April 14, 2009
By Melissarae9590 GOLD, Mesa, Arizona
Melissarae9590 GOLD, Mesa, Arizona
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Two adults are sitting in a hospital room where Nate, their soon lay broken and bruised. He has bandages wrapped all over his body and tubes inserted in his nose to help with his breathing. His mother holds a terrified expression on her face, due to the possibility of losing her one and only son. She begins to talk to Nate’s father, her ex- husband. While failing at attempting to talk to him calmly, she beings to harshly yell at him.

Sophie: THIS IS ENTIRELY ALL YOUR FAULT! Why- WHY did you have to send him that stupid leather jacket for this 18th birthday? All this trouble began with that wretched thing. I’ll never forgive you for this Christopher!
Christopher: Sophie! What the hell did I do wrong? I mean, it’s only a jacket. How could that have possibly led to this?
Sophie: How? You want to know how? Well let me tell you then. MY SON started to hang around the wrong crowd after receiving that damned thing. The ‘cool kids’ took a liking to him and they got him into horrid things. Like staying out late, failing all his classes, he even started to lie to me! Toughs stupid kids even got him into smoking and drugs, and worst of all; that horribly dangerous motorcycle! They ruined my baby…
Christopher: Sophie, He’s my son too! And you can’t seriously put all this blame on me! I mean, you’re the one he lives with. YOU could have stopped his somehow, and you know it!
Sophie: No, you weren’t there to see him grow up. You never called him on holidays or birthdays until 2 years ago. You’re about 16 years to late. You left us and never turned back; so don’t you dare call him yours. And you’re right, I should have done more to try and stop all this… I’m a horrible Mother...

Nate beings to stir from all the yelling going on and starts to whimper as the pain killers begin to wear off. As the pain slowly wakes him realization runs through his subconscious. As his eyes widen in fear he cries out for his mom, scared and confused.

Nate: M- mom? Where am I? What the hell happened to me? I can’t move anything without it hurting! D-dad why are you here?!
Sophie: Honey… You crashed your motorcycle. And your Father is here because I called him after the accident, the hospital made me. He was concerned about you so he came down, unfortunately.

Sophie gave Christopher the most spiteful glare she could muster. As she did this, the nurse walked in to check on Nate. Upon noticing his awakened state, she went to get his Doctor.

Dr. Karen Mathis: How are you feeling (she glances at her chart to get his name right) Nathan?
Nathan: Obviously, I could be better. I woke up because of pain surging through my body! What happened to me exactly?
Dr. Mathis: Well, during your accident you sustained major injury to your spine. You broke 4 ribs and your left arm. You also received pretty bad road rash on your right side.
Nathan: My spine? Oh man, I’ll be able to walk again right? Oh God… please tell me I’ll be able to walk again…
Sophie: Well... Honey, they said they aren’t sure.
Christopher: Don’t worry son, we’re all here for you. (As he said this he laid his hand on Nate’s shoulder.)
Nate: Get your filthy hand off of me; you stay the hell away from me. All you do is cause problems for mom and me! I herd you and mom yelling, she blames you. Which doesn’t surprise me, but still, she was right. I would of never been noticed by the; as mom calls them ‘cool kids’ if it wasn’t for that leather jacket. I hate you, you’ve never been there for me, and all of a sudden you choose now? Just stay out of my life.

Christopher walks out of the hospital room with a shameful and guilt stricken expression on his face. He knows that he will never see his son again. The Doctor leaves the room as well to give Nate and his mother some time to talk over the situation at hand and how they should take care of it.

Sophie: Honey, do you remember what happened before the crash?
Nate: Yeah; I was at my friends’ house. They were smoking pot, I didn’t want too, but they told me not to be a wimp, so I did. I’m so sorry mom; I know I’ve been messing up lately. This is all my fault. Anyways, it was getting late and I decided to drive home. I guess I was too high to drive… all I remember is me about to hit the light poll. Next thing I knew, I was waking up here.
Sophie: …You know that I’m always here for you Nate. You shouldn’t have been doing drugs; I thought our talks actually got into that thick head of yours. I mean, look where you ended up! You may not be able to walk again. I should have been stricter with you when I noticed the path you were headed down. I blame myself for this mess.
Nate: No mom, don’t blame yourself for my thoughtless actions I should have cared less about what my ‘friends’ thought about me.
Sophie: Okay, well what are we going to do? We need to figure something out. I would like to see you to go to rehab for awhile, that will help with the most of the problems. The thing we need to discuss is weather or not you would like to try physical therapy. There is a chance you’ll be able to walk again.
Nate: I want to do physical therapy. If there’s even the smallest chance for me to walk again, I’ll take it.
Sophie: Okay then. It’s all settled, I’ll go get the doctor to help us make our arrangements.

The scene exits with a sense of understanding and clarity. Sophie walks out of the room to fetch the doctor and Nate lays still in his hospital bed, waiting to make immense changes in his life that are about to happen. As the curtain closes the scene is over.

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