But he doesn’t really talk to me or even look at me. I thought I was invisible to him. The important part was how I found out that he is the one. Well I was walking in the halls holding a lot of binders and books. It was like the Empire State Building. I didn’t see where I was going so I bumped into him.

He said,” I’m so sorry. Can I help you?”

“I’m fine,” I said.
He helped me pick my binders and books. Right after that when our hands were touched and our eyes met it felt like it was only us in the hallway and there was a spotlight on us. I think he felt the same way because he was smiling with me. After that we laughed and the bell rang. That was the beginning of our love.
Chapter 2

A few days passed by and we kept getting closer and closer. I felt really comfortable with him. It felt like I knew him since I was really little. We would go to the library, the movies, mall, and more. I really liked him a lot but sometimes he would check out girls while we are walking on the streets or when we are in the movies waiting to buy popcorn with soda he would wander around looking at girls. You know girls, we don’t like when our boyfriends do that. I was mad but I couldn’t help myself loving him.
“Hey Sun mi do you want to go to the park with me on Saturday?” Jeff said.

“Um yea sure,” I said.
I didn’t really want to go because I was kind of mad at him what he did in the movie theater. At school he asked me why I didn’t go. I told him that I had to go somewhere with my friends and I forgot about what that he asked me to go to the park with him. He was pretty upset but he forgave me. When the bell rang he was going to say bye but I dashed off to class and I didn’t really wanted to be with him anymore. Also I heard that since I didn’t go to the park he told a girl to come instead and they played soccer. I was pretty upset and I couldn’t get that off of my mind. When I heard that I was going to cry. When I entered in class there was a new boy that was sitting next to my seat name James Lim. When I heard that he was a new student I said hi to him he didn’t say anything back. I thought he didn’t like me or something but we just met and he doesn’t even know my name or my personality. He was really shy and calm. He never talked in class or never laughed. I never met a guy like that. He was in all of my classes and I sat next to him in all of my classes. A lot of girls thought he was cute.

“Omg, don’t you think that new kid is so hot,” a girl in my class said.

“Yea I know he is so handsome, I wish he could be my boyfriend,” another girl said.

A girl said,” Should I ask him out for you?”

“Nah I think he is going to say no and anyway he doesn’t even talk to anyone,” a girl said.
I thought James was kind of cute too. I told my friend Monica. She was a new girl in school and people would make fun of her. But not anymore I stood up for her and everyone got so scared that they peed in their pants. Monica is a really close friend of mine. She is really kind and sweet she would always listens to my stories and she tries to help me. While I was talking to Monica about James, Jeff’s friend heard what I was saying. After class it was lunch time and Jeff’s friend was running as fast as lightning to Jeff and told him what I said. Jeff found out that I think the new kid James was cute. Jeff thought that I liked him better than him. But really I kind of did. But James, he is the type of guy that doesn’t do anything really bad and I like that type. Jeff was really mad but he never told me that he knew about that.
Chapter 3

James and I became partners on projects. He started to talk to me while we were researching. I was really surprised when he started to talk to me. His voice was low and manly. He had at normal voice. I asked him why he didn’t talk to me before and he said he didn’t really know me.

“But now since we are partners we need to learn more about each other,” James said.

“Oh that’s right,” I said.
I asked him if he knew that he is really popular in my grade but he said he didn’t know. I told him that a lot of girls liked him and thought that he was cute and all that.

“Well do you think I’m cute?” James asked.

I was shocked that he asked me but I said,” Yea.”
Then my heart was throbbing like crazy. I didn’t know why I answered that question but it felt like I had to answer it. I wanted him to know my feelings. After I said that James started to laugh. I wondered why he started to laugh.

“Why are you laughing when I just told you that I like you?” I asked.

“The truth is that I liked you when you first entered the classroom,” James said.
I was blushing and I started to laugh. Then there was an awkward silent between James. Then 3 minutes later he asked me something.

“I don’t have a girlfriend, so do you want to go out with me?,” James asked. He was blessing too.

I said,” Umm I’m going out with someone I’m sorry.”

“Oh, it’s ok,” James replied.
His face expression was really cute but I felt sad. Finally I made a choice to tell James that I will break up with my boyfriend and go out with him. I went up to Jeff after class. His friends were with him but I still went up to him.

“Hey Jeff I need to tell you something,” I said.

“What?” Jeff said.

“Umm I’m sorry but I want to break up,” I said.
His friends were shocked. He asked,” Why?”
I didn’t want to say the answer so I just walked away. But suddenly I felt his arms around me holding me real tight. I was still and everyone was looking at us. I was really embarrassed but I couldn’t move.

“Don’t move,” Jeff said.

“I need to go,” I said.
Then I pulled myself out of his arms and ran to the girl’s bathroom. I felt sad because I knew we were meant for each other but I wanted another man. I had started to cry in one of the stalls. When I left the girl’s bathroom I saw James next to the girl’s bathroom holding a tissue. The tissue was for me. He wiped my tears away and he hugged me. He asked me why I broke up with Jeff. I told him that I started to like him more than Jeff. After he heard me say that he gave me a hug. He told me that he will always be there for me. Since then we were boyfriend and girlfriend.
Chapter 4
It was Christmas break, and James and I went to a coffee shop and had some hot chocolate. Well I didn’t get anything but water and James got coffee. I told him that I was on a diet. Before he said that I was fat (as a joke) and I was so gullible that I told him that I was going to do a diet.

“Merry Christmas Sun mi,” James said.

“Aw, thanks Merry Christmas to you too,” I said.
After I said that he was getting closer to me. It felt like he was about to kiss me or something. I was closing my eyes to get ready for it but he picks something off my hair. I was so embarrassed that my face turned red as a rose. He was laughing because he saw my facial expression. After he laughed and I was turning red he went close again. I thought he would do something again but he really kissed me. My heart was throbbing real hard. I thought I was in a dream. I really liked it but I got a call that I had to go home. When I was leaving I gave James a gift. I told him not to open it until he went home. The present was a knitted scarf that I made. I learned how to knit for him so I could make him a scarf. I thought that was nice. Also he gave me a present too. It was a medium box. It had a card with it and had a ribbon. When I read the card it said
Hey Sun mi
Get fat!
I love you forever<3

I was very proud of him because he said he loved me. I laughed and smiled. In the box there were homemade chocolate shapes. Like hearts, flowers, and they had chocolates that spelled my name. I told myself that I would never eat them so I could cherish them forever.
Chapter 5

When I got home my parents weren’t there. I looked everywhere but they weren’t there. I called them but they didn’t answer. I thought they were lying to me but when I got in my room I saw a sign that said to go to the bakery shop. I walked in the cold, windy streets with my thin sweater. Then I ran as fast as I could. When I got there I saw my parents drinking coffee and eating scones. I wondered why they told me to go home first instead of coming here immediately. When I sat with them they gave me a Christmas present. It was a new camera. It was hot pink and it was a touch screen.
I really wanted it but my parents said,” I couldn’t get it but they got it for me.”
It didn’t make sense to me but at least I got it. But they told me something that shocked me a lot.
They told me,” We were going to move out of the country because he got a new job out of the country.”
I was about to cry but instead I stood up and told them that I didn’t want to go and left. I wanted to say James that I was going to move but I just couldn’t. I was too scared to tell him and he would get all upset. Also he might never talk to me again. I was too nervous and scared to tell James. I told myself that I would tell him later but I never did.
Chapter 6

For the next few days I didn’t answered James’s phone calls or messages.

He texted me!
Hey Sun mi wassup?
Y haven’t you answered my calls or text?
Well if you get this text
Text me back
Ttyl &+ I love you
I was really scared to text him back. It was still winter break. My winter break was a month and a half. While it was break I was packing the whole time and my parents and I went to my school and got my stuff. I said good bye to my teachers. I cried and my teachers told me to do well at my new school and they told me stop getting prettier. I laughed with my teachers and left. When my friends found out that I was going to move they came to my house and cried with me. Especially Monica, she cried more than me. Since I stood up for her she had no friends I was her only friend. I felt bad for her but I gave her a gift. It was one of those friendship necklaces. She told me that she would cherish it forever. I felt happy when she told me that. But the day I was going to leave James came to my house. When he saw the big trucks and people putting stuff in the truck he dropped the chocolates that he was about to give me. Then I saw him surprised and I ran up to him saying that I was moving. He asked me why I didn’t tell me that I was moving and I said I didn’t want him to be sad. When he was about to say something my parents called me over because I had to go. I gave him my last kiss and left. I was crying in the inside but I just had to leave. I waved at him while we were passing him. It looked like he was crying a lot. I felt so bad for him.
Chapter 7

A few years later I became famous around the world because I became a singer. I went all over the world singing to all kinds of people. But since high school I never liked anyone. I wished one day that I would meet James again but it never happened. But when I came to America for a concert I saw him. He looked the same. But we met in the backstage. He got free VIP passes to meet the star. I was so shocked when I saw him.
“Oh my goodness is that you James?” I asked.
“It’s been a while,” James said.
I told him,” I missed you so much.”
He replied,” Yea me too.”
After he said that I ran up to him and hugged him. Since then we have been dating all over again. While we were dating we forgot the past and started a new one. I felt so happy to see him again and re-dating him. I started too really like him and he started to really like me. Finally James invited me to dinner at a fancy restaurant. I was wearing my favorite white long dress that is sparkly and glamorous. When I entered the room he was shocked. I was very nervous but when I sat down he went on his knees. I was scared at first but he proposed to me. I was happy and I said yes. James was so happy that he hugged me and twirled me around. It felt like heaven. I was so excited about the wedding. The theme colors are light purple and white. We did it at a flower garden in May. I was wearing a long white dress that went up to the floor. When it was my turn to walk in the aisle I saw Jeff. Jeff was smiling at me the whole. I smiled back at him and kept walking. After the priest talked and talked we finally kissed. After the honey moon to Mexico I got my first child. Her name is Emily Lim. So after all I thought Jeff was my true love but really it was James.

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This article has 1 comment.

on Apr. 24 2009 at 7:21 pm
it was good overall. you just need to work on important details. it was alittle bit choppy.

try not to repeat words over and over. but, when, then etc. need to be kept to a minimum in sentances.

good luck and you did a really good job! ;)


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