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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

Wynwood Is My Canvas
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Joseph had just caught the eye of a family of three, A Mom, a Dad and a little boy. As Joseph approached the family, with a cheap BIC pen and notebook in hand, he saw the expression on the Mom’s face, lasting for no more than a second. It... (more »)
Love Don't Cost a Thing
By , plant city, FL
 “MOM, why can’t I go there for spring break? I would be visiting family, not going out of the country for vacation.”  Alex blurted, as he stomped around the corner and out the door for a walk. Alex is a 14... (more »)
Solutions to Natalie's Problem This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Solution #1: Play dumb, act like nothing’s wrong. Pretend that the smile your sister gives you when she tells you about her day, isn't as fake as her sparkling acrylic nails she got done at the salon last Tuesday. Pretend that she used... (more »)
Moving day
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  The clink of hangers and the slight screeching sound of metal raised the anticipation I’ve been holding in making it far worse. I watch as she picks a piece of clothing from the rack and holds it out, inspecting the selection... (more »)
The Wreck
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Sitting there watching Revenge, in my chair, kicked back, and almost half asleep. My show was probably at the biggest turning point in the show, the main character was just about to make the world know who her neighbors really were. I could... (more »)
My Eyes
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The boys in my family have brown eyes. The girl’s gain blue eyes from Mom’s side. Brown eyes like Brown Bears or chocolate labs. Blue eyes like big oceans or the sky on a clear summer day. But my eyes are different. They are blue like the... (more »)
A Recipe for a Great Friendship
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Ingredients: A streak of freetime A mound of memories A wink of conflict A pocketful of understanding A heap of heart to heart talks Mounds of communication Oceans of trust A sprinkle of dinner dates 3 pieces of love (or... (more »)
The Coffee Shop
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The aroma of aged coffee beans and freshly printed newspapers fills the air as you pull the door open. You decided to visit the new cafe that opened on 5th. The counter is on the left of the door. It's a large 'L 'shape and the... (more »)
Promise Kept
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“Wait, Matthew, what are you doing? Where are you going?” Asked Silvia. “You’ve always been so impatient, haven’t you? Just, don’t move so much,” said Matthew in a fatherly tone, “Did... (more »)
Lingering Souls
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Once my mother found a mouse in the pantry, buried among broken cereal boxes. She killed it. I took the body from the streets and buried it among the blooming Queen of the Night. The next morning, I woke up, exhausted, images of black mist and... (more »)
Cookies "n" Dreams
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The cockpit was hot – almost unbearably so – and I tugged at the thick neckline of the flameproof suit that seemed to pinch and squeeze my limbs like a boa constrictor the higher we climbed. All that was visible beneath the clear... (more »)
My Life in Syria
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You can hear the relentless shelling and airstrikes from kilometers away. The agonizing screams jolt you awake every night. If you look outside, all you can see is death and destruction, with mangled bodies dotting the landscape and the rubble... (more »)
By , League City, TX
  I knew the day was coming long before my dad could even guess I was thinking about running. He was blindsided by pretty much everything but his job and his new girlfriend of the month. My mom had passed about three years ago; nothing... (more »)
The Funeral
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I felt dead, more dead than the girl in the coffin. “If I don't make it…” Those words pounded my brain into a pulp. Those words, spoken by Emily Jacobs repeatedly, for six months leading up to being told that there was nothing else... (more »)
"Alaina! Stop please!" "Why?" I growled. I had just shown up at his house, I had a plan to surprise him for his sixteenth birthday, but I guess you could say I got a heck of a surprise when I walked through the door. He was... (more »)
A girl named Airi
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It had been an agonizing past couple of weeks, but they were finally home.  My stomach leaped, and I started to race down the stairs ready to say goodbye to Mrs. Jones and hello freedom. I heard my parent’s hushed tones from down the... (more »)
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