Love Story Chapter 1

April 11, 2009
By AnaBearsMommy BRONZE, Wellington, Texas
AnaBearsMommy BRONZE, Wellington, Texas
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Chapter 1--

This is a story about a boy and a girl. Matt was a very outgoing jock from Wisconsin, and Kile was a very shy girl who moved here to Milwaukee from Michigan. Now, I’m not a big part of this story, but I’ll introduce myself. My name’s Nora. I have lived in Milwaukee my whole life. But, enough about me, this is their story.

One extremely hot summer day, Matthew Mitchell was sitting on his from porch when he say the moving truck pull up next door, and then, a family car pull in the driveway. When the family got out he was in awe.

The father had very dark brown hair, green eyes, and was very tall and thin. The mother had a reddish blonde color to her hair, dark brown eyes, and was of average height and weight. The boy had blonde hair and bright green eyes, and looked to be about four. And, the daughter, the most beautiful girl Matthew had ever seen, had long, wavy dark brown hair, that had her looking like she just stepped out of a salon. Her skin was dark and alive with the glow of summer, And, her eyes were the iciest blue he had ever come into contact with, and they pierced his heart. Then he heard it, “Kile, come check out your new room!” She ran to the front door and went inside. He would never forget that name as long as he lived.

After he got over the shock of how beautiful the girl was, he stood up and went inside his own home.

“Mom, the new neighbors are here!”

“Good, we can take them some cookies or something.”

“Okay. I’m gonna go up to my room.”

“Alright, dinner will be ready soon.”

As soon as he got upstairs to his bedroom, he glanced out the open window, and saw her come into the bedroom next door. Was it fate that she got that room?


“Yeah, Mom.”

“Let’s go take the Wilson’s their ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ present!”

“Okay, be right down!”

He did a quick check of himself and took off down the stairs.

“Hi, I’m Mrs. Mitchell, and this is my son, Matt. We live next door.

“Nice to meet you. My name’s Paul Wilson. This is my wife Sarah; my son, David; and my daughter, Kile.”

“Where are you all from?”

“We’re from Michigan.”

“Oh, I’ve heard it’s very nice there.”

“We brought you cookies,” Matt interrupted.

“Thank you,” replied Sarah.

“You’re welcome.”

Matt realized he was staring, and quickly looked up at his mom.

“Where are you enrolling your kids in school?” Mrs. Mitchell asked.

“Well, we’re planning on enrolling Kile at Grover Jr. High.”

“Oh, well, that’s where Matt goes.”

“That’s nice. Looks like Kile’s already made a friend at school, and it hasn’t even started yet.” laughed Sarah. “Umm. I’m sorry to be rude, but we have some unpacking to do.”

“Oh, that’s quite alright. We have dinner to finish getting ready. Hey, why don’t you all come over for dinner?”

“That would be great,” replied Sarah.

“Thank you,” Paul added.

“You’re very welcome,” said Mrs. Mitchell. Then she turned to Matt and said, “Come on, Matt. Let’s get dinner cooked,” and turning back to the Wilson’s, “You all can come over about seven.”

“Okay, we’ll be there,” said Paul.

“See you in a bit. Bye.”

“Thanks. Bye.”

As soon as Matt got home, he ran upstairs to get ready for dinner.

He took a shower, did his hair, and put on his nicest casual clothes he had. Then he had to dig through the black hole in his closed to find his good shoes. When he finally found them (at the bottom of the pile), he had to look in the monstrous pile of clothes on his floor to find a pair of clean socks. He looked in his mirror and he went downstairs to help his mom with dinner.

When he got downstairs, his mom ha dinner on the table and was going upstairs to get ready.

“Honey, will you set the table?”

“Sure, Mom.”

He set the table for his mom. Then he saw the name cars, and rearranged them. He was to sit between his mom and Kile. Sarah was to sit between Paul and his mom, and David was to sit next to Paul. “This dinner will work perfectly,” he thought.

Finally, he heard the doorbell. He jumped off the couch, where he’d been sitting, watching TV, and waiting (quite impatiently at that), and ran for the door. He checked his hair, and opened the door.

“Hi, come on in,” he said.

“Thank you,” they all replied.

“You all take a seat, and I’ll go get my mom.”

“Alright, thank you.”

He walked casually to the stairs and started running.

“Mom, the Wilson’s are here,” he said.

“Okay, be right down,” she replied. “Show them to the dining room.”

“Got it.”

When he got down the stairs, they were where he’d left them. He noticed Kile looking at all the pictures on the walls, mostly of him, and smiled to himself.

“My mom will be down in a minute,” he told them. “Follow me to the kitchen, please.”

He showed them where to sit, pulled out Sarah and Kile’s chairs, and took his own. And then, his mom finally came down and took her seat.

“Who’s hungry?” she asked.

And they all began eating.

When everyone was finished, they retired to the living room for dessert, and chit-chat.

“What grade is Kile in?” Mrs. Mitchell asked.

“I’m in the 6th,” Kile answered.

“So am I,” Matt interrupted.


“Hey, Kile. Do you want to go outside and play?” Matt asked her.


When they got outside, they went straight to the swings. They were sitting down when he decided to ask her questions, but he didn’t want it to sound like he was interrogating her.

“So, do you play sports? Our school has a great sports program.”

“I play basketball, but not competitively. Mostly, I play with my mom and dad. What about you?”

“I play basketball, football, and baseball. I also do track and field.

“So you’re a big sports nut?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Does your dad push you into sports?”

“My dad died when I was really little.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. He had cancer. So, he’s not hurting or sick anymore.”

“That’s good.”

“Yeah, I guess, but it’s been hard on my mom. She works all the time.”

“Well, she has to make money some how.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I guess,” he said. “So were you popular at your old school?”

“Popular as in having a lot of friends or as in being one of those snobby rich kids?”

“Either one.”

“Well, I had a lot of friends, but I was also in with the in-crowd.”

“That’s not exactly me. I don’t really hang out with the Preps,” he said. “But, I do sometimes.”

“Well, maybe we can chill at school, too.”


“Kile, it’s time to go.” yelled Paul.

“Coming, Dad!” she answered. “Bye, Matt. See you tomorrow.”


He watched her leave, then went inside, and went to bed. He was laying there waiting for sleep to come, but his mind kept going over the events of the day. That was when he started realizing that he may be in love with this girl.

“Kile is beautiful, smart, and she plays sports. That’s my kind of girl," he thought as he drifted into one of the best sleeps of his life.

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on May. 13 2009 at 9:32 pm
nextkidd30 SILVER, Oregon, Wisconsin
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pretty good start if you ask me. I saw your chapter three and figured i'd start from the beginning. Your title caught my attention and after realizing that a main character was from Wisconsin, i couldn't help but take a look. I'd be happy to give you plenty of stars for this and your other stories.

my short story sort of has your type of romance in it, so i'd love to hear what another romance author has to say about it.

on Apr. 15 2009 at 2:38 pm
MomoSaysRawrr BRONZE, Kankakee, Illinois
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wow that was good. I'm wating to see where Nora comes in though.

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