The Last Day of Your Life

May 2, 2018
By Hegemann BRONZE, Minster, Ohio
Hegemann BRONZE, Minster, Ohio
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Dave was sitting in the hospital room thinking of how he was going to tell his kids that there mom was going to most likely die within 24 to 48 hours. Dave didn't know how to bring it up that their mother was not going to make it. Dave just looked around the room in shock just waiting for his wife Rose to come out of the doctors room to see if they would be able to leave. Dave decided to call his two sons to tell them to meet them at their house in an hour and that it was urgent. For the life of Dave he could not make that phone call without seeing Rose first. Finally Rose came out of the doctors room looking pale and sickly. Dave asked Rose, “What is actually wrong the doctor tried to explain it to me but he lost me when he said you were most likely going to be dead within two days?”

Rose looked at Dave with sorrowful and hurt eyes and replied, “You know the cancer that I have had for 24 years now?”
Dave replied barely able to speak, “Don’t tell me its back?”
Rose replied through tears, “Well it never went away but it kind of woke up per say and got really bad.”
Dave hugged Rose both of them feeling the tears rolling down their face just praying that it was not true. Dave let go of Rose whipped the tears from his face and said, “Alright we should get home and call the kids and tell them what’s going on.”
Rose replied with tears still streaming down her face, “Ok that sounds like a good idea.” Dave and Rose then began to make there way out of the hospital. They hopped into the car and started there way back to their house.
Dave asked Rose in a shaken and nervous voice asked, “Do you want to call the kids now or wait till we get home and have me call them?”
Rose replied and asked, “I will call them now and have them come over. Should I tell them now or wait till they get to the house?”
Dave replied, “Well I would tell them once they get to the house so that way they we can tell them in person.”
Rose replied, “Ok that sounds good.” Rose then got on the phone with both the kids and told them that they should come to their house and that it was urgent. Dave and Rose pulled into the house and walked in contemplating on how to tell the kids.
Dave looked at Rose and said, “I think we should just come out and say it so that way we dont keep them thinking and worrying.”
Rose replied, “Ok then would you be able to tell them because I don’t know if I can bring myself to telling them?”
Dave replied, “Ya I can tell them.” Dave and Rose then went into the living room waiting for Hunter and Remington to arrive with their family’s.
Finally they walked in and walked over the living room and asked, “What's going on? What's happening, is everything alright?”
Dave stood up looked at the kids and said, “You guys might want to sit down we have some bad news.” Hunter and Remington with their wives sat down looking concerned. Dave continued, “You know how your mother has had cancer now for 24 years?”
They replied, “Ya?”
Dave replied, “Well it kind of woke up per say and the doctor said that your mom will pass away within two days.” Hunter, Liv (Hunters wife), Remington, and Tori (Remingtons wife) looked at Dave and Rose in shock.
Hunter looked at Dave and Rose and asked, “Well what are we going to do I mean we should atleast make your last day on earth the best it can be?”
Dave replied, “That is a good idea honey what do you want to do?”
Rose replied, “I want to go up into the mountains and see the beautiful landscape one more time.”

Dave replied, “Alright then we will go to the mountains. Everybody get in the car we are going to have a picnic in the mountains.” Liv and Tori packed the basket and Hunter and Remington dropped the kids of at a sitters and everybody crammed into the vehicle. They spent thirty minuets in the van with awkward conversations here and there to try and break the tension. Finally they made it to the mountain and found a nice flat area to set up. They laid out the blanket and stuck the basket in the middle.

Everybody stood up held hands and prayed for the last time with their mom. After the prayer was over everybody sat down and began to eat. Finally after about two minuets of silence which felt like hours Remington broke the ice by asking Rose, “So mom what was one of the wildest things that you did as a kid?”

Rose chuckled and replied, “Well lets see, oh I got one it isn't really one of the wieldst but I feel weird telling you guys that one. Alright so when me and your dad were dating we were sitting in your dad's car that was parked in a farmer's lane that didn't have a house on it just a couple of barns. So we were sitting in the car making out and next thing we knew there was this bright light right behind us. So I looked at your dad and basically said what do we do. I thought it was a cop but when we got out of the car we saw that it was the farmer in a tractor. He hopped down out of the tractor and of course noticed me since I grew up on a farm so he just told us to go home. Well we really didn’t go home we decided to go to a club to cut a rug. Well when we got there I stepped out of the car and stepped right on a broken piece of glass and cut a huge gash in my foot so we ended up heading home and getting stitches in my foot.”

Hunter replied, “Come on mom tell us a really crazy story.”

Rose replied, “Alright fine. Back in the town where I lived for a couple of years there was a lake and it had some really high cliffs and me and some friends would well have a few and we would go on top of the cliffs and jump off and at one point one of my friends jumped but didn’t get far enough off the cliff and ended up hitting the cliff and breaking her arm before she hit the water.”

Hunter replied, “Alright that's more like it.”

Once everybody got done eating Remington and Hunter looked down at his watch and Remington said, “I hate to do this but we need to get the kids home so we need to go we will grab our car and bring your guys back if you want?”

Rose replied, “Ya do that it gives me more time to be with your dad.”

Hunter and Remington and the wives left and Dave and Rose sat together with Daves arm around Rose just looking out into the valley and seeing the town down bellow and watching the sun slowly set. Dave looked at Rose and said, “Remember when we used to come up here when we were dating in college and the town was probably what would you say half the size of what it is now?”

Rose replied, “Ya for sure it is amazing how much this town has grown it seems like just yesterday we were getting back from the hospital with our boys with alot of life to live and experience, now look they are older and have their own kids and I don’t have that much life left.”

Dave looked at rose and said, “I know but man those were some great year's hiking with the kids and watch them being embarrassed when we would try and talk to their friends or when they hit the teenage years and we didn't get along well, but I will tell you this I wouldn't have it any other way we raised two good boys and they have sweat kids so I think we did alright.”

Rose replied, “You are right we did raise two good boys.” Rose snuggled more into Dave as the sun crept down over the horizon. They sat there for ten minuets when Dave felt Roses grip on his hands lax. Dave started to get nervous he looked down at Rose and could tell that she had passed. Dave then began to have tears rolling down his cheeks looking down at his wife who was still leaning on him. Dave hugged her close crying praying that it was not true and began talking to her. Dave hugged Rose’s lifeless body tight trying to hang on to what little of his wife he had left. Finally he realized that there was nothing he could do so he stood up grabbed his wife and put her in the vehicle whipped the tears from his eyes and made his way to the hospital still crying trying to except what happened.

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