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Julius Caesar Diary Entry

May 2, 2018
By Anonymous

Dear Diary,
Today, Julius Caesar has returned from assassinating Pompey. On behalf of this man’s reappearance, there is a celebration in the city of Rome. My fellow citizens are senselessly celebrating and praising a man who has killed their leader. I feel Caesar should not be celebrated, but be punished for his action. This attention will only lead him to become more arrogant. During the festivities today, I pulled Brutus to the side and gave him my opinion of Julius Caesar. Now, Brutus is a kindhearted and honorable man, and he is very well known and liked by the citizens of Rome. When I had shared my feelings with Brutus, although he did not directly state it, it seems that he feels the same way as I. Later, I found out that Caesar has refused the crown a total of three times. It has become clear that sooner or later Caesar would be the emperor of Rome. I cannot let this happen. As I stood there thinking of what is to come in the future, an idea struck me. This idea will not only make Brutus come to his senses, but also ruin Caesar. The next morning, I told my plan to Casca. My proposal consisted of writing letters to Brutus “signed by the people of Rome.” On the eve of the Ides, my brilliant plan worked and I persuaded Brutus to join my group. Caesar was leaving for the Capitol, and it was finally time for our plan to take action. As we were leaving, Caesar was stopped by his wife, Calpurnia. She told him that she had awful dreams the night before, and that she thinks he should not leave his city. Luckily, Decius had made a false interpretation of the dream and convinces Caesar to go to the Capitol. I now depart to carry out my plan to end Caesar. If all goes as expected, I shall write again soon.

The author's comments:

After reading the play Julius Caesar, I was inspired to write a diary entry from Cassius's perspective. 

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