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April 30, 2018
By Andrew01 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
Andrew01 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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 The door slams shut, nearly flying off the hinges, as stomping follows with threatening screams coming from my father which I only see about twice a year.
“Where have you been?!” I question. “You know you can’t be here, so I’m going to have to ask you to leave!” I yelled.
“where’s your mom? There is no need for you to get in my way, as usual.” He says.
I rush over to my mom’s bedroom door and stand in front, preventing my dad from getting into her room.
“I haven’t seen her since last night”, I lied in order to keep her safe, “she said she was working overnight.”
“Last time I checked, she didn’t have a job”, he says as he rips me away from the door.
“What do you think you’re doing?” I ask rhetorically as I begin pushing him out of the glass door which leads to our back yard. He begins attempting to hit me as I race around the yard, trying to get out to the front without bringing the attention back to my mother. I run straight past him, knocking him off his feet, and sprint to the fence. I peek over the fence and made eye contact with my mom as she was walking to her car, and she instantly knew what was going on. She starts her car, and I sprint straight towards her. Right on my tail is my father, screaming at my mom in an attempt to stall her. She takes off while phoning for the cops but when she makes it to the end of our driveway, the car stalls and the engine cuts off. She makes a sad attempt to restart the engine but became unsuccessful. I run straight past her car, not noticing what has just happened until I hear the sounds of glass landing on the floor.
“Stop, please!” I scream hopelessly in an attempt to save my mom.
He continues to go around the car punching out all the windows with his keys in his fist, as I dash across our yard, yelling as loud as humanly possible in order to catch the attention of the neighbors. I race to get in between the driver’s side car window and my father in order to stop him from getting to my mom in the car and he begins to hit me. Unaware of what’s going on, my mom is crying on the phone for the cops to hurry and as I fall to the floor in pain, I begin to hear sirens which seem to close in to the house. A few minutes later, I wipe away the blood which blocks my eyes from seeing what has just happened and as I look up, I see my dad in handcuffs and my mother untouched, shaking behind the only window which didn’t get touched.

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