Icing my Knees in the Fashion Industry

March 27, 2018
By Anonymous

My life is always full of chaos. I am always working as a madwoman in the fashion industry. When I woke up this morning, I threw on my red bottom LouBoutins and put on my black blazer and pant suit and I was ready to go. I grabbed my Louis Vuitton bag and and jumped into my Range Rover and I was off. As I walk into the three-story Gucci store that I have been working at for the past 10 years, everybody greets me. Over the past 10 years that I have been working here, I started at the bottom as an assistant and worked myself up to the top, which for me was running the department for merchandising and being the head of this specific location. As I was just about to step onto the flight of stairs to go to the third floor, I tripped over a rack of clothes that my intern left there. I was too busy checking my emails and drinking my iced coffee to even look down to see there was something in my way. I took a nasty fall with the clothing rack and crashed to the fall. I felt like I was in a battle with the clothing rack and the rack won. My coffee went everywhere to the point where my blazer was drenched and the clothes on the rack were destroyed. My heels made a “click, clack” sound and my phone was dropped out of my hands while making a “crack” sound. I was so embarrassed, everyone saw me lying on the floor in pain with coffee stains on my clothes and my hair jumbled up in a mess.

At this point, it didn’t feel like I was running a fashion company, it felt like I was in a construction site where I had to watch where I was walking and had to be careful everywhere I stepped. The employees that were working on the floor starting coming to me immediately and asking if I was okay. My lower half of my body was throbbing in pain, especially my foot and knees. The interns were whisked away to get me some ice and everyone else helped me up off the floor. I was limping as soon as I stepped up on my feet and had two huge black and blues on my knees that were the size of my fist. Me, being the perfectionist workaholic I am wanted to keep working through the pain because I thought I could handle it, but of course everyone insisted I go home and rest. All I could think of was “Who was going to go through the amount of stock we have?” or “Who was going to go through the floor to see what products we have and rearrange them?”. I didn’t want to go home obviously, but they pushed me into a uber because they wouldn’t let me drive my own car home and told the driver to take me to my house. The rest of the day resulted in me laying in bed watching netflix, eating some chicken noodle soup with ice packs on both my knees. It wasn’t a major injury, but it was enough to send me home and stay in bed for the rest of the weekend. Fortunately and thank god for me, I was better on monday morning and was ready for work. I wanted to completely forgot what happened on friday and pretend it never happened. Today is a new day and I hope I won’t fall again.

The author's comments:

My English teacher had an incident in the hallway walking to her class where she fell on her knees and it caused to her to have brusies, so she decided to go home and rest the whole day. While resting, she of course iced her beat up knees. She had a great idea of turning this incident into a creative writing assignment about what would if this occurred at your dream job. 

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