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Calpurnia's Diary

April 22, 2018
By Anonymous

Dear diary,           March 15
Oh my, oh my, oh my. I wish Caesar would not have left the house today! I am so worried that something bad may happen to him considering there have been bizarre occurrences. I cannot believe it: Dead men were walking, ghosts were prowling the streets, the sky was raining blood, and even a lioness that gave birth in the street! Yet, Caesar thinks his face will cause all these threatening events to vanish. How silly! I feel as though Caesar is not taking this situation seriously enough and, therefore, he is putting himself at risk: “Seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.” But death must not come to him at this moment, for who am I without Caesar? In addition, I am seeing Caesar’s true personality shining blindingly. He is consumed by his ego, and overly confident in his power. I wish so desperately that he would have stuck with my original plan: for him to say that it was my fear that was keeping him in the house and that he was not feeling well. I was so relieved when Caesar told Decius to inform the Senators that he would not be going due to his own will based on my horrible dream last night. However, my relief did not last long because Decius then told Caesar that the dream was misinterpreted. Decius said that the blood pouring from Caesar’s statue was not because he was killed, but was rather acting as a symbol for reviving blood. After Caesar heard this, he changed his mind and wanted to go despite my pleas. I cannot think about this any longer or I will be consumed by my fear and frustration. I just hope he stays safe.

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