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Silly Chicken

March 29, 2018
By Chase246 BRONZE, Buckhead, Georgia
Chase246 BRONZE, Buckhead, Georgia
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Did you ever wonder why the chicken crossed the road? It all started a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. No, that's Star Wars. It all started with the dinosaurs. You know, dinosaurs. They roamed the Earth before the humans ever did. Running from each other, eating each other, and living with each other. The Earth was a scary place. When the meteor struck the Earth killing the dinosaurs, the Earth evolved. The dinosaurs became new animals. How does this relate? Well, the largest, most fearsome dinosaur evolved to be a chicken. Chickens were free to roam around the Earth, but then humans evolved. The chickens would try to walk across paths, and would because people would stop for them. They made it a habit, and kept doing it. As the humans created new roads with pavement, the chickens still tried to cross the road. Cars wouldn’t stop for them, and they started getting run over. They finally stopped trying to cross the road for quite some time. Then one day, a wandering chicken that didn’t know what he was doing, walked across the road to find food.

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