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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

There was a tree in my backyard that I used to climb whenever I was upset. I found that whenever I looked back on my memories of doing so, there was always a consistency in both temperature and color. If my mind ever did flicker backwards into... (more »)
Change part.2
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accidentally tripped and dropped her books. I can hear a few people sniggering at the back. But, in unison, three guys got up and two girls – who I believe are her best friends helped pick up her books. In return, she thanks them and gave a... (more »)
The Necklace
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“Here we are,” my sister Leah said, pushing open the smudged glass door.  The faded sign overhead read ANOTHER PERSON’S TREASURE.  As Leah stepped into the small, poorly lit store, I scanned the street.  Fortunately, I didn’t see... (more »)
Never More
By , Sierra Vista, AZ
   I could feel that it was late. Mother told me it was time for bed hours ago, but I could not even sleep. Leo said that there was something that he had for us to do tonight; it was soon that he ,would be coming for me. Then there was gentle... (more »)
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The Seattle morning was fresh, tinged with oncoming summer warmth, and the sky was lightening more and more as the plane further readied itself for ascent. Linda had an olive-green backpack filled for possible plane items, including but not... (more »)
Just Keep On Pluggin' Away
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Although she would argue otherwise, my sophomore Honors English teacher had a strange objection to society. Within every book my class read, she managed to find the argument that ‘in order to function in society, you have to follow a certain... (more »)
Seventeen Seconds
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Seventeen Seconds. 20.4 frantic heartbeats ripping through my chest. 4 heaving breaths, shuddering their way to my lungs and around my body. Twenty-something rapid blinks to keep the tears at bay. Seventeen Seconds. One… The sun is long... (more »)
Zyd - Jew
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The sun’s rays danced daintily off of dew droplets, forming a multitude of radiant patterns that glowed like beaming stars in the cool night sky. The wind whispered through the trees, causing flower petals to waltz harmoniously towards the... (more »)
The Void of Despair
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Slithering spectrally like a sinister snake, a blanket of darkness cascades across the smooth and lustrous pillars and onto the hexagonal patterns on the floor. The designs cover the floor until they reach the surface of the mirror and are... (more »)
You Found Me
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We spend our lives trying to understand the reasoning for our existence. A   simple question will ponder your mind until your driven mad by the   unanswerable mystery. My life story is kind of hard to explain, because I’ve  ... (more »)
Take Me Wind
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I wake up at 7:00 to the screaming of my grandpa downstairs in the kitchen. My eyes are kept shut as my brain in turn screams at them to open so I won’t fall asleep again. But my body just curls up against the comfort of my covers. It’s... (more »)
Swimming in a Fishbowl
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There's this thing I learned about in science called Fixed Action Response. It's when an animal encounters a certain stimulus, it has to immediately responds. No choice, because the behavior is hardwired into their DNA. I heave a long sigh and... (more »)
The Bastard
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She looked at him in his coffin. Most say the dead look peaceful, not him. He was not peaceful he was a snake, lying in wait, coiled to strike, merely playing possum. As though at any moment he would rise and attack her again. She took a small... (more »)
The Change
I had to change. I had to make a change. I lost my family, I lost my house, and I lost my state of mind. I am fifty years old living in a cardboard box next to a dumpster in New York City. The only thing I had left was my best friend…a bottle... (more »)
Two Weeks
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Her hair was a dark contrast in blur of white snow. I can still hear her laugh over the howl of the wind. I am so empty without her. My older sister, my other half, my better half. Gone. Gone forever. She was the only reason I never ran away. I... (more »)
The Graveyard Girls
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The setting sun cast blood orange shadows on the dingy baby blue walls in my bedroom. I sat close to my window, my pale face pressed against the frigid glass. It was almost time. As the sun sank lower and lower my spirits rose higher and higher.... (more »)
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