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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

The Last Day
I walked into the cement room as he began to say his last remarks. “There was so much shooting I wasn’t sure where people were,” he explained looking down with wondering eyes. “The police man came out of nowhere. There... (more »)
A Whisper Against the Wind This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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     The wind threads through my fingers and wraps around my body, leaving a layer of frost on my skin. It’s numbing, but yet that feeling comforts me like no other. This coldness, this lack of feeling it causes, just makes... (more »)
A Tale of Two Men
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Liam was a man set in his ways. Every morning, at precisely six o’clock, he would wake up in their tiny New York apartment, kiss his wife good morning, and make himself sausage for breakfast. He was getting old, getting close to retirement.... (more »)
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Hi. You don't me very well. You wouldn't, we never talked much. Never really at all. You did ask me for a pencil once. I remember that moment in history class, for the first time we were seated near each other for the test we were about to... (more »)
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Of Photography, Lakes, and Sunsets This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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When Jack was a kid, he and his father would skip rocks at the lake behind their house and watch the sunset dip across the sky, their smiles reflecting hues of pink and purple and gold. On weekends, his father would play catch with him in the... (more »)
Chicago Night
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Terminal. Deadly. Two weeks at most. The doctor’s words hang suspended in the air. No one dares to speak, for the fear of making the words actually come true. If we don’t say the words, my best friend, wouldn’t actually be dying, and... (more »)
Lost Time
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     It was early one September day when Bailey went out for a jog with her dog. As she did every morning. Every morning it was the same routine. She would wake up at six a.m., change clothes, brush her teeth, grab a granola bar and water,... (more »)
The Little Girl
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Once upon a time there was a little girl who buried herself up to her wide-eyes in the made-up worlds of novels, songs, movies, or even textbooks. It didn’t really matter what it was, so long as it was anything other than her own reality, for... (more »)
Just Two minutes
By , Miami, FL
C’mon. C’mon. Two more minutes. The class was silent waiting for the glorious sound of a bell to ring and for freshman year to finally finish. All of us were ready to take a break from this hectic year. We came in scared to death by... (more »)
Home For Fall
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My body violently jerks me awake as I'm laying on the cold, hardwood floor. The clock on the oven is giving off a majestic green glow against the vast darkness that is my kitchen. I awake abruptly, confused, and gasping for air while feeling... (more »)
Hope For Living
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Justine didn’t know why she was living. What was she living for? Good grades? Future? Dreams? Nah. Those things didn’t have this magnetizing attraction to her. As far as she could see, life was just a repeated cycle — waking up, boring... (more »)
Something like...
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She stared at me with those grey, emotionless eyes. I started to sweat, wishing for the millionth time that I didn’t exist. She stood very still, like a marble statue, calm and detached from the world. Her voice was clear and soft,... (more »)
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I didn’t ask for a sister. I didn’t ask for any sibling. Unlike other kids, I just wanted to be an only child. Then, I wouldn’t have to compete for attention. I wouldn’t have to be jealous if she ever got better grades than me, or be... (more »)
Enthralled This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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          4PM. A man chooses to sit next to me at the bus stop. He grunts softly, which I assume is because the benches are wet, as he makes impact with the darkened wood. The cars in front of us are speeding at a rapid speed causing excess... (more »)
She Waits
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Elizabeth stood at the steps of our apartment stairs in California as the rain drenched her small body. Her gray eyes followed the water droplets and the lightning that was shooting off in the sky. She watched as if the lightning were the very... (more »)
Summer This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The cauliflower yellow leaves that blow in the wind whisper the song of summer, an untenured call to the wild, the secret of the young, the beauty of the petals. Gleaming in the silver of the red sun, a swan opened its fish-like lips, but its... (more »)
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