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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

Stay strong
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Wednesday on a fall morning, mom was hurrying me and my little sister up to get ready while she was tying fathers tie, to head out to my sisters play who was waiting for us at her school. Abelia the youngest of us all was struggling to put her... (more »)
The Piano Man
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The rustic piano was the first instrument of its nature to grace the small town of Anatevka.  Before its arrival, the percussive clanging of picks in the mines, the whirring of the old spinsters’ wheels, and the occasional bleating of... (more »)
Life of a Baby Cow
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 I had so much time to think, I think that was the most crippling thing about my life- next to the relentless, unending  pain of course. I would sit there in my crate and think about my past life and even worse, the things to come. I thought... (more »)
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Thomas Soll sat up from the hard concrete floor, his body hurt all over and he was freezing cold. His surroundings explained little of what was going on, all that was in this room was a small oil lamp lit upon a wooden barrel. Thomas then rose... (more »)
Lackluster Statues
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They slouched tiredly, sitting across from each other. Two lackluster diamond statues that did not shimmer, shine, or otherwise attempt to sparkle. The static night air coated them like slime, and an ear shattering silence lamely clanked back... (more »)
By , O'Fallon, MO
I sat at the end of my bed staring blankly into the wall in front of me thinking why I am here. Natalie tugged on my hair and said “Stop moving so I can finish braiding your hair.” Natalie tugged fiercely on my hair pulling each... (more »)
Up on Board
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Do you ever feel empty? Lost? Almost like a cause with no meaning? If you have ever felt this way then you know exactly what I felt all at once on Saturday 3:20 pm. As all the kids gathered around at the school bus anxious and tired just wanting... (more »)
A Couple of Confessions
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Hi, Sam. I know this is out of the blue. It's just that sometimes words get heavy on my chest. No, not words... thoughts. It's been 17 years, and I haven't been honest with you, and I'm sorry. There are so many things I haven't told you. So... (more »)
By , Cupertino, CA
     “I bet I can do more than you!” Alice challenged, almost dropping the stack of books balancing on her head.      “Oh yeah?” I replied with a grin, adding another textbook to my... (more »)
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I remember it like it was yesterday leaving the hospital hearing “We can give you a lot of people to talk to if you still feel that way”. From that day forward I’ve been better if you wanna say that. If you haven’t... (more »)
That Moment
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That moment when you realize that you're being used. When the people who go to you with their problems and need your support, simply just leave you when you need them.They say it's too much drama that they can't handle, but really they just... (more »)
Darling Darlene
By , wilmington, DE
She sat in the water, letting the days of dirt and stress wash down the drain. Why couldn't she be happy, normal? What was so wrong with her that she couldn't stay completely happy all day? Why could she only stay happy for a few mere hours? A... (more »)
Lottery Changed My Life.
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It was on a monday afternoon when Jimmy was sweeping the halls. There was so much paper from the kids being lazy, in some places it was as high as the top of his boots. He finally finished sweeping and he already had wiped down the chalkboards.... (more »)
The Call to the Office
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     “Janine can never get anything right.” I thought to myself.    It’s 8:30am on a Saturday and I am getting called into the office for whatever unknown reason. I am interning for this music label to get an extra credit for... (more »)
Untitled This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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January 21st, 2009 I have always noted my indecisive personality, I mean it is quite evident due to my constant averseness to answer any simple question or my hesitant approach to determine what to do and how to even achieve what I might... (more »)
Hope Within
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The weather had been been fluctuating constantly. One minute sunny, the next a startling gray, as if someone threw a blanket to shield the light. Some people from the city would look up and say, “Is it going to rain?” People who knew better... (more »)
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