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Tangerine by Edward Bloor

April 25, 2018
By Angeles2003 SILVER, Eminence , Kentucky
Angeles2003 SILVER, Eminence , Kentucky
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Saturday, September 23

Today was the big day! The first day of football game of the season and I knew Erik is just going to make the winning score. I couldn’t wait for the game to start, I had to get the perfect view of the game. In order for that to happen I had to rush everyone into the car and into the parking lot. Right in front of me I spotted the best seats on the bleachers. I settled down with Paul on my right and Caroline on my left. We watched as the football players are getting ready to start the game. In the corner of my eye I saw a square white truck with the words Channel 2 News. In my head I began to think this is Erik’s big shot on making the Erik Fisher Football Dream actually happen.

The game was halfway over and the score was only 0-0, as halftime came along the sea-girl cheerleaders  did their dance routine. When the game started the Cypress Bay team was beating our team  7-0 due to an extra kick point. In the matter of time I almost didn’t realize that the sky that was blue and sunny, had turned black and cloudy. Most of the people from the bleachers began to run toward their vehicles in the parking lot. Caroline of course started to panic and rushing to the parking lot, but I wasn’t going to miss Erick’s big step of making the dream happen. So, when Caroline shouted at Paul and me “Come on, you two!” I told her “No, you go ahead. I’m staying.” Then Paul spoke up “I’m staying, too.” I was glad that Paul decided to stay and support Erik and the dream. That happiness was gone in the matter of seconds when Caroline began shouting out again. “Fine. Stay. I hope neither of you gets killed,” then she started running toward the Volvo.

As the rain came pouring down, the Lake Windsor High School football team were bringing their heads in the game. Before I knew it, the score was 7 to Cypress Bay and 6 to the Seagulls. It was finally Erick’s big moment to shine. Erik ran onto the field in his uniform ready to go. He has never missed a kick in, so I knew that he would be the one to tie the game 7-7. The two teams got lined up in their positions and Erik was ready in his kicking stance. The one thing that I found fishy was when Arthur didn’t come out of the sidelines to hold the ball, but Antoine went and held the ball. It wasn’t a great idea to throw a surprise like this at your kicker, but I didn’t think much about it though, because Erik is the star here.

Erick had seemed to not mind and just concentrated on the ball. He took two steps forward, his foot started to move toward the ball in a powerful kick ready to happen as we practiced together hundreds of times in a row. At the last second Antonie swiped the ball away, he took of running crossed the goal line and scored a two-point conversion. The game was over Seagulls won 8 - 7. Erik obviously didn’t expect that to happen or Erik’s feet wouldn’t have flown in two different directions, then land straight on his back.

It was the most embarrassing moment that has ever happened in the Erik Fisher Football Dream, that the entire car ride was silent. What made matters worse it that the Channel two news has filmed the entire thing and showed the video of Erick’s flip as a closing in the Sports Bloopers recap section. I couldn’t do anything but watch it over and over. 

The author's comments:

This is a section from the novel Tangerine put into Mr.Fisher's point of view. 

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