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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

Your Worst Enemy
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I am your worst enemy. Why? You will soon find out… or soon remember.     Firstly, I know you personally and mentally. I can tell your next plan of action precisely and faster than anyone else. On a side note, I also know your deepest... (more »)
Firsts and Lasts
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     I waited for her on a cold night in 2006. I was hunched over on the bench with my hands in my coat pockets. It was quite dark and the street lamp that stood right next to me was the only source of light until the next street lamp that I... (more »)
She Left on the Last Rainy Day
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She wakes up on the kitchen floor again. She slowly opens her eyes and looks up at that old ceiling fan, the blades spinning around and around, making a blurry circle so she can’t tell where one part stops and another starts. The cold,... (more »)
Musings: Coffee and Words This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Stir, stir, stir - Ow! He turned the tap on and let the water run through his burnt fingers, caused by the coffee splashing as he was stirring it. He was typing out a story when he realised that his cup of coffee was empty. So he went... (more »)
Stuck in Reality
By , Chickamauga , GA
      Slumber. A time for relief, a time for when anything is possible, A time to dream, a time to wish, a time to believe. I wish I could be in a forever slumber. Never having to wake, Never having any worries. No nightmares, just peaceful... (more »)
An Inherited Past
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The little boy tosses and turns in his bed. He murmurs, and then cries out, his eyes shooting open. “Mom!” He whimpers. “Mom!” The mother gets out from under her sheets for the third night in a row. She shuffles into his room, bringing... (more »)
Parent reactions
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It’s 72 degrees outside and instead of staring out into the ocean,  I  am stuck in an old dirty classroom. With cluttered papers surrounding my desk, and the smell of fresh shaved pencils.   The sound of the clock ticking in the... (more »)
The Girl With The Screen
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The girl looks at the screen in front of her. Its blinding light is the only thing that shines in her dark bedroom. The girl sucks in a breath as she reads a single word on the screen. “Slut.” The girl’s eyes water and she quickly... (more »)
The Moon
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“10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5...” The counter announced over the intercom. Emily didn’t realize she had been holding her breath until she let it go. Excitement bubbled inside her, butterflies flying around it.This was it. She was going to... (more »)
Oppressed by the Cheerleaders
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Phew! That was a close one, I thought as I nearly got run over by a huge stampede of middle school kids heading toward the mouth-watering aromas of the school lunchroom. Suddenly, the delicious smell was intercepted by the sickening scent of too... (more »)
The Little Boy
By , Northbridge, MA
Strange how sometimes things happen in life for some reason. Call it fate or destiny or whatever you will. I simply deemed it the misfortunes of life. And I had a lot of misfortunes in my twenty one years here. I had no job, but who did... (more »)
Breaking New Boundaries (or not)
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The music blared so loud I was worried my ears would take one listen and walk straight out the door.  Flashing strobe lights pulsed rhythmically on the dance floor where the nightclub was held.  I reclined against the wall farthest from the... (more »)
Finding Jack
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     There came a point in my life when I started to care about everything wrong and nothing good. I still do not regret it.      When I was fourteen, my best friend, Jack, took me to Disneyland, and I have never felt happier than I did... (more »)
Gone Forever
By , Ottawa, Canada
I used to believe in fairytales. We all did, at some point, right? But I went beyond the general fixation. When I looked up at the sky, gazing at the stars and the moon late at night, holding my sister’s hand, I felt like… anything was... (more »)
Observing Patients
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The doctors pay no mind to the people crying in the halls. I try not to let my eyes lock with theirs. The doctors don't look at them when they don't have to.  I know if one of them looked to me. And my eyes met those of another human being... (more »)
Are You Afraid of Dying?
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The air was dense, wet, humid from the storm that passed the previous day. The clouds created a background to her outline, making the gold in her hair shine brighter than the brown. Her eyes crystalised in the blue, and were so deep that one... (more »)
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