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A Day in the Life

April 10, 2018
By Sturner21 BRONZE, Laplace, Louisiana
Sturner21 BRONZE, Laplace, Louisiana
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Hi! My name is Remy, I am a shetland sheepdog. I am one of a litter of five puppies. I am an only puppy in my human family though. I have my momma, dad, sissy, and brother. I am 1 year and 2 months old and this is a day in my life. First, I wake up in my parents’ bed and wake up my human momma to take me out to do what I need to do outside. She does not seem to enjoy doing it this early in the morning, but a puppy has to do what a puppy has to do. She gets up early anyway to take my sissy to school and the go to her work. I do not get why they have to be gone for so long, but my brother stays home a lot to play with me. He lets me look out his window to watch for cars, squirrels, cats, and sometimes even people I do not know. When momma and sissy come home I feel so happy. My tail wags so hard that my rear end wags too. Then I go on “patrol” outside and watch out for any squirrels trying to get into my backyard. They always tease me and stay out of my reach. One of these days I will get them. Then I wait some more for my dad to come home from work and give me treats. I run around outside a lot and play a bunch inside too. When it is time for bed, my dad lets me bring some of my toys into bed with me. He usually tells me to quit playing eventually and to go to sleep.

On the weekends, it is an entirely different story though. On a Saturday, momma is home, brother is mostly home, and sissy is home too. Dad still has to work but he gets home eventually. I wake up and go let my mom know I need to go out. Then I usually go back to bed to wait for someone to get up first. Whenever everybody is up, I get to play with them most of the day. Sissy usually eats her breakfast, without sharing it with me, and then brushes my hair. I do not like being brushed that much, but it makes me feel lighter afterwards. Sissy also is in charge of giving me baths. I hate taking a bath. After I do get a bath and sissy has brushed my fur and dried me off, I need to work out some energy. I run around the living room and roll around the floor. I calm down after a while, but then my hair starts to get all poofy. Someone will cook lunch, which I still do not get to eat, and then chill for a while. I try to play, but end up taking a nap in my old puppy bed until dad gets home.

When he does get home, I get all excited and happy and race around the dining room. We eat dinner, as in I get to eat some of it too, and then all go to our own places in the house. Brother keeps his door open so I can go in and look out his window, sissy keeps her door at a crack sometimes but it is usually closed. Momma and dad are almost always in the living room or bedroom. They talk while I play and bring them my toys for them to throw. Then dad and momma move into the bedroom and get ready for bed. I, apparently, get onto momma’s spot in bed, so she has to roll me over a few inches. Then we eventually all go to bed and I stay alert for any noises outside. The cycle then continues on throughout the rest of the weekend and into the week. That is a day in my life. A day in the life of Remy the Shetland Sheepdog.

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