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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

A Day in the Life of T
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Lonesome. That's the word I would describe myself with if I could mark off all the other flaws I have. Even as I sit here, in the hallway of my high school, packed with different clubs and other activities, I still feel lonely. After not... (more »)
Father - Son. The Effects of Bullying
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As Jake plunged towards the ground, he felt the wind overcome his battered body. The scenery blurred sickeningly around him. The cold sea air took his breath away; just like the insults *they* had thrown at him. Their words cut him to the core,... (more »)
Jack's Stone
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 His eyes were closed, and his hands lay atop one another. The cushions enclosed his suit, holding his peaceful body in place. He had seen so much that no one knew. It was too late for his story to be told. There was no one where he was;... (more »)
The Joke
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Chapter 1: Rain Adam sat in his favorite chair by the window.  He watched as the rain came down outside.  It slammed onto the pavement of his street, a bombardment from the clouds.  Pit Pat Pit Pat.  Adam knew of nothing... (more »)
Luck of Felix
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“Let’s play cards!” wildly exclaimed Uncle Benny, fresh off of two beers. He stumbles to Felix, awkwardly sitting by himself on the couch, moving his finger around the lip of a glass of water. Uncle Benny’s hand slaps... (more »)
A deal is a deal
By , beaverton, OR
Fade-in: Classroom, Tuesday, 10:30 AM Scene opens with a teacher dropping a textbook loudly on the desk of Chris, who is sleeping face-down on the desk. Chris snaps awake, and as he sits up the teacher slides a graded test with a letter F... (more »)
Standard Protocal
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                The old Ford raced down the highway, its speed seventy-five miles per hours. Hmph, there goes another one, thought Officer John Davy, as he lowered his radar gun and waved out his cigarette, throwing it to the... (more »)
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Daughter Of Invention: Book Review
“Daughter of Invention” has numerous amount of lessons you can learn throughout the short story. The story has its share of surprises and isn't very predictable. The story is not like any “family related” story. The morals in this short... (more »)
The Paths of Life
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A little girl stood in a dark hallway, filled with doors. She couldn’t have been older than three, tripping as she walked. Her hair was in a bun, with frizzy black strands falling out, and her eyes were dark brown, examining the hallway. As... (more »)
Advice to a character
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Dear Paulina:           Greetings Ma’am. I am a 39 year-old female who currently lives in New York City, NY. I live with my husband and my two daughters. We are natives from the Dominican Republic, but moved to the United States in... (more »)
Everyday Use Maggies Point of View
I grew up with a poor family, however, a caring and lovable family.  I can’t say that about Dee.  I used to think Dee didn’t like me, like she hated me or something.  She was my older sister, from blood to genes.... (more »)
Nothing but a Dream
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I don’t remember a night that I haven’t woken up drenched in cold sweat from having the dream. Every time, I feel as if it would wrap around me and become reality, just to be ripped away from it’s grabbing claws. I jump out of... (more »)
The Glorious Legacy of Spartacus
Freedom is a right that everyone deserves to have. However, this right was taken away from Africans in 1619 as they were transported to Jamestown and used as unpaid laborers. Indentured servitude was also used as a way to grow the colonies.... (more »)
A Twist In Life
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     I never understood where my older brother went, just that he was never coming back.  My mother tried to explain why I would never see him but gave up in frustration.  I never knew where he was last at, only that I was five years old... (more »)
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Note from Dr. Millsbury of the Donallyn Bridge...
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 We think in colors that we cannot express or see. Colors that have no place on an Earth built with substances, colors that the human eye could never understand. The eyes do not see these colors, however; the remain sloshing in our tucked... (more »)
Not Yours This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I am not your Saturday evening, nor do I wish to be your Sunday morning. I am, however, the crisp autumn Sunday, sunny and 65 – the one you can never fully grasp, always just out of reach. I fall with the leaves and bloom in the spring. I... (more »)
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