April 12, 2009
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I stood there in the middle of the erie school hallway. For the first time I wished I was alone. I could sense the door behind me. I wanted to just turn around and dart out the door, like someone plunging into a pool trying with all their might to win the race. I wanted to win.

I stared straight ahead, at the person I'd befriended when no one else would. She stared back her gun aimed right at me. I knew I was going to die. Why try to win this race? I drifted my eyes shut. In the black I could see everything. Everything I'd achived in my seventeen years of life and everything I'd have yet to achive. I'd gotten a clear picture of my dreadful mother's face, full of neglect and hatred. Then, a fuzzy last memory of my father thirteen years before, the exact oppisite expression the image of my mother had. If I died now, I could not wait to see his face again. Get a clear picture of him to replace the hazy one.

Eyes still closed, I fought everything I actually wanted to say to this murderer, and replace my words with, "I know there is nothing I could possibly say to make you stop.
And let me tell you I do not even care anymore. Now that I see my own death laid out right in front of me."

I felt my body tense and my lips mouth the words I'm sorry.
Then I could hear the loud bombing noice of the gun.

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Sandra C said...
May 2, 2009 at 12:40 am
Oh my gosh! Whats amazing talent! Keep it up!
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