Being in love

April 17, 2009
By Tatiana Seely BRONZE, Bedford, Texas
Tatiana Seely BRONZE, Bedford, Texas
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Being in love feeling your heart beat faster and slower all at the same time. Knowing your heart belongs to somebody else seeing yourself in a different light, a brighter more amazing light. Knowing that if your whole world came to a screeching halt that the person would be there ready and waiting to give your life a jump start. Feeling as if everything you want in life is right in front of you. Always having the security of knowing there is another person out there just like you ready and waiting. Having the satisfaction of being confident in yourself to know he is yours and you do not have to share him. Knowing that your thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, concerns, wishes and every random thought will always be considered and understood. Feeling your heartbeats matching like a drum. Understanding that sometimes your words are unnecessary. Feeling of when he hugs you, you really don’t want him to let go. Fixing all the little things that seem pointless. Seeing that everything is and always will be seen as good. Knowing your love is just what you need to make everything ok. Never having to question the way you are. Being in love, is the feeling many long for many want to feel. Being in love.

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