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Luck my duck

May 1, 2018
By Anonymous

 On a cold summer evening a middle age man just woke up from his daily afternoon nap. It was raining last night in the small town called Sophi in the dead center of Wyoming. Because of the rain, the middle age man that everyone around the town referred to as Jerry, had to sleep in a different spot of the park he usually slept in. Instead of sleeping on the small baby blue bench, that was only about four feet long, that was located at the entrance of the Sophi community park, Jerry was forced to sleep in the lengthy, maroon colored, twisty slide. This was inconvenient because he wasn’t in his usual spot and the people that usually greet him in and find him some food and money did not see Jerry. He decided to make his way to the baby blue bench to see if he could find any of his friends to help him eat a quick meal. Luckily his buddy Mr. Harris was walking his dog in the park as Jerry was walking along the path made of gravel that lead around the park. Jerry saw a small rainbow painted slip of paper fall out Mr. Harris’s pocket and gently float on to the path. Jerry quickly power walked to the slip and shouted out to Mr. Harris. They greeted each other and had a short conversation before Jerry mentioned the piece of paper that was eventually going to change his life forever.

Jerry was informed that the piece of paper that fell out of his pocket was a lottery ticket that Mr. Harris bought from the local 711 across the street. The oversized green
and orange colored number seven was visible from where they were standing. Mr. Harris, out of generosity, told Jerry he could keep the lucky ticket. This immediately brought happiness to Jerry’s worn out face. It has been years since Jerry scratched one of these brittle pieces of paper off so this brought him excitement. Jerry got to scratching off the ticket as he went from right to left scratching off the numbers; he noticed an extensive amount of zeroes under his lucky number 11. One 0 went by, then two, and then as he quickly finished scratching off the rest, he eventually saw 7 zeroes! Jerry uncontrollably broke out in tears of joy and praised to the lord for this blessing. Jerry was as joyful as a dog finding out he got a new chew toy.
Jerry began his walk to the 711 that was about a five minute walk across the street and claimed his cash prize of 10 million dollars. At first he did not know what to do with the money. One of the first thing him and his kind heart decided to do was go around town and paying back all the considerate citizens of a Sophi back all the money they spared Jerry when he was broke and living on the streets. Jerry officially came up from rags to riches from the luck of being in the right place at the right time. This was the perfect opportunity for Jerry to make the difference he always wanted to make in this world. He donated to the National Alliance to End Homelessness a grand 2 million dollars! Jerry made news headlines everywhere, he was in every newspaper, he was in every headline, he was in every new song, he was in every new book, he was even on cereal boxes; he was the next big thing. YO this man was a goat. SS

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