April 10, 2009
By Latronda Johnson BRONZE, Dunwoody, Georgia
Latronda Johnson BRONZE, Dunwoody, Georgia
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Chapter One: God Please Don’t Take My Baby Away

Lying on my bed listings to Rick James’ Super Freak, I couldn’t here anything, I tapped my foot to the beat, my head held in my hands as I lay back. Suddenly Mom busted into my bedroom door, she looked troubled. I saw her lips moving and tears welling up her eyes she looked in distress. I yanked the head phones from my ears, “get dressed now!” She screamed, “What’s wrong mom?” I yelled, “Get dressed!” she yelled, then she fled the room, I heard dad yell a loud moan saying something like, Noo or God Noo. Had we been robbed? Were we running from the cops? I putt on a light jacket over my night gown and flip flops. “Celeste!” I heard mom yell. She was yelling but she didn’t sound angry, it was more of a distress call. I ran downstairs, down the main hall, into the kitchen through the dinning room into the living room, it was there where I saw my kid brother Sean lying there on the floor, while mom held him. Blood on his shirt and from his nose. Eyes wide open, starring I into space. Mom held him in her arms as she sat on the floor. “Sean!” I said. Dad came from behind me, “Ellen, Celeste, go to the car, I’ve got Sean.” His voice shook. My heart was pounding so fast and so loud, I was shaking all over, but I couldn’t cry. I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t cry. Dad kept his composer and didn’t cry as well. I think he was trying to be strong for mom, but his eyes still look worried, his eyes were red and his had stains of blood from his shirt. “Is he dead?” I managed to say, Mom walked me over to the door, once we were outside, mom said, “He said he had a bad dream, he was just talking to us! Nothing seemed wrong, He was… he was just…” Her voice faded and she began to cry. “Is he dead?” I kept saying. Finally dad brought him out, carrying him in his arms, mom couldn’t take it she let out a loud cry, “God please don’t take my baby! God please don’t take my baby! God please don’t take my baby!” She said it over and over several times, Dad laid him in the back with me, Sean didn’t move and inch, and according to Dad. “He’s not breathing.” Mom climbed in the back to be near him, “God please don’t take my baby!” She said as she rubbed his head. The ride to the hospital seemed so long, but it all happened so fast, we took him in, people took him, putting him on a stretcher, and tried to resuscitate him. Mom talked to a nurse as they tried to bring him back, “Sean has seizures. He has, Epilepsy every since he was 4, but they are never as bad as the one, he had tonight! He was just talking to us about a bad dream he had! He was about to come sit on the couch with his father and I and he hit the floor!” She stopped to cry. “I went by his side to make sure he didn’t hurt himself, holding him tight, then…bloody foam started spitting from his mouth! His nose started to bleed, and his eyes rolled back and forth from inside of his head…” Dad started to tear, “Is he going to be ok?” I asked. As soon as I said that. A loud nurse said, “What do u think Marty? DOA?” “Noo!” Mom screamed. “No! My son is not dead! My son is not dead!” Later on I discovered DOA meant dead on arrival. Sean died during the seizure. He’s actually gone! And My baby brother isn’t coming back! Im crying really hard now.

Chapter 2: Milly May

“Sean Jake Pallor was just 9 years old. . We‘re gonna miss you Sean..” Youth Pastor Andy said as he finished up his speech at Sean’s funeral. Lots of people came, Sean’s teachers, friends, and baseball coaches all the way from 1st grade. I sat next to mom and dad in the very front. I didn’t want to cry in front of all those people. After all I was 14 and I didn’t want to seem like a baby. Mom decided to cremate Sean. It was the toughest decision I think shes ever had to make, “Do I burn my baby or let him rot eternally in a box?” Mom asked dad when she had to make the decision. Finally she decided, “If I don’t cremate him, id probably digg him up once a week to hold him in my arms..” She cried. Mom cried a lot. I’ve seen dad cry once. And I’ve only cried once. After the funeral some people came to my house to free load. Tamika and Hannah came. My two best friends, “Ole Sean was as annoying as it gets, but I never wanted the poor thing to die…” Tamika said. “It all happened so fast.. I don’t think its even hit me yet..” I said. About 20 minutes into the visit, Mom went missing, “Anyone seen Ellie?” Grandma asked with a worried face. Finally after searing for five minutes Aunt Elyse announced mom locked herself in the bedroom. I guess that was the quo for everyone to leave. I got so many kisses and soo many hugs, I bet there were hundreds of tear drops on the floor. Weeks past and mom was still in her depressed mode. And so was I sort of. Dad held it all in like a pro. “I just don’t understand why!” Mom would just blurt out sometimes. Now that summer was here Im home everyday, usually I sit in my room reading or wringing pointless stories about fictional characters with perfect lives till Milly moved in across the street. “Well look at that, new neighbors, and look one of them is your age Celeste.” Grandma said. Grandma Abby was often around caring for mom during her stages of depression. “In my day, when new neighbors moved in, my mother was the very first to great them with fresh cut flowers from her garden and fresh made cookies!” Grandma said laughing. I giggled. Everyday I saw the new girl across the street riding her bike up and down the side walk. “ One day I just happened to be checking the mail as she passed by making one of her regular rounds I guess. Suddenly she pedaled backwards, stopping her bike and took a looking at me house, “Hello.” She said in a friendly voice. ”Hi..” I said in a low, ‘what do you want’ tone. “Is it true about the boy who died here?” She asked. I stood there looking at her. “Who told you that?” I asked walking towards her. “My mom, the real estate lady told us. But sometimes people like them lie just to make a sale..” She said, getting off of her bike walking towards me. “Telling her customers a little kid died here, makes you want to buy a house?” I asked. “This is a pretty, clean cut neighborhood. It adds a little excitement I guess.” I nodded my head. “Im Melinda May, call me Milly.” she said “Im…Aviva.” I lied, I hated my name, Celeste, it was strange and as soon as you tell someone they immediately ask you what it means.. I’ve always wanted to be called Aviva. “Pretty, I’ve lived here for one week now, and you’re the first kid I’ve seen!” She said laughing. “Yeah, me and Sean are like the only ones…I mean, we were before the accident..” She looked confused. “Well I have to take the mail home, I’ll see you around ok?” “Sounds good Aviva!” She said getting back on her bike. That Milly girl seemed alright!

Chapter 3: Your so Beautiful

Its been 4 months and 2 weeks since Sean’s death. Grandma has permanently moved in with us. Mom does good some days and sometimes shes locked in her room for hours, and worst of all, Dad is filing for a divorce. “Oh come on David, shes suffering!” Grandma pleaded. “Shes neglecting her family and quite frankly its starting to take a toll on me!” “Didn’t you care about Sean? I don’t understand how you can just pick up where you left off and be all gun hoe, without him?” “Don’t you dare question the love I had for my son! But he’s gone, he’s never coming back Abby! Never! Its time to let go!” Dad yelled. His voice cracked. “The love you had?” Grandma asked, I heard her heels coming up the steps, I picked up a book to make it seem like, I wasn’t just snooping. She softly opened the door, “Hello angle cake, why don’t you get dressed, and pack up some clothes we’re going to my house after dinner.” she said in a sweet voice. I nodded my head. What was happening to my family? That afternoon Dad convinced grandma not to take me to her house, he wanted to give mom one more chance to pull her self together, for the sake of their marriage. Like that would ever happen. I went over to Milly’s house and we watched TV and drank orange soda all day! I loved being at her house, her family was so perfect. Her Mom was a stay at home mom who cleaned, cooked, and did it all looking absolutely gorgeous! Her Dad came home with his suitcase, and tie with candy for after dinner and a huge hug waiting. “Your families so perfect Milly.” I said one day, as her mom left the room after offering us more muffins. “I don’t think so..” She said letting out a laugh. “ We sat there for a minute, then finally I said, “My mom and Dad are going to split up soon, I might end up moving in with my grandma , she lives 10 miles away..” “That’s just horrible! Well, if u want you can move in with me..” she said. I laughed. “Nahh, your family is great, I’d hate to spoil that with my presence..” The next day me and Milly went to the park and stayed for 2 hours, once I got home Mom was in the kitchen making grilled cheese sandwiches. “Your just in time hunny!” She said all cheerful. Just two hours ago she was lying in bed. Dad was on the couch watching a debate on TV. Grandma sat in her usual chair in the living room, knitting and looking at the debate. “Who were you with?” Mom asked. “Milly..” I said blowing her off going upstairs.
Wait hunny! Come and eat, and who’s Milly?” She asked. “Milly is my best friend. Grandma and Dad know so. Why don’t you?” I snapped back. She stood there in a state of shock. I looked over at the bloodstained carpet where Sean died. There were just a few spots of blood left. “I guess I forgot..” She said putting on a fake smile. I walked back down the steps and sat at the table. I couldn’t help feeling bad for her. She couldn’t help the fact she was hurting. “2 slices of cheese, just the way u like it.” I nodded my head. She smiled and pulled up a chair next to me. I took a bite and looked over at her, “Are you just going to sit here and stare at me??” “Your so beautiful, and full of life.” She said gazing into my eyes. “I love you Celeste.” She said smiling, I got up and walked away. I don’t know why I was being so mean to her, it just made me angry how, I knew the only reason she told me that was because she wishes I were Sean. She wishes he was the one full of life. She wishes she could say I love you to him one more time.. Its sad. “Celeste!?” She called out. “Celeste?” Dad called, he was probably wondering why I wasn’t responding to her calling me. I just darted up stairs. I lay down on my back, and got my ipod, I shoved the ear phones in my ear, I blasted super freak into my ears, hoping mom would burst in, just as she did the night of Sean’s death, id put on that jacket, run downstairs and see him there on the floor, and I’d take him into my own arms and hug him. Id hug him tightly.

Chapter 4: “What kind of God are you?”

Dad came upstairs into my room. “Thanks for knocking Dad.” I said in a dull voice. “You cant treat your Mom like that Celeste. I don’t know what’s gotten into you but whatever it is you better snap out of it.” My brain boiled there were so many evil little things I could’ve said to him in return regarding him trying to divorce Mom at a time like this. But I held my tongue. “I wasn’t hungry.” I said. “That’s no excuse. Now go and apologize to her. She’s going through a lot of things right now.” “And I’m not?” I asked. He just starred at me. With the same look that Mom gave me. Almost as if he wished they were looking into Sean’s eyes. Just utter shock and sorry. “Apologize.” He walking out of the door. I put my headphones back on. Suddenly I heard a loud, “NOW!” and my volume was pretty high so he must’ve yelled it pretty loud. The next day I decided to hangout with Milly. I called your house yesterday. Your Dad said I had the wrong number. He said there was no Aviva there. My heart pounded. I was so embarrassed. She starred at me waiting for a reply. “Why didn’t you tell me your real name?” She asked. “I never tell people my real name… it’s a phobia. I watched some lifetime special about some lady whose identity was stolen, so now I’m always paranoid about people knowing about me.” I lied. “Its kind of embarrassing…” I said. She laughed. “Well…we’ve been friends for a little while now.. Am I worthy of knowing your real name yet?” She said. I know my face had to be beet red. “Its Celeste.” She smiled. “Aviva that’s beautiful.” she said. I was shocked. “It sounds like a name for some fairy tale princess in a castle. What does it mean?” She asked. “It doesn’t mean anything. Its just a name.” I said. “Oh, cool.” I laughed. She looked over at me......

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