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May 4, 2018
By AnanyaD BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
AnanyaD BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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As I walked the streets of Washington D.C, my stomach started to growl. I could feel my ribs bulging out of my skin. “Oh god, I haven’t eaten food in three days,” I thought to myself. I checked my old, raggedy pockets to see if I had any money to buy food for my aching stomach. Someone must have robbed me when I was asleep because I knew that I had five dollars in my left pockets. I was saving up money. As I walked down 5th Street, I could smell the juicy burgers that were being cooked at a nearby restaurant. Just by smelling the exquisite burgers, my mouth started to water. I look to my left, and I saw a group of people eating and throwing away their leftovers. I crossed the crowded street slowly and approached the group of people with no energy left in my body. “Can I have some of your leftovers, please?” I slowly said as it was difficult for me to talk. Almost everyone ignored me. It was like I was invisible; Erased from the world. It was like I didn’t exist to them, even though I was surrounded by many people. Those who did acknowledge me told their children to move away from the homeless women. “We don’t want you to fall sick, honey,” one woman whispered harshly to her daughter like I was a disease. Suddenly everything started multiplying in front of me and collapsed to the ground. I saw a half eaten apple lying in front of me. I reached with all the energy I had left in my body and grabbed the precious item. I looked at it for a second, and I immediately began to devour the half-eaten apple. The smooth, round red apple was a gift from God. While I was eating the apple, I felt bliss. I regained my energy with just a single bit, and I realized that there is still hope in this world.

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