Love in London

February 16, 2009
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My Grandmother once said, "love is neverending. When you first get it, you'll always have it. If one day you don't, then it wasn't love, but a pasting attraction.Love it a never ending cycle. Always someone somewhere has it for someone else."

But not me. Not until my trip to London, which changed my love life forever.

I had one best friend growing up, Daniella. She had one goal in life, to travel with her father to different country. Since her father often went on business trips out of the country, it would be a simple task to achieve. Yet when word came that her father would be leaving for London, her parents were still unsure of whether or not to send her, on the grounds of they didn't want her to be alone. Bingo, my parents volunteered to fly me out and accompany Daniella around.

A month later I found myself flying first class to England. Overall I felt the trip was shaping out all right. Daniella's father's meeting began the third day we were there. So Daniella and I had the responsibility of showing ourselves around. Oh, what wonderful memories we shared from that trip.

But Daniella, who was a very spoiled child, decided that the beautiful bridges and towers of England weren't enough for her. So one afternoon I found myself in a movie theatre when I could've been exploring the beautiful city. But I stayed, and ate popcorn and tried to enjoy the movie.

As we were entering the lobby we became aware of how crowded it had become. Sweaty hands and sharp elbows made their way through the crowd. I had been trying to keep up with Daniella and was calling after her, but obviously not watching where I was going. I felt a liquidy substance dripping down my shirt. I glanced down at my previous white top to find a stained orange substance.
"Oh, I'm terribly sorry miss." A boy gushed as he pulled out napkins and helped me in wiping my shirt. "I should've watched more carefully where I was walking."

His accent was adorable, and his manners excellent. "It's fine." I said trying not to make a big deal about it. "I should go, and get changed."

"Oh, well, I'm terribly sorry just the same."

"Don't worry about it."

Once we were safely out of the building, Daniella couldn't stop laughing. "His manners were like, I mean who says, 'I'm terribly sorry miss' these days?"

I didn't respond but clenched my teeth. I wanted to get this shirt off.

I did, but it wasn't the last time I would meet the boy. "Ouch." I had tripped over some rock, and landed in the strong arms of a boy. "I'm sorry, I should've..." I looked up to find the kind blue eyes I had seen the day before. "It's you."

"Yes, it is." He picked up my glasses and handed them to me. "I guess we're even now."

I laughed. Daniella and I had taken a walk to a nearby park in hopes of getting air. Seems like I'd be getting more than air today. "Would you care to continue walking with us?" I offered.

"I'm sorry, I must run for now."

Although somehow he needed to go somewhere he talked to me for a while longer. We exchanged numbers, and I truly hoped I'd see him again.

I did, I can tell you that. In fact I went on a great many dates with the boy that summer. And i even found out his name, Scott. Yes, Scott and I dated. I honestly believe we loved each other, and still do. But what I haven't told you is Scott is the son of a wealthy English Lord.

You can imagine his surprise when Scott brought home an american teenager who had no clue how to act in English society. So, that's how our relationship ended. Not by his father's hand or even Scott's. It was me. I told Scott I wouldn't date him anymore. I couldn't. Without the support of his parents, I'd be tearing him away from those he held dear. I could love him, but I couldn't be with him.

So ended the first romance story in my life. It was only the beginning though, and the tears I shed are brought about by my own doing. This is only the first chapter, but I hope I shall have many more to come.

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