November 14, 2008
By Raquel Williams, LaVista, NE

She told him “I’ll wait for you because what you have showed me the last few weeks has changed my life and I can’t just let this go with out ever knowing what could be.” Rhianna had failded to realize that this would in fact change her. Rhianna‘s a girl lost and always looking for something she has always believed that she will never marry and never devote to a family or a man. She was fine alone after all, both her parents were alone. She’s in her senior year in high school she’s tried hard that way she can graduate mid-term. Her junior year she had only one friend Lynn that was all she new. Rhianna didn’t want to open up.

Where this story really takes place is the summer of junior year. Rhianna had met a girl name. Michelle in her speech class the year before they had always joked about getting hammered sometime on the weekend together but it never happened. Michelle was a dark girl but full of life, she has a laid back attitude and no cares in the world she was what Rhianna needed. Michelle had dark hair, pale skin and always had a way of dressing unique. Then in late May they ran into each other and finally did hangout. This is where Rhianna met Owen. The next morning Owen walked this girl home and they talked sober and connected. This was surprising to all even Michelle, Owen had been known to use girls, to get them drunk and leave them. This is because Owen was heading to Washington with his family in early July. This being the first time they had met, Rhianna didn’t know not to fall in love, she didn’t even know that he was ever leaving.

Owen and Rhianna continued this routine of late night hook ups, Rhianna’s feelings grew, and then the news came. She acted as if it never bothered her because she had thought that Owen didn’t care for her. Rhianna figured I’ll take what I can get while I can. Rhianna had left one of her best friends Lynn behind in the past not even seeing that all her time spent had been at work with Michelle or with Owen and drunk. This made so much time fly. I think the turning point was Fourth of July week. Everyone at Owens place has a campfire we all sat around for hour’s just talking and sharing cigarettes. Then the Fourth rolled around, this night was amazing, Owen would be leaving the next day but it didn’t effect the night of fun they had in store. It was a usual night but every one wanted to party hard for the last night with Owen I can’t even think of a name of any sober person there. Sparkler bombs were the best and it was definitely a night no one would ever forget. At three Owen and Rhianna decided to retire there night of fun to go to bed together. Lying there they came to the same situation and feeling this wasn’t a normal night as much as they tried to make it Owen will leave tomorrow and no one can change it. The boy that had opened Rhianna up and changed her for the better was going to walk out of her life and this scared her. She looked up at his face ”are you afraid at all cause if you are you have fooled me” she stated to Owen.
“Words can’t even describe how I feel right now babe it’s the worst feeling in my life” Rhianna couldn’t stand to look anymore she hide her face in his chest.
“This town has nothing left for me all I have is friends I won’t go anywhere if I stay, you wouldn’t understand you life’s perfect and mines not so I know its hard for you to except.”
“What do you mean? My life is far from perfect Owen this is ridiculous I can’t believe you would even say this to me you have me all wrong.” She stated intensely
“You sure seem to pass it off like it is ”
“Maybe because you can’t wine and complain about your life sometimes you just have to live however hard that may be it doesn’t matter.”
“I’m sorry I guess I just never realized I just thought you were I’m not sure” “Regardless Owen I don’t want you to leave I like you a lot and I don't know what to do when you leave.”
“Everyone has to leave sometimes and this is my time I have to make something of myself I’ll be back in December”
‘I don’t understand why people have to change why they have to leave and be gone’

They sat in silence Shared a long kiss and without saying words they had a conversation all their own. The next morning Rhianna was up early she wrote a letter to Owen over two pages long about what he has done to her how it will be with out him and shared her most and deep feelings with him. “This was the last thing he will have of mine,” she thought. Then Michelle and her went to the pool, a call came an hour later Owen would be coming to the pool to say goodbye for the last time. The three of us talked for a few minutes shared memories, and then he got a call he hung up and said “I have to go now she’s here.” We shared hugs and till this day Rhianna can’t figure out why she didn’t kiss him.

A month passed she went back to hanging out with Lynn she started again the amazing senior year was to come. She was still lingering in the memories of the summer that changed her life. One day she got a call from Owen her heart fluttered after hours of conversation Rhiannon states ”Owen, I’ll wait for you because what you have showed me the last few weeks has changed my life and I can’t just let this go with out ever knowing what could be ” “Will you babe really I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Sharing a few more moments Rhiannon had truly decided that she would save herself for this boy from a summer day.

Months passed it was late November Owen would be back in less then a month. Rhianna has been helpless the longer she waited the more she needed him she felt alone. On her way to school one morning, Rhianna had departed from earth in a terrible crash. She had slid across the ice on the interstate going to school; he car had flown under a semi truck. She was missed by many Owen didn’t bother dealing with his pain everyone pushed on through her death. The saddest thing is that Rhinna died the way she had always planned to be, alone. She had no one even if she was waiting, sometimes you need something now and you just can’t wait. Rhianna waited to long and never even tasted what she had longed for.

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