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All for One

April 9, 2018
By Anonymous

Do you ever think all people for one? We all would be the same and no judging. Well here's a story where we were all the same, but the outcome, not as great as the world thought.

Once upon a time, a little girl decides that she's going to change the world, solve the problem of judgment. She thought hard and deeply and tried to figure out what causes the problem. “Color” she whispered to herself. “I think that's the problem,” said eight-year-old Ally. I'm not a normal girl, no rainbows, no sparkles, just what's inside, what's under the sparkles and colors, she thought. She highly dislikes Emma and her rainbow shirts. The little girl plots dramatically on her bed, lets out a big breath like she just ran a 5k. Her little brown eyes flutter like little butterfly wings then settle closed. Her body sleeps but her mind not.

She imagines no color, everything black and white. She goes and walks down the street but people still judge.
She listens to what a fighting couple is saying. “It's like you want to be different,” says the strictly looked boy.
“I do, all you guys look the same let's be ourselves,” said the girl with a tall mohawk-like hairstyle.

“ Were supposed to be the same.” said the boy as he straightened his tie.

“Well now we are just like everyone else, fighting” she exclaimed throwing a bow out of her tower like hair. Then stomped away. Ally saw more people fighting than ever before, about being the same, and being different.

“Excuse me,” said Ally stepping up to a young man sitting on a bench.

“Yes,” the uninterest man said.

“I was wondering what your favorite color was,” she asked nervously waiting for the answer.

“Black and you,” asked the suddenly interested man.

“I like red”

“Red?” he asked.

“Yes, red, you know bloody red, like an apple”. The man's eyebrows appeared uneven.

Ally was awakened by a quick call “dinners ready” yelled her mother. Ally received her normal white plate but then quickly exchanged it for a yellow and blue one. Her mother peered at her smiled and continued.

The next day at school Emma came in another colorful shirt, but Ally loved it. “Nice shirt,” she said “where did you get it,” she asked. A smile split Emma's face and they chatted all day.

Even though Ally doesn't know how the man might have responded she now knows it's not the world it's us. Not outside the inside, but maybe colors leak in. Ally realized that your true colors are inside.

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