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Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

All Apologies
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The words on Infinity Stone’s grave tell me she “fought a great battle against brain cancer.” She probably died suffering, unable to tell her last words to her parents, unable to do anything but suffer inside her head,... (more »)
Locked Doors
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The school doors are locked everyday during school at Park View to protect students and staff from intruders. School’s now have to keep their students in the school so they can’t ditch school and so no one can come in the school without... (more »)
Stop the Clocks
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The rain has lost the ambient temperature of early fall, freezing and paling on her skin on contact. The path through the graveyard is muddy water in motion, filling deep puddles that hide the ruts of drier weather. To feel it isn't... (more »)
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Lila & The Sea
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The ocean belonged to Lila. It was her home, unlike the house down the road and across the avenue, where the only thing there for her was a father that didn't love her (and a mother that did, but the only thing left of her was a patch... (more »)
Rose At Sea
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   I was running out of time. I had limited air and I needed to go to the surface soon. My eyes momentarily closed to try and steady my breath. Rose always told me to think good thoughts when I had moments like this.... (more »)
Midnight Conversation This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The night sky is full of stars but no moon. Below it, the lake is a vastness of charcoal slime, the waves barely touching the shore. I sit on the large, sturdy stone that floats above the water. It’s too cold, and too late, to be at the... (more »)
Society's Concoction
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I looked down at my hands, my skin bubbling like a concoction. I was loosing weight. The bones on my hands were now visible and the fat was long gone. My chubby cheeks, wide hips, everything was thinning. Words of acceptance... (more »)
The Sound of Silence This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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My lips are still – too still – and I refrain from swallowing, breathing, anything. A thickness hangs in the air. The rage in your face freezes on your features before, slowly, slipping off you. From the relaxing of your eyebrows to... (more »)
Runaway Train This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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The train station between Merriman Drive and Quarry Road stopped operating last summer. It was abrupt: no warning, just a sign saying, “Out of Order. Do Not Enter.” Jacob Kerry’s house used to be within walking distance, but... (more »)
the world above
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A girl and her little brother are in the foster system and have been kicked out of many homes because the sister believes believes that the world above is real. They get to a home with a pertty sketchy care take little do they know that there... (more »)
The Morning Visitor
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Stephen undid the first two buttons of his shirt and slid down slightly in his armchair. He adjusted his glasses, lit his pipe, and waited. She would be here soon. After a few minutes of checking out the window he got up and stretched. She was... (more »)
The Ocean
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You love the ocean by your little town. You love her glittering sand and welcoming bay and little seagulls that hop along the coastline. You love boasting your short distance to her outstretched watery hands. You love the smooth caress of... (more »)
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  “Melanie!” I shouted, “what’s the equation for finding the hypotenuse of a right triangle?”      We were listening to Louis Armstrong in my cozy bedroom, sheltered from the... (more »)
We Met in the Library
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We met in the library. I had just finished a thrilling mystery, and of course, I just had to get the sequel. I went to the back of the library where the lights had burnt out, and dust blanketed the wood shelves. With all the YA and dystopian... (more »)
My Only Friend
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I’m going to tell you a story, and you’re going to listen to it. Because that’s how this works; I write, you read, and we both go home feeling a little bit better for it. So I’m going to tell you a story about my friend... (more »)
By , Arlington, TX
  It was a dark gloomy day in New York City. My family and I just moved here from London, England.  I am living with my mom and my stepdad, and my older brother Chad. I didn’t know how I felt about moving here, because... (more »)
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