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The Trees Dance

May 2, 2018
By Anonymous

The trees danced in the wind back and forth. The water brushed up against the shore and the sand between my toes. It felt as if I was walking upon a cloud. The wind danced with my hair and my dress as I stood along the shore watching my world dance before my sky blue eyes. The orange sun was sitting on top of the water awaiting it's long climb to the top of the sky. The orange color from the sun reflected off the water and created a scene of colors upon the rest of the Starry morning.

   The stars sparkled with delight as night turned to day and day turned to night. They were the guardians of the Earth. Even when the sun was high in the sky they were still there. The water was the innocence of the Earth and the sky was the beauty among it all. then there was I. A mere speck among all of this wonder. I could not compare to all of the beauty around me.The tree's dancing with the wind. The water who held up the sun. The sand that felt like a cloud. All of this and somehow I get to stand among it all in awe of its marvelous features. All of this and somehow here I am. my eyes and curly brown hair freely flowing in the air. My soft chin and the freckles across my nose.

   Yet even among my presence the trees still dance.

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