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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

Be Yourself
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This Little girl is, terrified of the outside world, today she’s going to her first day of high school. She wonders if people will judge her? Everyday’s the same for her she fights to find her way in the outside world. She’s so worried... (more »)
The Last Time
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Jordan arrived home after an exhausting day at work. He slowly closed the front door, but with enough force to make the heavy door slam shut. After taking a long hot shower, he made himself a Vodka Tonic. He made one after another while he sat... (more »)
A Man at War
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Sunlight danced on the bed sheets. Today was one of those days people in Chicago loved: The ones that weren't far too windy to go outside. The soft golden rays continued their waltz past the paycheck on the nightstand onto the face of Joseph... (more »)
The Vase
By , midland, MI
The Vase It was about 98 degrees outside in the middle of July, the perfect day to go garage saling. There was a city wide garage sale going on, and Cindy knew she’d find some good deals. Cindy was your average middle aged stay at home... (more »)
Practice Makes Perfect?
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   He sang. Not only did he sing, he sang on live television. Not only did he sing on live television, but she watched him. He didn't know her at all. She was just another person watching television, happening to stumble upon the show with him... (more »)
Going Up?
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“The hell is this?” Luke Rollins said as the elevator suddenly stopped with him and Shawn Locke inside of it. “This better be quick because I’m not planning on staying in here with you for long,” Shawn said. “Try opening the door”... (more »)
Stir Crazy Hobbies
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I write this sitting in my kitchen sink. All of the counter space was being used by one of Nancy’s many new hobbies that last for only a handful of weeks. This week it was baking. Let’s just say she’s still trying to figure the activity... (more »)
New (Year's) Beginnings
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 New (Year’s) Beginnings After six endless months of planning, everything was finally set in stone. Tomorrow would not only be the start of a new year for me, but also to a new life. As I set my old, burgundy luggage by the front door, I... (more »)
Chaos in Coltenham
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Chaos in Coltenham The rain began to unexpectedly pour down heavily over the sensitive rooftops. This was the biggest rainfall of the year, and no one knew how to go about it. The small town had faced plenty of little hour long drizzles in the... (more »)
Absolutely Nothing
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“What’s this?” Tate asked herself, shuffling through the various medical papers that the pet clinic received each day. “I have no idea,” Jason replied. “It doesn’t look like a form we would usually get here. Someone must have left... (more »)
Everlasting Light This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The blur of the twinkling white lights rushed past me as I sprinted down the busy Manhattan streets, occasionally rubbing my hands together for warmth. My puffy marshmallow of a jacket bounced gently with every step, as if it was keeping the... (more »)
Behind Impenetrable Bars
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Short, damp, brown matted hair, clung to Ms. Hart’s head as she nervously trudged down the calm narrow streets of her town. She wore a large trench coat covered in mud and dirt, it covered the majority of her body and veiled her facial... (more »)
Little Izzy
By , Sandy, UT
My name is Izzy and we came from a small town in Pennsylvania, traveled here with just our cloths all stuffed in our station wagon, we arrived in a small town of American fork. Moved in to a small home where we got a bed room in the basement. It... (more »)
Since That Night
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“Come on, Cass, have a little fun,” Hannah said, “Have a drink!” She shoved a mug of beer into my face, the mischief sparkling in her eyes. I knew I was old enough to drink, but I was the designated driver; I can’t risk getting into an... (more »)
Honeysuckle (Why Parents Try Harder Post-Divorce)
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My dad used to take me walking during the summer. We would explore a different trail every weekend. We didn’t mind getting lost so much because that meant a few more hours together. One time, we found a wall that was covered in alluring... (more »)
Don't Start
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August 14, 2016 My hands shake as I look through my closet again. I have made the Varsity Soccer team as a freshman in highschool. Soccer is my life and I guess I must be pretty good to have made it this far. Everything has changed since I got... (more »)
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