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Here is the top voted realistic fiction:

Paranoia or Protection? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I think it is safe to say that my house has become a forest. However, it is an ill forest. There are no leaves and there is no grass. Just the brown tree trunks everywhere. Wood is made into many things such as paper, tables, and chairs. In my... (more »)
Teen Spirit
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   It smells like teen spirit in the dark blue bleachers. And sweat. As cheerleaders kick and flip around, the football players stare off into space or chat casually. This guy sitting next to me has his arms up and is pounding his fist in the... (more »)
Perfectly Imperfect
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If you just met Felicity, you would think she is perfect.  First of all, she is utterly gorgeous. She has long sandy blonde hair that falls down her back and the most beautiful blue eyes that mesmerize you. She also is a 4.0 student that all... (more »)
Hopelessly Lost
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Tanya is a 38-year-old single mom living every mother’s nightmare. Her husband left her, her oldest son, Jayden, is a drug addict, they are practically homeless, and she has to work two jobs in order to care for her four children. Her... (more »)
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She goes down to the oak tree where the last edge of waters’ way meets the brown of the soil. The spot is deep in the forest, off the beaten path of where her cabin lies. That spot is the only area in the forest where isolation meets movement.... (more »)
A Choice
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Samantha had two best friends growing up; their names were Jacqueline and Kelly. The three girls were inseparable. They were all going into sixth grade so they got along great. The girls did everything together for as long as any of them could... (more »)
Listen To Me
By , San Francisco, CA
Two months before: “ ‘When we consistently suppress and distrust our intuitive knowledge, looking instead for authority, validation, and approval from others, we give our power away.’ Shawti Gawain,” lectured Mr.... (more »)
My Life
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Bzz! Bzz! The noise reminding me to wake up, and live my life, is silenced by the press of a button. “Rosemary get up! You're going to miss the bus!” Her voice is like a piercing shriek, “Rosemary!” “Alright mom I heard you! I'm... (more »)
The Night Everything Changed
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Everything happened so fast. One second I was jamming to music with my twin sister, and the next we were submerged underwater, trapped inside our car. It was a cold December evening, and we were coming home from a party, across one of the... (more »)
Yeah, It's Him Again.
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   I can't focus. Not one bit. Not since he sat down across from me. I can't focus at all. His great sense of humor, his shrugging laugh, it's all beginning to be too much. I can't focus on my work. All I can do is glance up every now and then... (more »)
P.S. Don't Save Me This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This work has won the Teen Ink contest in its category.
A kid. That’s all I am to him: Trapped in my ­under-developed body. I want to scream, but my mouth is dry. *** His words drown together, lost somewhere between his mouth and my ear, until she nudges me. “… However, Ms. Lock, we... (more »)
Perfect This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
The eyeliner makes the dark circles less pronounced. The lip gloss hides the trembling. The ponytail conceals missing patches of hair. The Abercrombie sweater covers bruises. I might look at bit thinner, but everyone will ask about my new diet. My... (more »)
Whimper Bang This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
Wisps of smoke curled on themselves to form overdrawn punctuation over people’s heads. Catey frowned at Julia and said, “Put that out. You know I hate the smell of cigarettes.” Julia used her free hand to flick her brown hair out of her... (more »)
Time of Death This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
The first death on your watch isn’t even your fault. You’re just one of the many interns who rush to the bedside when the code is called, peering at the doctors crowding around. As the patient gasps and chokes, you too gasp and choke as each... (more »)
Wasted Away This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
She’s never been this cold before. Not the type of cold that aches in your feet and causes convulsions in your jaw; the type of cold that jams up your mind, like a song set on repeat with no power or volume dial to make it stop. Really cold.... (more »)
Passing Cars This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
I am standing on the corner, hesitant, waiting for the beauty that maybe will come for me. Vulnerable, perhaps, behind my black glasses and pearled ears, zits and braces. The cars whiz past me, carriages smoothly gliding, and I watch the people. I... (more »)
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