sister troubles

April 9, 2009
By dorri44 SILVER, Willits, California
dorri44 SILVER, Willits, California
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Chapter 1

Second Round
“You’re such a brat!” is the last thing I remember her saying to me she was coming back for the second round. The first thing I did was put a gardener snake that I found earlier that day at the ranch lake, the horses are scared of them so I take them out . I put the gardener snake in her room on the bed. When Holly got her we all laughed at her because she said she tried to dye her hair a darker brown but it turned a bright type of red, it used to be auburn. After she got mad at us for teasing her she went up to her room, Then all of the sudden we heard a scream and I just started laughing so hard that I started crying and fell to the ground. When I looked back up I saw my dad and brother giving me an evil look.

“What?” I said

“Do you always have to start it?” Danny said

“No, I just like to start things up.” I said

In the morning I woke up with a tarantula on my head. The spider was Danny’s pet spider so I took it and put it in his cage. Then I walked into the dinning room to find my dad cooking pancakes. So I sat down at the table and started reading the new 17 magazine that I got yesterday.

“Hey Dad, is Holly up?” I asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” he replied.

I went downstairs and grabbed a big bag of frozen insect marbles and ice cubes and went up to Holly’s room and poured them on her. She woke up screaming and then yelled some mean words, it was hilarious.

What she did next was hilarious too she sprayed perfume all over her bed, clothes, and personal items. It was weird. I asked her why but she just got mad and told me to go away. So I went down stairs to grab a bottle of flavored water but when I reached the kitchen I saw Danny who was the last person I wanted to see because he always puts people in weird positions. He started talking to me and the next thing I know I’m laying on the ground passed out while everyone around me is trying to get me to wake up. The next thing I know I’m laying in a hospital bed hospitals have always scared me their smell, the people in white and green the fact that people have died there, and the scary tools they have. The doctor started talking I didn’t pay attention I guess they ran tests or something all I know is that I hate hospitals they scare me. When we were driving home my dad and brother would not stop bothering me asking if I was ok asking if I needed water or any thing it got pretty annoying. They also looked like they were hiding something because Danny is never that nice or caring to any one.
When we got home Holly started asking a million questions.

“How was the hospital?”
“Was it scary?”
“Was it fun?”
“Are you sleepy?

“Holly, shut up!”

“Make me!”


Then me and Holly started fighting and like always, I won. When I was done teasing Holly I went up stairs and fell asleep. When I woke up I went downstairs and watched the movie that they were watching. When the movie was over I walked into the kitchen and grabbed water out of the fridge. When I shut the door of the fridge I saw Holly, Danny and my dad were all standing there looking at me in a very scary way.


“We need to talk to you?”


“Your health.”

“What about my health?”

“We didn’t let the doctor tell you that you that you have type 1 diabetes.”

My eyes widened I was speechless I just walked upstairs to my room and thought about all that just happened. I thought to myself: why didn’t they let the doctor tell me, why me, is it serious, am I going to be ok? All these questions went through my head until I finally fell asleep I woke up to the banging on my door, I got up and let my annoying big sister in, she had breakfast in my room it was sort of weird but she was trying to be nice so I let her in and we at breakfast in my room and actually talked usually we just fight all the time but we were really acting like sisters it amazed my dad. When we got done eating and talking I got dressed and walked the dog. Amazingly he didn’t stop and smell everything.

We kept pulling pranks on each other until it was time for Holly to go back to California, but the last thing that she said to me this time was I’m coming back for round 3, but I will take the trophy home next time.

I guess the concept of this story is that you can always count on family to help you through tough times, so just remember that you can always count on your family no matter what. This summer I not only learned that lesson, but I also got my sister back.

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