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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

A NewWorld
By , Zionsvile, IN
  A New World      One hot summer day I was playing outside with my friend when my Dad called me into the house for a family meeting.”Hey, buddy. Come inside your mom and I need to talk to you.” he said. I said bye to my friend, and... (more »)
Ten Years From Today
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I was bobbled from side to side on the bustling sidewalk because, even though the streets of New York City were always packed tighter than sardines, it seemed like every person in the city decided to walk today, too. Then again, it wasn’t any... (more »)
Her Name Was Music...
By , Rochester, MN
I look up at her through tear-filled eyes and she stares back at me with ice blue eyes. Those eyes used to be pretty. “Go away,” I whisper. She sneers and kneels in front of me, pushing my hair behind my ear. “Oh honey, you need me too... (more »)
Reflections from Gasworks
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I’m probably a crazy hippie. This may sound strange to some, but screw them. I can’t be expected any other way, here goes; I can see sounds right now. My entire field of view (Shut up!-Listen!) Is an opera. No, really, an opera. The lights... (more »)
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As I lay in the soft sand, the inevitability of death made its way to my head. The ocean waves crashed onto the rocks. Inhaling the salty smell, I realized that I had the benefit of the doubt. I had to live every second as my last. Death, I... (more »)
A New World
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A New World      One hot summer day I was playing outside with my friend when my Dad called me into the house for a family meeting.”Hey, buddy. Come inside your mom and I need to talk to you.” he said. I said bye to my friend, and went... (more »)
The Mouse and The Paper Tiger
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Crisis, I feel, is defined by flaw, an endless entity, limited only by self realisation. The bruise on his face could be spotted from a mile. It was a bad delivery on my part. There was a clear mark of a punch and if one could put aside the... (more »)
My Famous Parents
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My parents are kind of famous. I see them on T.V. and in the newspaper nearly everyday. They’ve left me with Grandma because they don’t want the press to hound me for answers about their life. We used to be pretty close until they starred in... (more »)
Sometimes the World Sings to Me
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Morning Time, One Day I like to look out windows in the morning. This was what I was doing the first time I heard the music. It was quiet, and sweet. At first I wasn’t sure if I really was hearing it, or if my ears were tricking me, but... (more »)
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“Evan can you come into the living room. We need to talk.” “Oh man” I thought to myself. What could they have found in my room this time, I’m pretty sure I put away all my bongs and pipes.I left my homework and laptop on the kitchen... (more »)
Real Pain
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    At exactly 6:00 in the morning, I slowly get out of bed.  My eyes have dark circles under them and I feel half asleep.  I put on a cozy sweater, jeans, and brush my hair.  The makeup I apply covers up the circles, the stress, and the... (more »)
21 Gun Salute
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War I thought I saw one of the trucks get blown up by an IED in Afghanistan while I was there on my tour. We were just coming back to base from doing our shift while I was manning the gun on top of the convoy. All of a sudden, one of the trucks... (more »)
Midnight's Prayer
By , Winchester, IN
It hurts to walk around everyday, to hear them whispering behind my back. I hear my name and wince as the knives carve my flesh. Being mocked and berated, persecuted for who I am because of You, I know it's supposed to happen, that I'm doing... (more »)
The Lucky Fall
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     BANG! My head smashed into the court.      “VanCoover!” called the coach.      “Valery” yelled my dad as the coach was calling a time out. Phillip VanCoover and Coach Meagan ran up to me. I was completely knocked out.... (more »)
Charlie's Big Wave
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Charlie’s Big Wave “Charlie, Charlie!” The teacher said waking him up from his dream “Go down to the office,” she said. He didn’t know why he was being called down but he did not care; anything was better than having to sit there... (more »)
Like a Light Switch
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And there I lay, on the floor next to my sister, face up with my nose to the ceiling. Long episodes of laughter shook my entire body until my sides began to ache. Inhale. Exhale. Strange people in costumes stood staggered around me wearing dark... (more »)
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