I Promised to Not Die at Alvarado & 6th

April 10, 2018
By Anonymous

All day the rain poured down the streets of Westlake without pity. As the sewers had enough of it, and water began climbing onto the city streets, John walked over all of it without any attention to give. His mind was just cluttered with so much mess. He wondered if his mom would be home at this time of day, or if the city lights would keep her out again. Likewise, he  questioned if his father would actually care for him and if a child wandering around in the streets at 3 O'clock in the morning, was at all important to him. His life was a complete mess and every neighbor just felt bad for him, because they knew he had reason to seek for a home elsewhere - a gang. Not so unusual, drugs and a shot of vodka became his only companions and although just a 15 year old child, he needed much more than a grown man to feel dozed off from his real life problems. As he drowned and drowned even more, he lost sight of his promising goals and habits that an educated person usually has. He had by far stopped contributing to society and just stopped caring what the world had to throw at him.

On a Tuesday morning while he was out with his friends, causing trouble. He found himself in a stranger’s house breaking the front door and lurking around to find goods and riches. He of course, did not find any but what he had found, was a long life rival enemy. From the opposite gang a man named Rigoberto. Rigoberto has scoped him out with the corner of his eye, and soon enough had reached to hit him with the edge of his shoulder. Aiming to hit a pressure point, he missed by an inch, and rather fell with the force of his hit. Quickly from John’s end, he searched for a clear way out, and ran without looking back at the rival that would soon enough look for him.

As days flew by and John began going to school. Word had gone around that in fact the rival leader was out looking for him and that all he wanted to do was to talk to him. Such gossip had struck him and he knew that what was coming for him was nothing nice. In a matter of minutes he was already seeking for a way out of school, and for a direct path to his friend’s house. His consciousness was telling him to go home and not approach a bad environment but his body was telling him to go to his friend’s house and seek a safe haven. Soon enough, he had listened to the little devil on his right shoulder, and as he later on realized it was the bad choice to begin with. On the way to his friend’s house, a loud sound began dragging behind him, it was as if the devil was running towards him with sharp chains ready to hook and prey on him. Indisputably, he knew his life had come to an end, and in a blink of an eye, his body laid directly on the ground, cold and unbothered. With every second, John felt further and further away from his body, it got to the point that not even the ambulance siren would keep him awake. His mother nor his father were nowhere to be found and who he considered his friends remained only on social media hoping to find some news through those platforms. John in the moment had seen his life flash before his eyes. Memories of birthdays being celebrated with a lighter and some drugs and his times of sickness only being healed by a rush of pain killers. He saw as how his life was not worth more than a single piece of gum. As sad as it is to say, John had finally regretted everything he had done, and with a last gasp had mumbled, “My spirit will not not die in the streets of Alvarado and 6th.”

The author's comments:

I grew up seeing as how a neighboring family delt with a rebelious child, I of course would only see what they allowed me to see since I was nothing more than just a neighbor. However, the loud screams from the opposite rooms scriptured their everyday pain. Overall I wrote this story because its a repetitive chain of events that people in my communiy deal with wether its in or outside the family.

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