A Fall Evening

November 13, 2008
By Anonymous

“Out on the roof just the other night I watched the world flash by, headlights, taillights, running through a river of neon signs… And days go by, I can feel ‘em flyin’ like a hand out the window in the wind. The cars go by… Yeah it’s all we’ve been given, so you better start livin’ right now, and the days go by…” The song Days Go By by Keith Urban is blaring in the car as we drive on a warm, breezy autumn night in Westfield toward a pond where we are going fishing. The windows are rolled down and we feel the wind sweep our hands as we pass by rapidly. It is a wonderful feeling and the song perfectly describes life on this warm autumn night. The trees and the houses in the distance are a blur as we drive quickly down the country road. Looking back, the city gets further and further away to the point where we can’t see it anymore. If you turn the music down, you can hear the roar of other car’s engines as they drive by, but there are few of them as we get further out into the country and closer to the pond. You can also hear nature stirring—the birds and crickets chirping, the sound of leaves swaying in the wind, and the whistle of the wind in your ears. It is all very peaceful.

Suddenly, we pull onto a dirt road. The dirt is flying up from underneath the car as we excel through it. We come to a screeching stop and are finally at our destination—the pond. Everyone gets out of the car excited for the adventure ahead. You can feel the excitement in the air. The pond is located on a golf course. As we are walking out to the pond across the golfing green, the ground beneath us feels like soft carpet. We step onto real grass and it feels rough compared to the carpet feeling grass. We lay a blanket down and sit upon it. The sun is setting way of in the distance, so the sky is filled with colors of orange, pink, and yellow. It is a painting with all the colors blended together perfectly. The air around us is getting chillier as the sun sets and the stars begin to come out. Chirp! Chirp! You can hear the crickets chirping and the frogs croaking around the pond. As the boys toss their fishing lines out in the murky water, I can hear the slight sounds of ripples forming in the water. Mosquitoes and all other sorts of bugs and insects are coming out for the night and begin to swarm us. It is all very peaceful and relaxing, except for the bugs.

As the sun drops below the horizon, the stars shine brighter than ever. Being out in the country, I can see more of them than I can see in a light-filled city. It is a beautiful sight. The stars are beaming down onto us like a spotlight on a stage. We can make out the different constellations such as the big dipper and the little dipper. Just laying down gazing at the stars in the dark of the night in my opinion is one of the most peaceful things to do, especially out in the middle of no where.
It is about 10 o’clock and I begin to doze off. Everyone is ready to go home now. The bugs begin to swarm the area and everyone is worn out. We decide that is now time to pack up and go home. We pack our things and head back to the car leaving the peacefulness of the pond behind. Everyone is silently reminiscing about the adventure we had at the pond on the car ride home. It was a fun adventure that we all wish to do again sometime soon.

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