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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

Imagine a World Without Music
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  Chapter One: I’ll be brutally honest right now. I’ve killed many people in my short life. Before you judge just yet, allow me to explain. I am a fight champion, that is, someone in a fight club – mine happens to be the... (more »)
A Lost Love This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I’ll never forget my first kiss. I’ll never forget the sparks that were ignited, taking root in my belly and burrowing deeper into a place that has no name.        His name was Jacob. I used to trace my... (more »)
The New World
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When a young woman arrives from India to America, she must become accustomed to the new culture and figure out how she can keep her own identity. Chapter 1: The Arrival I arrived in this strange new country with only my 2 year old daughter... (more »)
Star Athlete
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Just one more set Ed. You can do it. We can win finals tomorrow. I encouraged myself through my last of ten sets of sprints. My name is Edward Thomason, and I have been the star athlete at my school for the past four years. Soccer has been my... (more »)
Fireflies This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The lights glow dimly in the windows of the townhouses, shrouded by rolling clouds of mist. The only sound he could hear was the slight wave of the leaves of the giant oak trees, their branches cradling the street lamp on the stairs to the... (more »)
Hopping for a better friendship
By , Parsippany, NJ
In the olden days, where there was no humans, animals fought for tribal dominance. So the elders established a system to learn how to survive and right from wrong. Walls of tree hole lockers, tree-top-classroom, or underground study halls.... (more »)
Our Forever Goodbye This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Germantown, WI
You learn many things when you transfer schools almost every month. Because of my parents job we are constantly moving states. I have many stories from various places: Adventures, short romance, strange happenings and some even dangerous. But... (more »)
My Last Patient
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Today is the 3rd of January. This was the day my life would change. Quite drastically, I might add. I didn’t know this when I got up this morning. The morning was no different than any other morning, besides the foot of snow delivered to... (more »)
Back seat driver
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    Angry over the little things. Water rushes over the rocks turning up pebbles and clouds of mud. The child bends down to pick a salamander taking it out of harms way. She needs a moment to sort things out in her head. A back seat driver... (more »)
If You Let Me
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I would love you the way freckles love to leave footprints across the sidewalks of your cheekbones. The smell of smoke after all the fireworks have gone off. The way the ocean ripples after a seagull's feet have skimmed the surface. But I will... (more »)
Running away letter for my mum
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Dear Elizabeth, - I mean mum I ran away today. For real this time. I went with Peter because he hates life too. I didn’t want to be a burden. I wanted to escape the negative energy, and to stop fighting a losing battle , and loving you... (more »)
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Heat wave in Delhi was unbearable. correction, heat wave in any part of the world was unbearable. The persistent gusts of wind and dust would hit one’s face like inspiration hits a struggling writer: out of the blue, when... (more »)
No Good
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No amount of begging would ever bring him back. She was alone and there was nothing she could  do or say to change it. There was nothing she could do to convince him otherwise; there was nothing she could do to convince his mother... (more »)
Are you my friend now?
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I was just a little girl when the nightmares started. In fact, I was seven years old. At first, they were black and white--hardly even phased me. But then they got stronger. Soon I heard the voices, remembered the colors. In these nightmares I... (more »)
The Once upon a time girl
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Once upon a time, there was a girl who started her humdrum tale with a cliche prologue that had been used since dinosaurs walked the earth. This same girl was sitting in the waiting room at a local police station, wondering about her cliche,... (more »)
What do you mean ?
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It was a stormy day. it wasn't cold and stormy, though; it was hot and stormy like an oven. The kind of weatheer torandos get formed in. There is a little boy sitting in the corner of the room as his mother screams, "What do you mean... (more »)
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