Born Without A Heart.

February 14, 2009
By Sammy SILVER, Juab, Utah
Sammy SILVER, Juab, Utah
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Don't fall in love with someone unless their willing to catch you.

There once was a girl that was born without a heart. She never noticed that she didn’t have any feelings. She was just plain and ordinary. She knew there was nothing special or interesting about herself. She was alone.

Her mom had died in a fatal car accident involving drunk drivers when she was three. She had never made any friends. Almost everyone shied away from her. Nobody even noticed her. She never wore brand named clothes. Just hand me downs from her foster parents.

Today was different though. There was a new boy in school. He was staring at her all day. He noticed her. He stared at her all day. During her biology class she finally noticed him. She didn’t know what to think. She thought that he was just making fun of her. The usual. When that class got over he went over to say hi to her.
‘’ Hi, my name’s Anthony, but please call me Andy!’’ He said enthusiastically as if he had just gotten a good grade on a test.
‘’ Nice to meet you Andy, my name is Ava.’’ She replied shyly hoping that he wasn’t being dared to do this.
‘’ Ava is a beautiful name, is it short for anything?’’ He asked curiously.
‘’ It is short for Avaleyn.’’ She replied hoping that he wasn’t going to make a fool out of her.
‘’ A pretty name for a pretty girl.’’ He said timidly now.
‘’ Thank you, I have to get to class now. Nice to meet you!’’ She said as she rushed to get away from him.
‘’ Where’s your next class, I could walk you!’’ He asked hoping that she would let him.
‘’ I have geometry.’’ She said
‘’ I have that class too, I’ll walk with you.’’ He said enthusiastically again.
‘’ Okay.’’ She replied. As they walked to their next class he asked her a bunch of questions. She told him about her parents, and how her brother has been in a coma for three years and finally died on her birthday, to when her hamster died in first grade. She felt alive when she was with him. That day she knew what life meant to her.

After school had gotten over, she went to get on the bust. He caught up with her.
‘’ Hey, Ava I can give you a ride!’’ He said loudly hoping she would hear him
‘’ Sure.’’ She said knowing that she wanted the ride so badly, but not letting it show. She got into his bright red Mustang. Of course. She thought to herself. He’s stinking rich. Figures.
‘’ Where do you live?’’ He asked kindly?
‘’ On fourth street.’’ She replied. I hope he doesn’t think I’m just some charity case. She thought.
‘’ Is school here nice?’’ He asked.
‘’ its okay. I am not the most popular person, and I don’t socialize very much so maybe I’m not the right person to be asking.’’ She said in a kind manner.
‘’ I think your exactly the right person to ask.’’ He said.
‘’ Here’s your stop Ava!’’ He said nervously now. He seems nervous about something. She thought.
‘’ Bye Andy, thanks for the ride, See you in school tomorrow!’’ She said trying to sound enthusiatic.
‘’ Wait!’’ He said desperately.
‘’ Yes?’’ She asked curiously now.
‘’ Will you go out with me tomorrow night to dinner and a movie?’’ He said rushed. So this is what he had been nervous about. She thought.
‘’ I don’t know I’ll have to ask my foster parents, and of course they’ll probably have to meet you. I’ll give you an answer tomorrow at school.
‘’ Of course. I will drive you to school tomorrow!’’ He said nervously again.
‘’ Ok, see you tomorrow morning Andy.’’ She said trying not to jump out of her socks with happiness for the first time in her life. So, she went into the house, and jumped on her lumpy, springy bed with joy and happiness for the first time in her life. She had received her heart!

Two years had passed and they were inseparable. They were always together. He was her heart. She actually was a person when she was around him. His family was pretty much hers. His mother was planning on adopting her the first time they met. It took about one year though. Of course Ava pretty much lived at their house though. She didn’t need any papers for her to know that was her family. She had finally found the meaning to her heart, him.

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biddycakes said...
on Oct. 14 2009 at 4:45 pm
biddycakes, Charlotte, North Carolina
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aww that was the sweetest thing ever!


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