April 26, 2018
By Anonymous

A girl named Jenny was a only child that lived with her mo and dad. One day he dad went crazy. He mom was put in a coma and she was put into foster care. she goes through many diferent homes

The only way she can get away from it all is by drawing

Chapter 1: bad beggining

"Jenny"! "Get down here now"

I slam my sketch book shut and throw it under the bed. I run down the creaky stairs. Mrs. Stein is at the bottom waiting for me at the bottom.

"why arent your chores finished?"

she dosent even give me a chance to answer.

"If you dont start working harder i am gonna give you back to the foster system!"

"ok i will get to them right now"

I grab the broom from the corner and rush out to the porch. I start sweeping off the leaves and dust. why this house, why any of these houses? I hate every foster home i am sent to no matter if they are nice to me. Cause i know that it is just an act or i wouldent be sent to foster home after foster home.Ever since the icident one year and three monthes ago that left me in critical condition in the hospital. I have been in so many foster homes.Just the thought of what happened that day sends shivers dow my spine. I was th lucky one even though it may not seem that way. My mom has been in a coma since the incedent clinging for her life.

Chapter 2: The incident

I dont even remember all that happened that day. All i remember was i was in my room drawing. The all of a sudden i hear a loud crash.I run out of my room and see my dad in the kitche. There is shattered glass all over the floor. My dad quickly turns around when he hears me, his eyes were wide like he was i shock. He had a distrissed look on his face then it turned to a grin.. He ran towards me knoking over furniture. My mom ran into the house she was in thegarden. My dad turned aroung and threw a vase at her she fell to the grund blood gushed from her head. He runs towards me throwing every thing he can. Then a large dark object hurled through the air towards my head. The last thing i saw was my mom running towards my dad trying to dtop him the everything went black.

Chapter 3: A new start

I soon find myself in the front of a dark building greating a new foster parent. I get in the car with them and we start to drive than we stop in front of the hospital. She says she has a stop to make. I find myself in front of my moms hospitral room. I go in scared . I havent see her since i was in he hospital. I pick up the bulitin at the end of her bed. It say father declared mentally insane and that i was oly in the hospia for a month. I walk over to her bed. The sight of alll her bandages and tubes made me cry. Tears started rolling down my cheaks. One slides of my face and on to my moms cheak. I lay next to her hugging her, i lay for along time . I fall asleep then i wake up cause i feel movemnt. I look up and my moms eyes or squinting shes out of her coma. Get the nurse i say to the foster mom she jumps out of her chair in the corner. Doctors come rushing in scatering around her moving cords checking chsrts. I step back and watch, the head doctor teps out of the crowd. Its a miracle he says shes awake and perfectly fine other than her wounds. It makes no sense. I run o my moms be and hold her in my arms. Mom i say, Its a miracle. No honey your m miracle.  

The author's comments:

I thought that it csn give an insight about how hard it can be for kids in the foster system.

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