Ginger and Coffee

April 11, 2018
By Nicole_Ann BRONZE, Washington Township, New Jersey
Nicole_Ann BRONZE, Washington Township, New Jersey
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Curly ginger locks fell around a freckled face as we danced the night away. Your heavenly green eyes held my own plain coffee-stained eyes. You! Who made the full moon stand ashamed of how you beamed in the bar that night. You! Who could be with anyone on this earth chose a woman like me to be your one and only. That smile that grips my heart with their gentle hands as we swayed to and fro. The birds of my heart answered every note as we sang along to the tune. How long were we there? It did not matter because the light of my soul shined brightly before me once again. You, who wave the banner of love high with your petite hands that had been in my own all night. The ships of love sailed from eternity to surround us as we danced, our clothing became waves around our small bodies only inches away. Our bare, blistered feet stumbled across the filthy floor as we attempted to dance. How I wish I could’ve scooped you up in my arms away from that floor that was unfit to touch you. Despite the appearance of this bar and the interesting people within it, I owe everything to this bar. God, bless the place I found my beloved! Thought it might be a rundown pub, may others find happiness within its walls. I pray to you Lord, may these four walls stay together until the day I journey to heaven, my love in tow.

But as the music began to wind down and the crowd around us thinned, we decided that we had danced enough and left. Oh bistro where our love was born, I left you again, but do not fret. We will return soon, but for now, let me enjoy this blissful night with my little star. Our shoes dangled from our fingers as our calloused feet scraped the city’s sidewalk underneath. Bright yellow lights from the buildings around us cascaded onto my beloved’s exposed shoulders and I couldn’t help but hold my breath at the sight of you. The various colored lights that rained down upon us made you, my little star, look like a saint, each beam of light defined your angelic face and if a halo were to appear above their your, I would not be surprised. The yellow cloth that only exposed your arms and anything below your knee appeared like heavenly robes worn by the Virgin Mary herself. My friends, forgive me! My Lord hear my cry! I am truly sorry, but the entity in front of me is the only one I shall worship with gifts and love and happiness. I will bow before them, kiss their feet, and beg for their love in return, but I knew they would love me until the end of their life and beyond.

No words were spoken between us as cars sped past us with only their destination in mind. I was in no rush as me and my little star paused at a crosswalk. There is a secret silence between us, but I relished in that comfortable silence between us. I turned my head to look at your peaceful face, light pink lips pressed gently onto the other just below a cute button nose. Freckles danced over your nose and flowed onto your cheeks like a million stars splattered onto you. And those eyes, the captivating color of them like a pine forest and the lights around us started tiny wildfires of brilliant colors in your eyes. Your pupils once fixated on the crosswalk in front of us, shifted to look into my own eyes. How could someone so beautiful and graceful as you look onto me with such admiration and love?

Your lips parted gently and the honey-like voice dripped out and reached my ears.

“What do you see?”

  I hold your hand in my olive- toned one, and continue to gaze into your orbs. The wildfires swirled through the greenery within your eyes and the birds in my heart sang a hymn-like tune of praise. I bring your hand close to my lips and softly press them onto your dainty hands. I have known you for years, but every time you speak to me I can’t help but hold my breath and lose my train of thought. I pulled my lips away from your free hand and looked into your eyes once more.

A smile had taken over your lips as well as a light pink dusted over your freckled cheeks. I asked my beating heart to lay still as I grew the courage to speak what my heart yearned to say. I smiled as the traffic light across from us shifted from green to red.

“I see my beautiful wife standing next to me.”

The author's comments:

When writing this piece I had just seen a poster of a man and woman dancing, but they did not look like they were having fun. No smiles were worn, so I came up with the idea of coming up with a pair who love each other so deeply.

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