April 2, 2018
By Anonymous

Heaving up the last of  her moving boxes, May, or as she was more commonly known as in highschool, Misery, took one final glimpse at the trailer park that she dreadfully had to call her home for years. Throughout those years, she had never experienced one happy memory, not a single one, in that trailer park. Her father had died when she was very young and her mother, filled with grief, was present but not completely there. So finally, the day had come in which she was moving out, when she had proposed the thought to her mother, the reaction was nothing compared to what she wanted. All she got was a head nod and the question of when she would move out. So now, here we are, watching as young, freshly eighteen, Misery, sets out onto the world to make a life of her own.

Her new apartment wasn’t exactly as she would expect it, but it was affordable and would do until she was able to get a better job. She was studying a short career of culinary arts so she was just waiting to finish her classes and move on from three jobs to maybe two. Now with the whole working  three jobs, it meant she hardly had time for anything and also that money was tight. Her apartment was located on the east of  the street Asher, in Fearmont town. Growing up, Misery was never resentful despite her situation. She never really had negative feelings toward anything maybe except for herself. She had the occasional thought of jealousy and, Woah were her thoughts… you could say they were violent but that's an understatement. Not having much friends, Misery had thought that such thoughts were normal.  Misery was always an outcast, she was never accepted because she never really could attached herself to her friends emotionally. She was an outsider constantly looking in from the outside. Like I said she rarely had malicious thoughts of others except with the occasional green-eyed monster that liked to make an appearance every so often, other than that most thoughts were directed to herself. Boy, was she filled with self-loathing and insecurity. Most part being that she desperately yearned for her mother's approval or disapproval really, just anything that she could get out of her mother emotionally.

She had three different jobs that she went to, one was waitressing at the official Fearmount restaurant. She loved it there, it was very friendly where everyone knew each other and helped each other out, was the only loner although others tried to befriend her, she still managed to sink into a dark corner and keep to herself. No matter how much she would admit, she was lonely but, she still enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. Her second job would be working at the town theater, of which she has yet to learn the name of. It was a dull job, more to her taste where she would occasionally have to make chat but other than that, all she had to say were “what can I get for you,”  and “have a nice day,” or “enjoy the movie.”  Lastly on the weekends, she would work as housekeeping, she would get the offers from an app. Where she would alternate between cleaning houses and cleaning after messy teenagers who liked to throw wild ragers.

Misery often found herself daydreaming during work. Most time she wouldn’t even recall daydreaming but it was still something that she could kind of sense. It was constantly in the back of her mind, floating aimlessly appearing every here and then. Disappearing as soon as it appeared.

One day while being put on cleaning dishes duties, she started daydreaming, but not the rainbow and unicorns kind. Now it wasn’t that she didn’t like the dishwasher duty because she didn’t mind that. No, this was something that just came to her, it slowly manifested its way into her brain. Weaving itself until it was completely embedded. Nothing could shake it off. The only way to satisfy it was to do justice. The best part is that no one would ever know. Also having the knowledge for the first time about what her daydreams are about.

She had a plan all she had to do was find a victim. Ironic enough someone happened to show up. Sizing this person up Misery no longer saw her co-worker as a person but as an item of interest. Like a toy, she wanted to play and boy, oh, boy, she thought wouldn’t it be fun.

So putting her plans into action, she started gathering the items need and learning her victims schedule. This little thought, almost like a little reminder, surfaced up and got her thinking. Is it right to take an innocents life? What had her co-worker ever really done to her that she had deserve to die? So she changed her plans, from finding out her schedule to searching for her co-workers sins. Yes, because if she is a sinful person, then that would make her worthy of death.

Day by day, after work and on her off-days, she would follow her co-worker. Which eventually led to her arriving at an abandoned cabin. Immediately, Misery’s sixth sense came too and she had the utmost urge to leave immediately. Reluctantly she advanced forward and found the most beneficial situations, well for her anyway.
Going back to her routine, she grew bored and decided that she would fully go through her plans acting out her gruesome daydream that same night. After weeks of preparation and days of having had a justification, she though that she deserved this. To go through with her plan. So she did so going to work,the following day with smile on her face, and a spring to her step. Having to drop it and pretend that she was worried about the sinful co-worker that she had killed. She was right, she thought to herself. After all how many new recruits had her co-worker bullied into leaving for fear that they would take her place. She had nothing to fear anyway, she had covered her tracks well. The only evidence left would be her co-workers heels in which she fell in love with upon sight. Oh! The joy it filled her to learn that they were her size. Such sinful person deserves no such heels, they are too pretty to be worn with a dreadful soul like that filthy co-worker of hers.
Over the course of about a month, two weeks and three days, the news dissipated and all was forgotten. All but Misery’s urge that had once more resurfaced. Although now, she had a different plan, one that was beginning to grow more and more violent as it developed. Wanting to find that same adrenaline as last time but making it feel better this time round she urged to find her victim. This time round, she knew a few tricks with the other one almost escaping. It was her first so a few minor mistakes were alright so long as they were corrected.
Her next victim came into perspective, pervert Tom. He’s always harassing female workers and even did so once to Misery. Having found him repulsive, she no longer saw him as a person but as a rodent she needed to dispose of. She didn’t need to stalk him because she knew this rodent’s usual routine. Although like most rodents, she would have to place food in a trap. So  she quickly went home to change into something more appealing  for the scumbag rodent.
Arriving at his usual bar, she quickly located him because he wasn’t actually rodent looking, he was in all reality attractive. Heading over to him, she hoped no one would recognize her. After all if they did then they would ask questions. Taking a seat next to him at the bar, she tried her best to be flirty. It seemed to be working until he had asked for name and realized it was her. The rodent being, for some reason repulsed by Misery, had tried to scurry away. Misery, not wanting him to ruin her plans pulled out a syringe and stabbed it into his arm, immediately causing him to become disoriented and drowsy. This being a usual situation for him, no one batted an eye towards his direction.
Arriving at her apartment, Misery, started thinking that she had succumbed into the rodents, pervert Tom’s, level. Doing as he had done to previous females. Was it worth it? Becoming a completely different person just to do justice? I mean, he’s scum that deserves to be punished but, was it worth being caught? As these thought were running through her head she had to think fast as, her victim was waking up. Without hesitation,  she made her choice.
The next day at work,  every female worker  was talking about how for once, Pervert Tom wasn’t at work today and how long would they be able to enjoy work without him. While Misery enter work with a big grin and a spring in her step. Developing her next plan and actions. Who would be her next culprit?

The author's comments:

I got the idea to write this because most people don't see that most psycopaths actually do have feelings. Most of the time they do bad things because they don't know, or think that its bad. They justify their actions with their thoughts. Have you ever seen the quote "monters aren't born, they're born," well i like to belive this is true. I mean I know this doesn't justify peoples actions but most of these types of people are just looking for something that makes them feel less lonely, someplace where they can be themselves or at home.

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