Watching Lily

February 14, 2009
By ssmmsss BRONZE, Mason, Ohio
ssmmsss BRONZE, Mason, Ohio
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Back and forth, back and forth. I watched her swing from the bushes in my backyard. The only color I could see was her auburn hair swaying in the wind. Her feet were lightly skidding across the soft ground. Her sweatshirt had her last name on it. Kaywend. Beautiful.

I remeber the first day I saw her picture perfect face and glassy hazel eyes. Her sweet mellow voice echoed my ears all day, "Oh I'm sorry." Her giggle made me sit up straighter, smile just a little bit bigger, and made me laugh just a little bit louder.

Lily Kaywend, she could make any ones day just by watching her. If I went blind today the last thing I would want to see is her brightly filled eyes. If I deaf tomorrow the last thing I would want to hear is her soft little laugh. And if I were to go mute the next day I would have been perfectly fine with the last words I said to her in reply, "Oh don't worry it's just fine."

Everyday in math class her delicate hands, like the ones on antique dolls, pass me the math homework for the day. In the halls I would stay at my lockers just one extra minute to hear her cowboy boots clack down the halls, and for her sweet sent to linger under my nose. It was almost like a cherry blossom kiss. I would stay after lunch to see her apply the raspberry plush lip gloss to her lucious lips. She lit up my day like fireworks would light up the sky. Watching her was like watching a romantic movie, and you just can't keep your eyes off of her. She did her own thing at her own time. She laughed her laugh and smiled that smile.

Her auburn hair still swaying in the wind.

" Lily dinner time" her mom said out the window.

" Alright coming!"

She got up and walked into the house, except it was more like a glide, but yet she had so much bounce in her step. I closed my eyes and imagined her soft pale face, knowing I would only be the neighbor boy who only watched and fell in love.

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