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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

Turned On, Chapter 1
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I think I blame my father for why I started. I think it was all of the accusations of looking like a slut for wearing clothing I liked. Over the years, I suppose it must have accumulated into a desire to prove to him that I at least should... (more »)
Through the Front Door
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She could see everything. Her daughter, whom she had not seen in three years, was sprinting towards her. She could see her little legs working hard to arrive in front of her mother. She could see her outstretched, pudgy arms and her... (more »)
The Tragic Day
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It was usually Tuesday morning Lafayette took that day off since his wife was leaving to Los Angeles for an interview.   “Skyler! Why aren’t you ready yet! God I wonder how your mother is so fast with you. Hurry up put... (more »)
The Race
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Your entire life is a race. Together with the entire population, you are racing against one communal contestant: death. In this race between life and death there are a few simple rules everyone must know. Rule number 1: Do not let death catch... (more »)
Crescendo This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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 I was not a mute.  But I might as well have been.  I controlled nothing in my own life, but I never protested about it.  When someone asked me to do something, it was done.  It’s not anyone’s fault.  I... (more »)
Melancholia This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Recapitulate. Recover. Repeat. I am looking for R-words on the blinding white screen whose light makes more noise than the stubbornly persistent roaring fan staring back at my tense, though all the same perpetually placid, forehead. If... (more »)
The Task of Remembrance
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I drag my hand through a pool of collected memory. Drops of forgotten moments, of long-lost friends, of dark nights catch on the tips of my fingers, then fall away before I can snatch them up again. I stare into the mirror over my bathroom... (more »)
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There is blood seeping through my white shoes. They started as small blisters from my pinkie toes rubbing at the insides of my shoes, but they got bigger. The stiff backs of my shoes are cutting into my heel, right at the thinnest part of my... (more »)
Good Things Come To Those Who Fail
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I had no problems with tomatoes - none, none at all - when they were not being thrown at my face at speeds that must not even be legal on the freeway. I feebly tried to calm the crowd down. "Okay, okay. I get it. I suck. Please cease the fruit... (more »)
The Visitor This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Arriving down the gravel path, a visitor came to stay one day.  Putting one foot in front of the other in uncomfortable shoes.  Mum didn’t like her walking on the polished wood floor and Nan said she was bad luck; that it would... (more »)
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Touch. Sight. Smell. Taste. Today I lost it. I woke up with only silence. There was white everywhere. Emptiness around my body like I was being lifted from my stance. I thought I was dead. Then I saw him, I didn’t even hear the door open.... (more »)
Facing Fire
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Andy could hardly hear the roar of the dilapidated old pickup over the sound of his excitement. “You excited, Andy?” called Tyrone over the din of the pickup. “Yeah, you excited?” echoed Terry, always the copycat.... (more »)
The Morning
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This morning was going to be dark. It was incredible to Maddisen how pitch-black it was in those rare moments of peace after the streetlights went out, but before the sun came up. As the year advanced, Maddisen noticed, it seemed to be that way... (more »)
Bright Skies
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A little girl the age of around 10/ 11 sits in an illuminated field. The field of tall, dull grass surrounds her small frame, trembling with fear and sadness. A stray tear falls from her flushed face from the heat she feels staring upon the... (more »)
I'm a Kleptomaniac
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I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t resist it. I couldn’t defeat it. The party was getting wilder as the seconds slipped away from the clock. My hands began to tremble due to my resistance. Glancing around to make sure no one was noticing,... (more »)
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There once lived a beautiful girl with such a bubbly personality. Her name was Lisa. Her smile would light up the world everywhere she went. She had long, dark curly hair that reached down to her butt, shiny brown eyes that sparkled in the... (more »)
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