March 29, 2018
By ForeginCheez BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
ForeginCheez BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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March 27th, 1970

Mom had a really bad breakdown today. Ever since dad died she hasn’t been the same. So I decided to get the old scrapbooks she used to make out. We went through a few together and she pointed at one of the two giant pictures of the day I was born. It was dad, her, and me smiling in the bright yellow spotted,  hot pink, hospital room I was born in. The picture had my name, Chase Young, on it. The pen men ship was printed with my dad’s grubby handwriting. He passed away right before mom’s health became really bad. Mom looked like she felt better after a few scrapbooks so I started for the kitchen.

The big hole in the wall was starting to get bigger every other day I looked at it. When winter time comes, the energy bill is going to skyrocket. But enough about the hole, I decided to make breakfast for dinner. When the sizzling of the eggs, the popping of the toaster, and the crackly of the bacon in the oven started, mom began to set the table for the first time in awhile. She has been s0 unwilling to do anything, so we usually ate in the living room. I’m glad to see that she has been getting better over the past 3 years.   

May 5th, 1970

As the massive horde of the grumbling mess inched closer to me, almost grabbing me with its infected fingers, I rushed away. Hitting my head on a rock I felt a quizzy and unstable, but nevertheless I had to get into the closest open building. Never would I have thought this would happen in my lifetime, but mom wasn’t there anymore. She was right there with me just a few minutes before, I don’t know where she went.

I know I just barely survived today but, I can only hope that mom is ok. I’ll be heading home after the chaos dies down to see if she made it back there. For now all I could do is sit and wait in the abandoned food mart, with the cashier lady.

Cashier lady and I had some needed small talk, like exchanging names, for me to not call her lady or she’ll leave me for the zombies, and stuff like that. Her name was Grace by the way, a nice name to remember. That’s why I wrote it in my journal. It’s a problem of mine to forget things or to see things that aren’t there.

May 10th, 1970

I’ve decided to try what my mother always did before she stopped talking and just followed me around. She always wrote in her little journal when she was having her breakdowns. Her breakdowns happened often and sometimes didn’t have the best result for me. That was around the time I started seeing imaginary thing, but that didn’t mean I hated her or loved her less. She was going through things and she needed someone to help.

I was going to go home and see if mom was there when the chaos died down but it hasn’t in the slightest! I have been locked up in this god forsaken food mart with Grace for 5 days! I’m going insane doing nothing but eat and staring at undead monsters outside. I haven’t had my medicine in 5 days, but it seems like I’m doing better because I don’t see things that aren’t there anymore. But one thing that i do know for sure is that I need a shower and some clean clothes.

I wish mom was here, she was with me until I fell and hit my head on the sharp rock outside.

It's been 5 days since either Grace or I have had some sleep. Probably for the same reason to, family. She’s scared for her younger sibling May and her older sibling Ash. While I’m scared for my mother. Grace also said that her sister’s birthday was today, I hope her family is ok. From this conversation, we had decided to head out tomorrow if we could, we packed up all the usable resources because we were most likely never going back there.


May 11, 1970

We’ve decided to go explore and stay together, sense number is key. If we split up then we would be dead meat, literally. Minutes pass and nothing to important seemed to be going on. No sound, no movement. Except for us, we were booking it down the streets of this never ending city to Grace’s house, then mine tomorrow.

We saw the weirdest things today. A zombie, by itself, with sweatbands and rollerblades on. It wasn’t rollerblading or anything, it was just crawling because it couldn’t stand back up after falling. It was quite slow compared to the others but that meant a easier escape for Grace and I. But we also found a dog on our way to Grace’s house. We decided to name her Lucky because really, any of us were lucky to be alive. But we noticed in this area of the city that there were no zombies.

As we were heading down the street Grace’s house was on, we heard faint screams. Grace didn’t seem to have noticed so I made her stop and listen, finally she heard. But her reaction wasn’t like I thought it would be. She stopped, listened, and then she rolled her eyes. She said it was Ash, her older brother screaming like the big baby he is. Her words not mine.

We get to her house and she busts the front door down. Surprisingly, there were no zombies. But I could have sworn there was one here, or maybe that was just Ash screaming. But when I saw Ash I was so concerned. His hair was beat red and it was slicked back. Wow, even in the apocalypse people still have time to do there hair? But I haven’t even explained half of it. He was wear sunglasses, the really baggy pants that when you walk they made the really annoying scratchy sound, and a rainbow tye-dye t-shirt. He had nice eyebrows though. No one can explain how annoying he talked, it was like a impersonation of a stereotype white girl who had a very bad cold and was going through puberty times 2. Not to be rude to the white girl, stereotype, impressionists who have a cold and going through puberty but please don’t speak like that. EVER! But it’s not like this is ever going to be shared with people.

Even though her brother was very annoying, he was a very intelligent  person. He knew how to make and do all these things but he said he was to scared to do anything with them.

After some greeting with Ash we sat down in the living room. It was still reasonably clean though, a very nice house. It was a nice light blue color with many windows. The dog started barking but we didn’t really pay any attention to it. No one had thought to close the front door because we wouldn’t have expected to be relaxing while there were the infected monsters out there.

May 12, 1970

Grace has been infected. She is still thinking like a human but seems to be in much pain. Maybe leaving the front door open or not listening to the dog were bad ideas. I don’t think Grace can stay with us for much longer, she’s going to turn into one of them soon.

She decided to leave by herself, I wonder how her brother would feel if he finds out about her. I told him that she went to go look for food. I don’t know if I could tell him the truth. It was during the night she decided this, she woke me up to tell me before she left. It is really sad that she left.

She also left a note for him, I already read mine. It only said “sorry” right in the middle of the page.
May 13, 1970

Today we decided to go to my house. I’m still worried about my mom, but i should be more worried about Ash. For all I know my mom might not even be alive. Ash is older then me but he acts like a 12 year old. He is very childish and care free. Even in the apocalypse he makes a joke out of everything. Even though it gets on my nerves, its good to have some fun once in awhile but not all the time.

While walking into my house I feel the cool breeze it always has had. The nice scent of a pollen infested meadow, just like how mom smelled. The hole in the kitten, the scrap books, the faded picture on the wall. But no mother. . .

We made sure to close all the doors this time. No more incidents need to go down. We both searched every room, over lapping each other just to make sure we don’t miss anything.  After about a hour of searching we took a break. We haven’t even covered half the house yet. I always thought it was a small house, but I seem to stand corrected. 

Ash decided to try and sleep, I don't blame him at all. It has been about 7 days till have gotten any sleep. I don’t know how long he hasn’t slept. I still don’t think I could sleep even now.

I decided to look through the old scrapbooks. I won’t lie, Icried. But I’m just so stressed without mom. Having to fend for Ash, Lucky, and myself. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed. No matter how hard i tried to stay quite, I seemed to wake up Ash. Ash walk over to me and he hugged me. With a surprise, he started crying as well. We cried for awhile.

We sat on the coach after our crying fest. With one last try to find my mom, I suggested we go to the church. My mother was very religious. But I am a different story. With one last hope, we decided to go tomorrow. And I am very determined to get some sleep!

May 14, 1970

We went to the church. The doors were locked, so Ash had to break a window and break the doors so I could get in. the door was broken so the door won’t even close anymore. It feels wrong that the door won’t even close, Ireally don’t want a repeat of the last time.

Ash decided to pray so Ilooked around the church. No mom. Just things that we didn’t even need. Just benches.

I can’t help but get angry, why can’t anything go my way for just once?!? Why?! Why me? Why Ash or mom? Why do we have to suffer just to live for nothing? Why did mom have to leave me?

Why must this happen to me again?! They have Ash, I’m in the confession box, and they are trying to get me. I just hope the someone finds this someday, that is if the human race ever does make it through this alive. I, I better write everything down before they get me. . .

To sum everything up, I’m Chase Young and I’m only 16. I wrote in this journal everyday to keep me sane and now I’m in a confession box at a church with zombies outside trying to eat me. The door sounds like it is about to break any moment now. But I need to write this before the door shatters.

I love and miss you mom, I’ll see you soon.

“Son, time to wake up. Your going to be late for school.” Mother pronounced excitedly.
What is going on? Was that a dream a, nightmare? But why did it have to be about dad’s disappearance? Bad memories. All I can say is that I’m thankful to be home and safe with mom.

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