February 17, 2009
By Mary123 SILVER, West Des Moines, Iowa
Mary123 SILVER, West Des Moines, Iowa
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It was practically love at first sight or first chat...
They met online at this new chat website. He was very sweet, funny, caring, kind, smart, and respectful to her in every way. She was the same. She was beautiful and gorgeous, he had thought to himself. While she thought, he's so handsome, amazing, wonderful and I can't believe he's actually mine now. She loved him and he loved her. They both said that they would risk their lives for one another. That is, if something bad happens to one of them the other would follow too...she was the air that he breathed, the reason that well the reason that he wakes up everyday, the reason that he's still living. And he was the air that she breathed, the reason that her life has meaning, the reason that she is living today still. They were and still madly, deeply in love. They are the perfect couple as many of her friends have told her at school, every time her friends mentioned him or his name she would be blushing and looking down at the floor thinking about him. He told his friends about her and even showed them some pictures of her, then he would say, "This is it guys, this is the person that I've been waiting for."
They have had many fights within their relationship. Every time they fought she would be the first one to just break down and start crying. He came in second, he cried also. He cried because of starting the fight in the first place, he cried because he had hurt her, he cried because he probably broke her heart, the most important thing that he promised her that he would never ever do. But luckily, he was the one who comforted her and made her feel better, they always made up after fights no matter how big.
She believed every promise he made and he believed every promise she made to him.
Her name is Katrina. She has one little sister who was about 11 years old, two parents, a mom and dad, and more relatives. She lived in Texas and he lived in Iowa. They were hundreds of miles apart from each other. Him? He on the other side was way different.
He had no parents only close relatives, his aunt, uncle, and his little niece, and she was about 10 years old. His parents, as he told her, was dead. His name is Robert Andrew Anthony Smith.
"Wow, Robert, really? That's a nice name." She mentioned once when they were chatting.
"Yeah, but I think your name however is much more interesting..." He remembered typing that to her. She had put "lol" as an answer to his question.
"I mean it's the most powerful hurricane so far..." He had said. He had chuckled, laughed, smiled the first time that they had talked to each other.
"Yeah, I guess so." She giggled to herself and smiled.
They were falling more and more in love each and everyday day while talking to each other.
She would wake up early in the morning and would go straight to her laptop, which was pink, she had told him, and log onto her account, then waited for him. Sometimes she would wake up at 4:00 o'clock in the morning but she would still wait for him no matter what. He waited for her also at times when he was the first one up.
Everything seemed perfect, until one day, she mentioned something to him that changed how they both were, and even changed their relationship.

The author's comments:
Hey this is Mary and I love writing stories i hope to become an author if i can. so i hope you all read this and enjoy it and just have fun reading it. Thanks, i worked really hard on it, this is the 1st chapter of my story. I will write more and possibly post it somewhere else than here but email me or something, i could email you the second chapter soon to be coming. I hope you all enjoy this! :-D

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on May. 6 2009 at 9:41 pm
hi thank you i'll try to continue because i have a story right now that im working on too. But did you enjoy this at all? please reply

on May. 2 2009 at 5:01 pm
liz_graham BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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you should continue so like robert and katrina meet


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