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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

The greatest excuse in the world
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Well you see Mrs. V I really didn't want to be late to your class but I had no choice. The universe put all these obstacles in my way and it was impossible for me to ignore them, so I'm going to now tell you all the reasons I was late... (more »)
Evan Just Really Hates People
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Evan just really hates people. What he really does like are books. That’s probably why he works in a bookstore. And has no friends. Because he spends all day inside. Reading. Because he likes books. His grandmother, however, thinks he... (more »)
Endure the Night
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Pit Pat Pit Pat. The rhythmic sound of gentle footsteps echoed through the bleak forest. The area was cold and misty. Dew glazed the desolate greenery. Darkness was upon them. The Runners. The 100 selected individuals. The finest of them... (more »)
Perils of Perfection
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What they had told me that morning kept replaying in my mind. I could still remember the conversation between me and the rest of the dance company as clear as crystal. The pleading faces of my fellow dancers and especially Sir Richwell, my dance... (more »)
Lemon Juice
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We sipped our electric blue slushies and sat on the white hot corner curb of North and Williams. It was a particularly sultry Wednesday early in July, and I’d woken up an hour early to do my makeup for you. That hour of preparation became an... (more »)
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So let me get this straight. You want me to answer simply and with one words answers, but when I get mad at you for calling me instead of just texting me a simple yes, I'm in the wrong? I'm sick of this crap. You are such a hypocrite. You drag... (more »)
Boston: AP Human Geography Project
By , Shakopee, MN
Day 1: Early Morning (5 AM) Boston! I didn’t think I would ever make it to the big city, let alone finish college. But somehow, here I am. I just got out of Logan International Airport and am in a taxi on the way to a local hotel in downtown... (more »)
Wedding Bells
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Tristan slammed the cell phone onto the coffee table for the third time that day.  His hands trembled.  His face was bright red, a single bead of sweat dripping down from his perfectly styled hair.  The anger and hurt were clear in his... (more »)
A Man And His Trumpet
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     The time was approaching midnight.  I sat on a brick wall in the middle of Central Park.  As I placed my case on the ground and opened it up, I took in the scene around me: homeless men, women, and children behind every post, holding... (more »)
Ti Amo
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I was so excited. The day I’ve waited for, it was June 25th and I was finally leaving for my much anticipated trip to Italy. I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and go see everything it has to offer. It was a long flight so I decided... (more »)
A New Body
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 If my friends had asked me to do this a year and a half ago, I would have thought that this was a nightmare: swimsuit shopping.  It’s one of those activities that make girls like me want to cower in a corner. The concept of it seems... (more »)
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"Shh..." he mumbled as he layed his body against mine, his breath becoming soft and gentle. And all of a sudden, from a million thoughts dancing around his mind to nothing, his breathing had slowed to a rhythmic pace and his body seemed to... (more »)
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I need to be strong because my world is collapsing around me. The people around me are ticking time bombs and I know my world can change in an instant. Mom: brave, strong, independent, and fighting the battle against cancer Grandma (Tete):... (more »)
Help Me
By , Media, PA
My name is Gila. It means eternal joy, which I don’t have. I like the irony though; I’m a sad, depressed teen, but my name says something completely different. It’s funny. I like music, like a lot. My favorite bands are Beach House and Oh... (more »)
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My heart nearly beat out of my chest. I sped down the road, pulling off at the beachfront. Not caring I was parked across three spots, I jumped out and ran up to the beach. I saw the empty pier, and one person walking down it. Her blueberry blue... (more »)
Peach Pit
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I sometimes wonder if I could kill myself with a peach pit. They’re sharp at the top, and rough; they can scratch skin if you use enough pressure. Plus, they’re crazy durable, impossible to crack open. And they’ve got those ridges, so... (more »)
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