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Scott's pet

April 9, 2018
By 77samson BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
77samson BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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One day Scott was watering his garden. “ I love watering my garden!” he said. Then a old man walked past him. Scott noticed he was wearing a trench coat, and that he had a poodle. Later when Scott was weeding his garden another man walked past with a cat on a leash. Later when he was reading to his garden a couple walked past with birds, and two dogs. Scott complemented all of them on their cool pets. Later when Scott was fertilizing his garden he told himself “ ya know, Scott you really like animals, your nice to, and your running out of poop for your garden , it would help if you got a pet”             Scott replied “ yeah but ot would cost money, and I, wait I do have money! Thanks, myself I should get a pet!”

The next day Scott walked to the Pet Store “ I want a pet that is a good on please!”

“you got to be more specific sir, what’s your name?”

“My name equals Scott, and how ‘bout a goat!”

“wait a minute, you want a goat, and your name equals Scott!, I know you, your the weirdo that works in his carrot garden all day!”

“as a matter of fact, yes, you know what they say, growing carrots, keeps the president away”

“Huh? to be the weirdo or wanting a goat?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, both, so do you got one or not!”

“Yeah, we got one, a little lass, yea high” the pet man put his hand by his knee” just a little fella”.
“I will take her in, and love her as my own”

So Scott rode home on a baby goat that day, Scott looked into her eyes and decided the name she would be known by in this life would be… Ziggee.

The next day Scott made a lovely, purple collar for Ziggee, but as soon as Ziggee saw it she ate it in two whole bites! “Bad Ziggee, one of the rules I told you is NO EATING YOUR COLLAR”, as soon as he said that Ziggee ate another collar, after another soon all of Scott’s collars were gone. Scott had a tough day he learned that Ziggee love collars, but Scott was sad, when he was in 10th grade he broke the record for most collars sewed in ten minutes, 77, now every single one had been ate by his goat friend. For the next week Scott taught Ziggee how to go poo on the garden. Ziggee was now up to Scott’s waist, and their relationship was up to the sky. So, every day Scott sews a collar, feeds it to Ziggee, Ziggee poos on his garden, Scott tries to teach Ziggee a trick. Ziggee has learned roll over, play dead and the goat dance, which is a mix of the two other tricks he knows. When Ziggee is older Scott wants to teach Ziggee how to juggle.

“Ziggee, your getting older, and it’s time you have a room of your own, with pride I present unto theeeeeeee…….” Scott through a tarp off, and revealed a shed, painted purple, like the collar that Ziggee ate. Ziggee did the goat dance and walked around in the shed, this was the best thing that ever happened to her. One day Scott was reading a book, but he could not concentrate Ziggee wanted to play with him, so Scott go so mad he yelled at Ziggee, he was very cross with her. Ziggee was sad and she put he head all the way down closed her eyes and walked to her room. Ziggee really should have been paying attention to where she was going, it was a good thing Scott was, he ran out to stop Ziggee but was to late. Ziggee was hit by a car. Time was slow. the ambulance arrived. The took Ziggee. Really bad...   messed up leg…

  “It will be OK” Scott told himself as he waited for the new on Ziggee’s condition, he looked up and saw Ziggee, she was missing her front legs. In their place, goat leg prosthetics. “It will be ok” Scott told himself.

The author's comments:

I have been writing scott stories for a long time this one was a continuation, and alteration of "Ziggy's Owner"

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