Love Story Chapter 2

April 13, 2009
By AnaBearsMommy BRONZE, Wellington, Texas
AnaBearsMommy BRONZE, Wellington, Texas
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Chapter 2--

Kile didn’t understand why her parents wanted to move. It didn’t make any sense because it seemed like everyone was happy in Michigan. She wished that they didn’t have to move again. They had moved five times in the last two years.

“Here we are!” exclaimed her father.

She looked out the window as they pulled up to this humungous house. It was so cool.

When she got out of the car, she looked around, and there was this really cute boy sitting on the porch next door.

His hair was blondish brown and was cut kind of short. His eyes were a dark blue color, the most beautiful eyes she’d ever seen.

She heard her mother yell from inside the house telling her to come in and see her new room. So, she went in.

She walked up the stairs, and went into the first room on the right. It was the biggest room she’d ever had. All of her previous bedrooms were at least five foot by five foot. She barely had enough room in them for her twin-size bed, but now that she was in this big bedroom, she was thinking about asking her parents for a bigger bed. That would be nice. And, in this new room, she had her own bathroom. That meant that it wouldn’t be a line for the bathroom every morning.

As she was looking around her room, she saw someone move in the room next door. It was him. He was right there, and she couldn’t believe it. When he saw that she noticed her he looked away really quickly. Then all of a sudden he bolted out of the room, and a few minutes later, she heard the doorbell ring.

When she got downstairs, she learned that it was him and his mother. She also learned that his mom’s name was Stephenie Mitchell, and his name was Matt. While their families were getting acquainted, she just stood there, and so did he.

“Why don’t you all come over for dinner?”


She was psyched. She was going to be able to get to know him.

“See you then!”

“Thanks, bye!”

She went up the stairs and went to her room. She looked through the boxes and bags until she found her clothes, hair accessories, and make-up bag. Most girls her age weren’t allowed to wear make-up, so she was kind of lucky.

She went into her bathroom, and started the shower. She got undressed, and stepped in. When she got out, she rubbed the steam off the mirror and grabbed her make-up bag.

First up, eye liner. She pulled her bottom eye lid down, and lightly lined it. Then came eye shadow. She carefully, but quickly, brushed it on. Now, she needed mascara, and as luck would have it, she had to search until she reached the bottom and found it. She pulled it up to the end of her lashes. She batted her eyes in the mirror, perfectly extended and fluffed.

It was six fifteen, and her hair was still soaking wet. She grabbed her hairdryer. She only had fifteen minutes to dry her hair, then she had to go get dressed. That was going to take forever because all of her clothes were all buried in boxes and bags.

Her hair was finally dry, and she had finally found her clothes. Now all she had to do was choose between three outfits to wear.

She chose her pink tank top and brown spaghetti strap shirt over it with a miniskirt. She wore a really cute pair of black flip-flops.

She looked in the mirror and thought she looked awesome. She went downstairs, and her family was ready and waiting for her.

“You look nice, honey,” her father commented.

“Thanks, Daddy.”

They walked next door. Matt was the one to open the door.

“Come on in,” he said.

They all stepped in. She thought he looked very nice. He was very cute. She felt like she was staring so she looked around the room.

His mother had many pictures and trinkets around her living room. Most of the pictures were of Matt as a baby and another man, she guessed was Mr. Mitchell. Then something caught her eye. It was a wedding portrait. It was of Mrs. Mitchell and the man in the other pictures. She was right, it was Matt’s father.

When she looked around the room she noticed that as Matt got older in the pictures, they were just of him. She wondered if his parents had divorced, or worse.

“Follow me to the dining room, please.”

Matt was pulling out her mother’s chair, and was rushing to hers. She sat down. On the table, there was pork chops; mashed potatoes, probably instant; corn; and dinner rolls. It looked like Mrs. Mitchell had gone through a lot of trouble to make this dinner.

Mrs. Mitchell finally came down the stairs. She was wearing a simple skirt and blouse. She was a very beautiful woman. Matthew’s father had been very lucky to have a wife as kind and beautiful as Stephenie Mitchell.

As they ate no one spoke. Everyone was quiet until they went into the living room for ice cream.

When Matt had finished, he asked her if she wanted to go outside. And, of course, she said yes.

They sat and talked. They talked about sports and school. She learned that Matt’s father had passed away when he was about five. He died of cancer. So he wasn’t sick anymore.

Then, Kile’s father came out and told her it was time to go home. So she said goodbye to Matt and ran after her father.

When she got home, she told her parents good night, thankful that she had both of her parents, and went to bed.

Dear Diary,

Oh my gosh. He is so cute and funny. And, the great thing is,
we are going to the same school. Hopefully, we can have some of the
same classes.


Kile Wilson

As she lay down, she smiled to herself. She would get to see him tomorrow and every other day for a long time. She felt weird. She had butterflies. She really liked him, but she didn’t know him very well. But, as everyone knows, that doesn’t stop the way people feel about someone.

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this, no offense, has no comparison to the Chapter 1 at all. I know its from a different point of view, Kile, but there was nothing here, Nora was not explained.

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