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May 6, 2018
By pietoeat BRONZE, DC, Washington
pietoeat BRONZE, DC, Washington
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after encountering so much, that one can not process or even consider the considerable, the protagonist, she is not able to live the same... She is lost trapped in the astray constantly wondering in a deep resonating blood path, and wondering about absolutely nothing all until she falls upon a bar and tries to drink away her quandary, all her sorrow and pain.

Chapter 1: moon

Walking into lavender lies, a bar that sits on the end of the street beside a lake, I asked the tender for a glass of wine. He stare at me as he slowly poured the glass… Maybe it was because I was drenched  or maybe because of the emptiness of my eyes or the void of a smile, or maybe, just maybe, it was the fact I was the only person sitting in a bar where everyone else was standing and screaming or bumping chest and chattering away while they drink like fish….

Sitting in a corner beside a window with it’s frame embellished with elegant flower carvings. It had  the most picture perfect frame of the moon. The soft rays lays upon my skin just as the wind through my hair and the reflection , how it glistened off the waters surface almost brought the tears that have already fallen back. 

I remember, I remember like it was a droopy Saturday morning, each piece just falls into place, each thought just swayed with the current of the water. 

I was lost In my  train of thoughts, I could barely hear the bartender say, “Madame, the moon is beautiful tonight, no. Almost makes me wonder… wonder why nobody else takes the time to acknowledge the beaut.” I turn with a subtle mellow curiosity. “ yeah, it’s up there in the clear skies, isolated from the company of the stars, the clouds, life…” I replied to him. He stared quite quiet for a few moments, then he continued “ My wife use ta bring that moon up every once ‘n the while. Use ta say how magnificent it was as we were eat’n our dinner… that woman was a wonder, more mysterious and charm’n than that moon she kept bring’n up, I’ll tellya that. Hehehe…” . I could see the pain in his eyes. They were almost like mine but yet different, somehow more relieve more, content…

“ I… yeah, now she is with another whom her heart belongs with… another, yeah… I’m sorry..” and then he walked away wiping the other side of the counter, still staring at me…

I take a small sip of the wine in front of me, a sapid of savory and sweet words but with a bitter intent as it’s aftertaste.

Three bird were out in the vast distance flapping their wings to another unknown place… flying in a ‘V’ or more as to say an arrow, pointing to go somewhere, anywhere than the place they lived all their lives… 

A thing that lives only in my hopeful dreams. A wish I wish on, on the first falling star, the first comet I see, beyond me, beyond this world that I live on, that I’m trapped on, beyond the hands of us…

Aruarian dance plays in the back of my head…

My memories, I want them to be erased.. I don’t want to feel this tor… I just want it all to flow away with the wind while I drift off into the sea letting only the current set a path for me…

And I know without looking that that man is still staring wondering… wondering about what though… 

After about a hour worth of sipping, I was done. The half empty cup of wines was now gone… and I left. leaving only three things behind two bills, a five and a ten, and also a napkin with a note on it...

Outside lightened up but, the residue of the drizzle still remained. Drip-drop off the lamp pole, as they fall to the ground, leaving a faint ‘plop’ noise to fill the silence of the cricket lullabies…

I don’t know where I’m going. But I’ll soon know, I’ll soon get there, either today or tomorrow, or even the days after, or just never…..

Chapter Notes:

this is the only part

The author's comments:

i dont really know what this means myself, just like everyone else. it's meaning may vary from person to person, why she choose this instead of that, and personal meaning, how each person's life influences the out come. really i would go as for to say this does not really have a meaning people gives it, it's meaning. as the only person who know, who truly know what she was thinking, is the protagonist, even if this was made by me.

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