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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

I Belong to the Stars
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Laria gazed down at the scars on her fingers. They glistened under the unforgiving moonlight, each gleam another little pinprick on her already wounded heart. Perhaps it couldn’t be classified as simply wounded now. Some days, she wondered if... (more »)
For Them
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The clock reads 3:45am. If I fall asleep right now, I’ll have three hours of sleep. More than last night. I will my eyes to close and count down from 100. At 36 I peak. 3:47. At 0 I open my eyes again and fix my stare to the ceiling, watching... (more »)
Rainy Eyes
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My socks were wet. Maybe because I was in the rain. Maybe because of my tears which I let trickle from my eyes to my chin and which then proceeded to drop and seep into the cotton of my socks. It’s very uncomfortable to have wet socks. It’s... (more »)
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Statues of Saints Long Dead
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Joe’s hands fidgeted at his side, constantly feeling for a vibration from the silver iPhone sitting in his pocket. He stood at a street corner, looking left to right, straight ahead, then left and right again. He was careful, especially in a... (more »)
"Home is Where the Heart is"
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As the raindrops fall harder and harder, I realize I can no longer tell if my face is wet from tears or from the downpour. I search around, desperately looking for a street sign, a familiar face, anything to tell me where I am. Everything is a... (more »)
I Don't Like Going to Zoos
I don't like going to zoos. I never have. The sight of the animals there – I cannot describe it. It haunts me, and amid all the children's laughter, shouts, exclamations, amid the clamor and joy accompanying expeditions there, warm... (more »)
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I move a piece of hair to the side; it makes things easier. I want everything to be that simple. Do you remember when you told me we would rush studies, because life was that anyway? A rush? I do, and I wish that day, I would've told you to... (more »)
But Jake's Story is Special This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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June 18, 2006. It was the day when outside was too bright, and my eyes ached from keeping them open. It was the day when a burly, short-legged police officer stopped me and asked for my license because I had hurtled my minivan through a red light.... (more »)
Blue Wasps
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Stooped at the side of sterile bed, hand in hand with the one who you have loved your whole life. He has pushed you down, pulled your hair; drove you mad. Then beat anyone else up who did the same. “Everything's gonna be okay.” The... (more »)
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Sometimes my brokenness comes in soft whispers, floating around my head until it decides to settle for a long term. Other times it'll fiercely pound into my soul and make me feel such a deep sorrow that I fear that I can never recover. The... (more »)
Chalk Monsters This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Close your eyes. You think of your childhood, the memories. You hear a song on the radio and are brought back to those hot summer nights, fireflies flashing. You reach to catch one, gone. Before your mom had cancer, before everything was real.... (more »)
a dream
By , 1, PA
The lights of the gas station by the creek are red and yellow and white and they sparkle and shine in the soft rain. The easy churning of the creek on its roll to the river can be heard over the occasional passing car. They zip slowly through the... (more »)
Cats vs. Electricity
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Cats are said to have nine lives, could electricity eliminate one of those? I have found some background information on this fascinating subject from my friend Sid. Sid says, “ I have tried this before and found that cats normally get... (more »)
Short Story (For Lack of a Better Name)
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His lashes are still damp with tears. When they brush her face, she sighs miserably. In class his hand finds hers. She gives his hand a squeeze. Then she roughly pulls hers away. In the dark movie theatre, his arm loops around her... (more »)
The Nineteen This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I walked into my first day of kindergarten with a fresh-pressed maroon uniform and a small pink backpack with only a composition notebook inside. The teacher greeted me and showed me where my cubby was, tucked behind everyone else's, as if I... (more »)
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“There was this telescope that I saw a few years back. I was walking through a crafts fair and I stopped by a space booth. It had mini planets hanging from the ceiling and the people were selling blankets with constellations mapped on them. And... (more »)
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