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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

The Hourglass
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The hourglass I shattered it. I let the sand and the glass explode in splinters at my feet, and the dark redwood get caught in the fabrics of my pajama pants. Maybe now, with the hourglass broken, time can finally stop mocking me in the... (more »)
Keep Going
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My name is Sherri. I’m 17 years old. Right now I’m one of the skinniest girls in school. It took a lot of work to get where I am today. I started out just purging and skipping meals once in a while after I weighed myself and saw the... (more »)
The Tunnel - By Meera Sobti
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The world greeted her through a coat of mahogany. Those dark pupils looked straight ahead, frozen to a view of bodies leaving patches of sweat on each others shoulders as they shoved each other back and forth with a bang as suitcases clanked... (more »)
First Steps Again
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Laura thrashed and tossed sheets off of her bed as she awoke form the terrible dream. She stopped after a few moments of tossing and turning, but not before she ruined most of her bed press.  Moist sweat patted her brow and slivered down... (more »)
The Love of Sports and Friendship!
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On the day of August 18th, Kylie woke up at six o'clock and texted Anna and Maddie saying "Happy first day of prison." Maddie replied right away saying, "Nooooo!” Kylie wanted to have a longer summer and just spend... (more »)
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“If we were all forced to wear a label, what would yours say?” So many words come to my mind when my grandpa asks me this question. These will become his last words to me. I wish he had not chosen these. Because they will haunt me until I... (more »)
When I Was Little
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When I was little, I wanted to be a princess, a popstar, a fashion designer, a fairy, and an actress all at once. I was absolutely convinced it was possible.   When I was little, I covered my eyes when I saw people kissing in movies. It was... (more »)
Two Old Friends
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He is the only one who comprehends me.  I am the only one who aprehends him.  Two old friends with goofy laughs but burning admiration the same.  Two who don’t belong but fate brought together. Two stupid kids separated by time.  From my... (more »)
One Lingering Shadow
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     It is the only one who knows me. I am the only one who knows it. One lingering shadow with faint edges and a crooked cavity attaching to my feet. One who never seems to leave me alone. One attainable of knowing all my secrets. From a... (more »)
Trust Me
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“One day the world will make sense, but until then, you have to trust me.” I shared these words of wisdom with my brother, but I didn’t know if I believed them myself. “Why? Why did mom leave us?” He whispered as if it were a secret,... (more »)
David Clare watched the clock intensely. It was 1 pm. At 5 o'clock he could leave his unfulfilling accounting job and head on to something more important like sleep. At 4:30, his boss, Henry, would give an unscheduled speech on how horrible the... (more »)
But I loved her
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Once upon a time .... there was a girl . She was beautiful. She had hair black as coal and eyes blue as the ocean. She was a beautiful girl - not a cliche beautiful but one that was unique and orignal. But she left me. She hadn't meant to ...... (more »)
The Walrus Man
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Did you suck the juice out of the individual quarters of an orange when you were a kid? Then you know what the remaining skin of them looks like. Shriveled and empty with an odd pasty white color. Anyhow that is what his face looks like, the... (more »)
To Kill a Changed Man
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Well, I’m sure you’re expecting me to say something rather significant right about now. Something filled with sorrow, or fury, or perhaps the dull wit you’ve known me for.  However, let me tell you that what I have to say is not going to... (more »)
For the Love of Ducks
 I have been a collector of things for quite some time now. My collections have extended from snow globes, to stamps, and even coins for a period of time.But what currently with holds my fascination are various types of ducks carved out of... (more »)
seconds before
By , greenbow, AL
Seconds Before I sat on a bench in a small room. The smell of sweat and manure lingered in the air. As I sat waiting for my name to be called i slid on my boots, put my vest on, grabbed my gloves, and put my hat over my head. Just when I was... (more »)
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