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Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

A Sad Little Boy
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A sad little boy is 4 years old. His thick, soft hair billows around his eyes with the blow of the wind, but through the strands, he can see a couple. One is a tall, dark-skinned woman, with her arm around a second, lighter woman’s waist.... (more »)
A Morning in the Life of Grace
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Sitting in the rumbling truck, Grace shifted nervously. Fingers wringing and palms rubbing in her lap. "I'm going to be late!" She thought. If only the bathroom hadn't flooded this morning. Earlier, when she had gotten out of the shower she... (more »)
Tinted Windows
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Dear Editor, I moved into my new house last week. A twenty one year old architect, I had finally come out to make a life of my own. I had chosen this very cute looking apartment with a perfect kitchen, a proper fireplace and this carved door.... (more »)
Gone With the Wind
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It was my first time ever going to Taiwan, and I was really excited about it. I was about as happy as a little child running to living room on Christmas Day, unraveling the new toys Santa had bought him. However, the moment the wheels began to... (more »)
lust & love
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  pt 1 i thought love was instantly smiling when you saw him from across a room. thought it was feeling warmth underneath his touch. wanted to think that all the public displays of affection and the long sexual texts were apart of it... (more »)
Europe and Band and Fun Oh My!
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At 11 years old, I’m walking in Italy, going to the colosseum, the leaning tower of pisa, taking a gondola through venice, traveling through Germany, Spain, Hungary, France, and  more. But how did I get here? The story begins when I... (more »)
The Day My Life Took a Turn
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I remember walking down to the school office, since they called me in there. I wasn’t quite sure why, as I was already in there earlier that morning. When I entered the office I saw my mom there talking to the administrative assistant. My... (more »)
A Carnal World
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           In the city of Sandalwood, lives the top of the top. The wealthy and respected move in and strive to be heard of, to be apart of a community for the elite. Lawns are kept mowed, streets are kept swept, and you always looked your... (more »)
Where's Daddy?
They say a girls first hero is there “daddy” but where was mine? -Explain They say that dads are supposed to protect you but where were you when I needed to be saved? Where was the “daddy” that every little girl had showed up with on... (more »)
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A compilation of nonsense spoken between two children who weren’t actually children and never were children at all. I saw him waiting outside holding a lighter out and handing me a small red and white box. I smiled and cupped the... (more »)
A Place of Hidden Secrets
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What do you think when someone says the word, "Home"?A warm loving family? A safe place to hide at when the world is at war? Peace and quiet when you need it? For Fonzie, "Home" is quite the opposite. Home is a deathly cold place of fear and... (more »)
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It was finally time for Jeff and his 2 friends, Jacob and Zach, to go camping. They had been planning this trip for months and they finally got around to doing it. They were gonna be up in the mountains for a weekend. When they got up to the... (more »)
Life Lesson Learned Between Two Best Friends
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Sarah and Vanessa have been best friends but not for the longest yet the trust between them is very strong and they can easily tell each other anything and everything that is going on in their lives. To the point where Vanessa started telling... (more »)
Dylan, Forgive Me
By , Lafayette, CO
Throughout middle school Dylan and Christopher were best friends, they supported one another. But once highschool was around the corner, Dylan and I took different paths. Dylan took up football and made a group of friends, meanwhile I was left... (more »)
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Blake turned his head to the teacher, desperate to write down every word he said.  His hood was slipping. He reached up quickly to pull it up over his slowly balding head and continued writing. A chunk of jet black hair drifted down and landed... (more »)
The Unsent Letter
By , Avondale, AZ
So I owe you an explanation. I didn't mean to ruin your life and by sending you this I don't mean to ruin your life again I just owe you an explanation. That Monday you called me and when you said what you said, I on was on facetime with my... (more »)
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