Chapter One: What Did I Do To My Life?

April 7, 2009
By Nikayla BRONZE, Milo, Maine
Nikayla BRONZE, Milo, Maine
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If you do not want to hear about the life of a troubled teen, then I think that you should not read this. So stop where you are if you don’t give a crap. I see, so you’re still here. Whatever.

Anyway, my dad came in and woke me up. It was very gross out side, the sky was grey and it was not the type of day when you would want to get up and go to school (not that any day should be a school day). I had to ride my bike today and sh**te, it started to poor half way there. I ran inside after locking my bike to the bench.

“Oh, crap!” I had chipped the blue paint off above the first wheel.

I got to my locker just as the bell rang. English! I just love it. And I am not being sarcastic, I truly enjoy English. Anyways, Taz is in the same class and she is my bff! Tara is my other bff, but she won’t be in class. She’s lucky and got to skip the whole last month of school to go to some kind of camp for gifted musicians. Josh, he is the guy of our group and quite the weirdo!

I got through math and gym (just barley) and went to lunch. I walked over and sat with you guessed it Taz and Josh!

“We hear that Jessie has a bf. I am sorry. Is there anything I can do?” Josh said kissing my forehead.

“Sorry.” Taz looked over at me with sympathy on her face.

“Guys it’s fine, I didn’t even like him. Its cool,” I said, setting my lunch box next to Josh’s.

Okay, here’s the deal. This guy Jessie was my boyfriend until he dumped me last week for this guy Danna. (No wonder he is gay!) He was very blunt about it too: “Nick, I'm in love with Danna. We are through!"

Some people say that he only asked me out is because we met online and he thought I was a dude!

Josh slid his hand around my waist.

"Taz, how are you and Arion "doing"? Is he still straight or is he gay too?" I asked.

"Yeah, we’re doing," she sighed.

"Doing? Too much info. You-" Josh started to say.

"Not like that you effen sicko!" Taz said with a red face.

Josh and I laughed as Taz grumbled, digging into her macaroni salad.

After a deep conversion about what really was in the school’s meat loaf, Taz and Josh left for the restrooms. I finished my lunch and looked up as Troy came and set his almost empty tray down next to mine.

“Hey, this seat taken?” he asked me, green eyes shining.


He looked at me, his brows raised.

“By who?”

“My imaginary friend Bob.” I looked down at my sandwich to keep from laughing.

“Oh I see. Well do you think Bob could move over?” Troy asked me, playing along like he always does.

“Maybe. I think you should ask him,” I said, still looking down but smiling widely.

Troy leaned down, whispering into the air to my right side. I couldn’t hear what he said, but once he finished he looked at me and sat on the bench, smiling.

My heart skipped a beat.

“What’d you say to him anyway? You weren’t mean to my best friend were you?” I asked in mock worry.

“No way. I just told him that if he moved I would let him hang out with Nancy, my imaginary friend. I told him she’s quite good in bed.”

I could feel my ears reddening.

“You didn’t,” I whispered, stunned, covering my mouth.

He laughed.

“Nah. I just asked real nice and he slid right over. A good fellow that Bob is. I hope you two are happy.”

“Oh, we’re not…” I trailed off; he had caught me up in my own story.

“I’m just playin’ wit ya Nik.” He laughed again.

I could not get enough of that sound.

Spoiling the moment, Taz returned with Josh about two steps behind.

Troy chuckled.

“What?” I asked him, watching as my two friends took their seats in front of me.

“They go to the bathroom together now do they?” he asked me.

“Oh you are horrible. No, they don’t. Or do you?” I looked at them, with a raised eyebrow.

“No!” they both said in unison and Troy and I laughed (also in unison wouldn’t you know it!)

“So. You two together?” Josh asked, looking at me.

“Hey Troy!” some guy hollered from across the lunchroom, saving him from answering.

Drat. I had wanted to hear the reply to that.

“Hey Nik. Gotta go. Sorry,” he apologized. “Taz, Josh.” He nodded to each of them.

Then he was gone.

I felt so empty. Why? Who knows.

The next day I got out of School to go see my mom.

Great. She is in a house were people wait on her hand and foot. It’s called a nursing home. It’s not so bad to be old, that place is cool. I don't see why she wants to come back to the battle field. Apart from the drooling people, I find it quite homey

"Share," My dad nodded. " Nik missed you so we came to see you, but me can’t stay long."


"Ron," she said without throwing a radio at his head. Thank gosh.

As I did every time I visited, I sat down on her bed and turned on the TV.

" Did you know that Josh got a car?" I asked, but not to either of them particularly.

The aliens, known as my parents, looked startled.

" Yeah, and he is taking me and Taz to a concert this Saturday. And I am going no matter what you say so-" I was cut off. As always.

" Fine," The female alien, known as my mother, said. "As long as Taz is going. You can go."

Okay, as if her mind wasn’t screwed up enough as it is, the dang nurse drugged her! But hey I ain’t complaining.

“Thanks Mum,” I said, still slightly startled.

I ended up having to walk home after the visit because when I went to the girls’ room, my rents got into a fight and dad left. Go figure.

I noticed there were a lot of mud puddles from yesterday’s rain showers. I had to swerve around every one of them or I would surely have had a splatter of mudded water on my pant legs. I’m sure you’ve been in a similar situation. Or maybe not. Because most of you reading this are rich and do not have to walk anywhere. Either that, or you are lazy and still don’t have to walk anywhere. Again, go figure.

I stopped by the mall to get a new pair of shoes. I saw a cute pair of brown heels with a silver buckle, cute, but not for me. I gave in to a pair of navy blue rebel flats. After purchasing, I flipped out my cell and called Josh.
“ Hello?”
“Hey, what’s going on?” I asked into the mouthpiece.
“ Oh, hey Nik. Not much here, what about you?” he asked.
“ I was just wondering who we’re going to see tomorrow at the concert,” I tried to mention casually, but how could I just not come out and say it.
He laughed. “You’ll find out tomorrow! Anyway, I have to go eat dinner so I will see you in the morning.” He mad a kissing noise and then hung up.

Ugh. Guys.

Okay. One thing you need to know about me is that I rip my face off when thinking about what I think about guys. Really, I don’t think it’s quite a healthy habit. But, I have this total infatuation (oh, big word) with guys. I fall hopelessly head over heals over a guy and then he leaves me for another guy! What is wrong with me? I don’t know how I go through life. I am one girl that cannot get enough of guys. When I don’t have a boyfriend, I kind of go into depression. Ask Taz, she knows all about that. But, don’t ask me. I will say no more on the subject.

The author's comments:
i want to say that i have nothing against Gays or lesbians, i have many friends that are, and am myself bisexual. On another note i would like to say that if you like what i am writing i will continue to post it, BUT you MUST let me know what you think in order for me to do so, thank you!

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Nikayla BRONZE said...
on Apr. 25 2009 at 7:13 pm
Nikayla BRONZE, Milo, Maine
3 articles 3 photos 2 comments
Thank you! ^____^

on Apr. 20 2009 at 10:33 pm
aspiringteenwriter72118 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
3 articles 0 photos 3 comments
I LOVED it! I'll read more! :-D


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