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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

Gosh, I miss my home country so much! I wish I could go back there right now! I’m Viviana from China. I’m moved to here, because my parents want to start business in U.S. In China we drink wine a lot. We have a lot grapes in the yard. Today... (more »)
The Wolf
     It was curiously cool for a September night, even in New Jersey, and as I walked the short distance from my dorm room to Jack’s apartment, I realized the mistake I had made in choosing a dress over jeans. My fashion consultant and... (more »)
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Man on the Ledge or the Girl, the Memory, and...
     I was completely uninvolved.  I don’t even own a gun; I could never kill a person.  I could never kill my own wife.  It had to have been him.  I would never do this.      “Hey, what are you doing up there?”  Suddenly this... (more »)
The Picture
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“Why did you do it Ty?” asked Sammy as she began to cry. “Sammy, I didn’t do it. Why won’t you believe me?” replied Ty. “Because you’re lying to my face. How could you do this to me? You humiliated me in front of the whole... (more »)
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She stepped into the shower. as she began to turn the water on she felt a hot breath on the nape of her neck. she turned around but nothing was there she realized that she was imagining things... again. (more »)
By , Wernersville, PA
Everyone has interests and hobbies.  Some take it even further into obsession.  The feeling where every moment you are not feeding this obsession feels like death.  Well that’s how strong her addiction was… to herself.  She woke up to... (more »)
The Best Day of My Life
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     “Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’re out of eggs, too.” I close the fridge and switch the phone over to my other ear.      “Okay sweetie, anything else?”      I jump at the sound of a door flinging open and heavy, sloppy... (more »)
Definition of Beauty
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Walking through such a desolate part of my school with my feet making inaudible steps made my mind race. For example, I can never understand how beautiful and fulfilling the world seems to be. From the flourishing greenery that stretches miles... (more »)
An Unfulfilled Life
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No one is ever honest all the time unless they’re Johnny. Johnny never once lied and it seemed to only get him into more trouble. In school he would always confess to his pranks, his slacking and to breaking things. At home as a kid he would... (more »)
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         On a sunny November morning, Navarro’s feet scraped against the hard-packed dirt; she was on her way to the flea market.         Pressing her hand to her khaki shorts to muffle the jangling keys, she took a long drink... (more »)
our first days
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When the girl’s sister left she was a blonde. When she came back and they tried to pretend everything was normal again her sister had red hair that washed out in the shower like blood. She went back to school to finish her senior year and... (more »)
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 “You okay wit’ it?” Nasheem asked. “No.” Amat said sternly. “Stop being a little b**** and just do it with me." Nasheem retorted. "F*** off." Amat declined, and pushed Nasheem to... (more »)
The CrossRoads
By , Hollidaysburg, PA
My mother used to tell me a story about a girl who was given a choice. The choice wasn’t anything life altering, and there is no way my mind would be able to reach back and remember how the story went. But I do remember the moral. Life... (more »)
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where my friends go
Terrence Watt Inspiration to Write Cautionary Tales Untitled “Ayo mike pass the rock!” yelled john. Mike the superstar not paying any mind to john drove to the basket and got hit,”. “ And one!” he shouted. later that day mike... (more »)
Tanner walked into her boyfriend's house. She walked into her boyfriend, John. As soon as she walked in he greeted her with a kiss. “Hey baby,” she said to him after their kiss. “Hey, babe,” he responded. During... (more »)
There Was a Boy This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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There was a boy. A skinny boy with thick-framed glasses and long hair that popped off his shoulders when he walked. He was not that physically attractive. At least, not as physically attractive as the movies made out high school... (more »)
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