The Storm

April 9, 2018
By Maysaa BRONZE, Salmiya, Other
Maysaa BRONZE, Salmiya, Other
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The soft sound of my footsteps on the pavement echoed through the tranquil neighbourhood as I walked the abandoned streets. It was close to dusk, the sky was dull and gloomy and the clouds seemed to to get more intimidating by the minute. The pale shadow of the moon could barely be seen through the angry clouds as they moved across the sky, gathering and forming an enormous grey one, that hovered over the quiet town like it was preying it. The wind started to pick up its speed and made the heavy trees rustle even more; branches snapped in the distance and pale brown leaves swept across the street in disarray. My long brown hair whipped in my face and blocked my view. It was so tangled making me trip and kiss the cold pavement. As I was trying to get up, I noticed my foot being stuck in a long, thick branch on the ground, its ends jagged indicating that its must have broken off of one of the trees in the frontyard nearby. The wind howled a long mournful cry and I freed myself to start rushing off to my safe haven. That's when I saw a big bright light flash across the dark sky, followed by booming thunder crying out into the night.

The sudden noise was startling and I felt the first splatter of rain as I crossed the street. Each step I took made a splashing sound and sprayed water in all directions. I could feel the cold water seep into my shoes and tickle my toes, the clouds showing no signs of stopping to spit out their heavy beads of water. Thunder continued shouting into the rainy night and the street lights were flickering every now and then adding to the murky atmosphere, making me shudder.

After turning the next block, I could see my house at the far end of the street, looking weary and lonely. This didn't stop me from feeling a wave of relief, being so close to my familiar and safe surroundings. By now, I was soaked in water, holding my bag over my head trying to shield myself from the unforgiving rain. This wasn't much help though. At this point I didn't care anymore and I started sprinting. The heavy impact of my feet on the flooded sidewalk splattered water everywhere. I heard one last shuddering thunder before running up the dirty steps of my front porch. My hands were fidgeting and I had a hard time trying to unlock the front door. I let out a loud grunt when I kept missing the lock and after several tries, I finally heard the satisfying click sound and quickly slammed the door open and then shut. My heavy breathing filled the silence inside the house and I slid my back down the door landing on the floor with a thump, finally at safety.

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