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April 29, 2018
By niharika_palep BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
niharika_palep BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
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“No, you don't understand. When are you going to get it through your head? Talking is not going to help me, especially not sitting in a stuffy office, talking to some middle aged woman who has no idea what it feels like” I shouted loudly, not caring who heard. “ My twin brother is dead, my other half is gone. Your son is dead! How can you just go about your work pretending nothing has happened? Did you not care for him at all?” My mother opened her mouth, to give some feeble excuse, like always. “Savanna, my dear, don't talk so loudly, people are listening. Of course we cared about him it’s just that…” “It’s just that your work, your image in society is more important, isn't that right, Mother? I’ve lost my appetite, I'm leaving”, I spat at her, my voice filled with venom and left the restaurant in anger. I threw my phone on the sidewalk so that she had no way of tracking me. Yes, there’s a tracker on my phone.
I couldn't understand her, how could she act like this? It’s been a year since Noah’s death, a year since my fun, carefree parents turned into workaholics. My mother buries herself in so much paper work all the time, that her once pitch black hair is streaked with grey. As for my father, who knows what he does anymore, we hardly see him ever, he practically lives in his office. Other than of course the society events, must keep the family reputation intact, I thought to myself bitterly.
The magazines and the tabloids make it seem like our family is so perfect. That’s because the only image they're allowed to see is that of the Senator Meyer and his beautiful wife, along with their beloved daughter. The media would have a field day if they know what was actually going on in our family.
Hot tears stained my skin, as I thought about Noah. We were best friends, we knew everything about each other. And now that he's gone, I feel like a part of me died inside. I got sick of everyone treating me like I was some delicate porcelain doll, like if something went wrong, I’d break. My friends and I drifted apart, but that didn't bother me much, they were really Noah’s friends as opposed to mine. School is more or less the same monotonous routine for me nowadays.

I realized that I had been walking for quite a while now, lost in my own thoughts. I was in a dreary neighborhood,  one I’d never been to before. Suddenly there was a flash of headlights, bringing me back to reality. I stood on the road, paralyzed, as my body had decided that I had nothing left to live for. This was it, I thought. I could finally be with Noah again. There was a loud crash, followed by the sound of an ambulance’s sirens a short while later. At 11:11 pm, Savanna Meyer was declared dead. My wish had come true.

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