Slight Fright

March 26, 2018
By Anonymous

The walls were making a weird scratchy noise at first I thought it was just a rat or something but then I realized this scratching is a lot more intense than a rat. Suddenly the cabinet flew open and plates were falling onto the floor and shattering then the door slammed shut and then silence. When I got home from school I got on my games and started talking to my friends and playing around. Then I noticed something was off, my parents aren’t home. I went into their room and started looking for the house phone wanting to call them. Eventually I found the house phone and called my parents hoping for an answer but all I heard was a buzz. Then out of nowhere the door opened and I got scared and started running then I heard my mom calling me. So then I realized it was only my mom at the door for a second I thought I was crazy but that night proved me wrong.
When I started getting ready for bed I heard someone in the kitchen, so I went downstairs to figure out who was there. When I got to the kitchen there was no one there so maybe I was just scared from when my mother came through the door, so I went back up stairs in my room and wanted to watch tv, but my tv wouldn’t turn on, so I went back downstairs and told my mom the tv isn’t working. She went to go check the breaker to reset the power but when she came back up the tv still wasn’t working. So I ran back upstairs and realized the power cord had been unplugged from someone or something. Later that night I woke up to a slamming of something. Something had to of been wrong cause I’ve never seen this happen in my house, then I got downstairs and all of the cabinets were opened and glasses had fallen. Luckily only a few dishes broke, but how would this of happened. I went and checked my mom’s room but she was sleeping. Something has to be going on here.
The next morning I woke up forgetting about everything that had happened so I thought of today as a Casual day nothing special until something was wrong. Right as I got down stairs the lights started flashing cabinets were opening and closing faster than ever I didn’t understand what was happening. Why is this happening to me! Then I heard my mom start laughing and I realized she was pranking me again with her dumb jokes. I never thought they were funny considering she always tried to scare me, so I started thinking. Last night the same thing had happened but my mom wasn’t there and also stuff that broke was gone. Till I got home I realized me and my mom weren’t alone…
I went to my bedroom getting on my games to play this dinosaur game called Ark Survival Evolved. This game is like a realistic game that you can tame dinosaurs and ride them. I started messing around on my game and eating other dinosaurs with my pet, then the power shut off. The house was pitch black I ran down stairs wondering where my mom was hoping this was just another one of her pranks but it wasn’t, my mom was flipping out. Eventually the power came back on but someone or something had entered or left our house cause the front door was wide open. I went outside but didn’t see anything except our cars. So I went back inside and there someone was, it wasn’t a normal person this person was faded grey and was walking through our hallway. I screamed so loud my mom came running out of her room then the person or faded creature had disappeared in a instant. I told my mom what had happened but she didn’t believe me I had to get some sort of proof to show her that i’m not lying or telling a story.
I went into my room and looked at myself thinking “Am I out of my mind or something.”. I think this wig is cursed. Or maybe i’m just losing my mind. Now that I think there is a creature roaming around my house or maybe even living inside of my house I need to get more prepared just incase because I don’t need anything to happen to me or my family. So the next day I went and bought camera’s and set them around my house hoping to spot the creature on camera. I set the camera’s up and started them through the night. The next morning I looked and watched the cams hoping to catch something. I screamed “There it is right there going into the bathroom and flinging stuff around!”. I hurried and showed my mom and she didn’t believe me she thought I used photoshop to add it into the recording but I didn’t. My mom figured that out the next day.
Tomorrow after noon, my mom was alone at home while I was at school and was going to the bedroom then she realized she forgot her phone then turned around to see a faded face in the window watching every move she took. She grabbed her phone and called the cops. When she went to look again the faded face was gone. The cops arrived and are now thinking my mom is insane now she’s starting to think on how I felt when she didn’t believe me.
It took my mom a while to understand that this isn’t a joke and then started to believe me but still doesn’t understand why this is happening to us. The last time we talked to people outside of the house or anything has been a while, well at least for my mom. I always go out and hang out with my friends but my mom either is just sitting at home or at work.  I always tell her to find something to do on her free time but she never does so I think that she think that this is happening from me. But really I haven’t seen anything happen that was strange outside of our house except for the one time in school when I see this one thing just going around in the hallways I really didn’t know what it was but I just left it alone.
I started to search things up on the internet to find more information about faded creatures or anything but I never really found anything until I looked at the images on google and then noticed something that looked almost identical to the creature in our house. It had really sharp teeth and was like a oval head and stuff but its body was like a triangle at the bottom, and its hands were like a orange color. It was like a ghost but like more creepy looking. I really didn’t want to find out what this thing really was. So I started thinking every time i’ve seen this  creature it was somewhere dark but sometimes I really never saw it. It's like it had a power to go invisible. I need to get lights and set them around the house to see If the monster comes back. I went to the store and bought a lot of LED lights from Meijer I set them around the house and nothing happened that night which was great. I tested it again and nothing happened again but then I noticed it wasn’t the light stopping it. It was the sound the smallest buzz. The next morning I woke up to a rocking on my bed and then I saw it the monster was walking into my room I screamed so loud that everyone in the neighborhood probably heard me. Then a huge bang and all the lights shut out then I could hear something getting closer and closer then there was the monster. My mom came running into my room with terror hopping I was alright of course I was but now i’m scared of this house. Clearly the light thing hadn’t been working because clearly the monster didn’t really care.
The day went by with nothing really till I couldn’t get my mind off the fact that I can’t get this monster to go away. I started trying and thinking of possibilitys I really didn’t have the time to think considering this monster could come any second so I started working. I set Lava lamps around my room hoping for that the monster would get burnt or something but nope and the monster was back the next night it didn’t get far cause it wasn’t really late so my mom was just roaming the house. I don’t think that my mom can see this monster maybe it's just me thinking crazy. So I thought of what I wanted to dream and it wasn’t the monster I started thinking of things the opposite of the monster so I wouldn’t see it. I started thinking of how a new house and everything would be nice to get somewhere fresh. And this tactic was working I haven’t seen this monster in about a week now and hopefully never again. Then I noticed something the lights or cabinets hadn’t been turning on or off, or closing and opening. My plan had worked! The monster was finally gone and my dream was the reason why.
Now that everything's back to normal and no wild looking monster is roaming in my house I start to think of something fun to do to forget about all of this. So I invited some of my friends to go to a trampoline park, and we all had fun then my friend got the worse of it and now was being watched by the monster in the trampoline parks window he tried to tell me, but I didn’t believe because after all this. I thought he was joking with me but he wasn’t...

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