The stupid smile

May 2, 2018
By Anonymous

Grant was the typical high school d*****bag. Basketball all star, lacked lots of brains but that always seemed to be overlooked by his “charming looks”. Girls at school all seemed to be dating him at the same time, but none of them ever cared that he played each and everyone of them. His friends always hyped him up way too much, gosh I couldn't stand listening to them, “Bro that shot was unreal Friday night, you're so raw dude. How many offers do you have for college now??”
None. I hope you have none.
I just couldn't stand how a kid like him got everything he wanted, and everyone loved him! He could have snapped his fingers for bottle service, and if he was caught for being underage, the cop would probably thank him, and be excited he met him. I despised of people like him, I wanted to knock them right into real life. If Grant could snap his fingers now, I know good and well he would be snapping for freedom back.
My hatred of Grant should of started the first time he opened his mouth to speak to me but some reason I tried to picked up a friendship, Senior year he moved schools to play for the basketball team. Being the outgoing being I happen to be, when he appeared lost on his first day I decided to help him out. I knew he was the new basketball player named Grant. He was admittedly very attractive, so I actually was nervous to talk to him. The bell had already rang, and I had just left the counselors making a schedule change. He was wandering the hall, so I blurted out “ Grant” as I picked up my pace to catch up to him. He looked up blankley from the paper he had been studying. His smile was genuine, but I could tell he had no clue who I was and how I knew his name. His words seemed stuck and unsure of what to say. Quickly realizing that might not be his name, I ask “Its grant right?” Snapping into our conversation he quickly said “oh yeah it is! Sorry I just wasn't sure how someone knew my name…” He added an awkward laugh between his slow words. “Um do you happen to know where room 188 is?” I jumped a little bit realizing he was in my math class, “Yeah! I was headed there right now, we have the same math class!” He did the awkward laugh again, which now was becoming regular to me. Small talk was something I was comfortable with so I sparked up another dumb conversation. “ Have you made friends yet?”
“Well my counselor and one gorgeous girl haha , I've only been in the school for about an hour.” I was curious about which girl he was talking about, “ oh, which girl? I might be friends with her.” He smiled this stupid smile which I would become familiar to, he said “ Yeah you might know her, it’s you.”
I've known this kid a solid 5 minutes and the first conversation he's hitting on me, Hmm. I figured he was just nervous so I laughed and punched his arm like I did to my brother when he said something stupid but funny. Luckily we reached the math room, I didn't know what else to say to him after that comment. We sat next to each other for that period and I couldn't wait to hear the bell ring. 
We walked to math the first week together, but then I kept my distance for the next few weeks because I just didn't know this kid, and he made friends quickly because of the team, he had a friend group. My best friend, Brian, had become cool with him because he too played basketball.  After he made friends, he felt there was no need to be nice to me anymore. Grant started to tease me about the guys that I was hanging out with and he seemed jealous. When I would ask him why he cared so much he would get defensive. Soon we grew apart and I felt as though he thought he was too cool to be nice to me. He always would talk to Brian about me and being my best friend Brian didn't keep that a secret. Grant always had negative things to say about me and he soon spread  a rumor about me and Brian that was completely false. His accusations caused Brain and I to have a falling out and I thought I lost my best friend. From then on whenever I saw Grant it was always very awkward because he knew he had lied and he knew how I felt about him now.
Friday night basketball championship came rolling around, it was December and snow was falling, but everyone still packed the gym to see the event. The boys played 4 quarters of tough play and won with an amazing shot on the final possession by guess who. None other than Grant himself. Everyone was so happy, one of my friends threw a party after to celebrate the win.
At the beginning of the party everyone stood around him congratulating him. The whole party basically was for him even though I was supposed to be for a team but that part bothers me. I was staring at the Huddle when he made eye contact with me and I quickly change my glance in a New Direction I go to the kitchen to see if Brian was in there and get some food and maybe a drink anything to remove myself from that awkward moment.  pushing through the crowd that were in the kitchen I stumbled over someone's foot and bump straight into  Grant himself. this is literally the last thing I wanted. His smiled his stupid  smile “Hey careful there, you okay?”
“Im fine, I just tripped” I said as a pushed him away. “Woah I was just checking.” I glared at him “I don't need you to check on me. I would rather had the floor catch my fall. Who knows, maybe you will go tell everyone some fake story about how I threw myself into your arms.” Grant thought it was so funny, laughing he said “I saw you staring just  a bit ago, I actually came in here to find you. Could we maybe talk?” I rolled my eyes so hard they were in the back of my head. “I have no interest talking to you.” His smile disappeared, “ Kal, 5 minutes please? I need to say something.” “Fine, you get 5 minutes.”
  I realized he was drunk when he stumbled on each step.We walked to the stairs where we thought it wasn't as crowded, but there was people flooding the stairs. We walked up to the third floor of the house where there was a guest bedroom. “ I want to talk right outside the door Grant, I don't want to go in the room with you”
Grant grabbed my hand and tried pulling me in with him. “There's too many people who could hear our conversation, come in the room.” I refused. Grant picked me up and I started kicking and screaming. He wouldn't let me go. He closed the door behind us and the room was all dark. He started to run his hands up and down, I began to cry. There was no conversation, he hadn’t had anything to say. I started to call for help again but it was hopeless, no one could hear me over the noise. Grant was way bigger than me and I couldn't get him off of me. I laid there lifelessly as he began to remove my clothes and take my soul. I never felt so helpless in my life.
I let tears streak my cheeks and I stared blankly at the ceiling.
When Grant was done, he just looked at me and smiled the evil smile “I've always liked you since day one, I told you that.” As he stood up I glared at him. “Your welcome” He said.
“Rot in hell” I snapped.
I wiped the tears from my eyes, got my clothes and walked out of the room, down the stairs, and right out the door. I began truding home feeling like a zombie. I had never felt the way I had that night. I didn't know what I should do, I knew I just had to leave. I was crossing the road when a silver car whisked past me going way too fast for that street. It ran the red light and smashed the car that had been turning. I bolted to the scene to help both drivers, and when I approached the silver car I realized it had been Grant driving.
I called 911 for both drivers were unconscious, and when the police showed up I realized Grant would be locked up for along time. Which he should be, he was a rapist and he deserved to live behind bars. The only decision I had to make, was if I was going to tell the court why I had been walking home at the time of the crash, and how I knew Grant.
I hated Grant, from the moment he opened his mouth.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write a story about a real highschool situation that could happen

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