The possesion

March 26, 2018
By MMM25 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
MMM25 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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The light flickered. I hid under my blanket telling myself ‘I'm not afraid”, that's how I slay my demons. Then, my blanket got pulled off but nothing was there. I kept saying my sisters name trying to get her to wake up, when she woke up I saw this thing, this weird creature in the dark corner behind my door. I slowly pointed to show Nancy but she saw nothing and told me I was seeing things. She got up and stood over in the dark corner to show me there was nothing but I saw it the whole time, and warned her it was right behind her. As I watched this thing get closer and closer I warned her but she did nothing. Then, all of a sudden she was pulled farther into the corner and we both screamed as loud as we could. Our parents came upstairs and our four others sisters came too. They asked what was going on, we tried to explain, but they believed nothing. After explaining everything we all went to the living room to go back to bed so we felt safer.

My name is Julia, and this is how it all started. The little toy my sister, Judie, found by the tree when we first moved into this house.  We have had bad luck ever since, and everything's different, it's scary, no one wants to be alone in this house. Judie says that when she winds up the toy in the mirror she can see a boy named Rory.

Who is he? 

My mom asks, but Judie just says it's her friend. Ever since she's told us about this toy, the clocks always stop at 3:07am, and my mom had a new bruise almost everyday.

We moved into this new house on Skye St. in Portland two days ago, and so much scary things have happened! Two of my sisters and my mom and I have already witnessed scary, unusual things in this house ever since.

Whenever anything tries to get explained to my dad all he has to say is, “you guys are just hearing and seeing things, your scaring yourselves”. But I know its not fake, I can feel this soul everywhere as if i'm being watched.

This morning we went to church and my mom talked to Mary, a women that has been blessed with something that makes it so she can see demons or possessed souls, and her husband, Lyle, who has worked with possessed things for 8 years now. She explained what we've been seeing and how she's been getting bruises out of nowhere. Mary and Lyle both agreed to come over to our house tomorrow after my sister and I get home from school. They wanted everyone that lives in the house to be there, is what Lyle told my mom.

Everyone was all ready for school and my mom had breakfast all made for us to eat before we left. Scrambled eggs, sausage, and pancakes. As we were eating Annie, one of my sisters screamed out of nowhere, everyone looked up from eating at her. Her hair was being pulled to the left but nothing was there. Nothing at all. Mom screamed for my dad to wake up as she ran towards Annie form the sink and grabbed her hair and then picked her up. Dad got out there but it was to late and mom had it taken care of. She explained what happened to my dad, “ the kids were eating and Annie just started screaming and it looked liked something was was yanking her hair, i-i-it was being yanked,” she explained. Then I noticed the bus was outside, everyone got up grabbed their bags and ran out to the bus, as my mom ran out behind yelling, “have a good day we love you.”

After school all my sisters and I met at the bus line, and got on the bus when it arrived then  talked about our day after we sat down.  When it was our stop we noticed that mom was outside on the porch waiting for us to get there, so we walked a little faster. As we came up to mom we noticed Mary, and the remembered that her and her husband were coming over to investigate the house. We all walked in the house and my sisters and I walked and stood in the living room and my parents and the investigators stood by the door. They were all taking but we were unsure about what they were saying so we walked over to hear what they were talking about how when Mary walked in she could see a soul that was attached to my mom and us, and it was not a good one either. She said that when she walked in she saw it and then while we were all standing in the living room she also saw it, and it was attached to us the whole time.

“You said the clocks stopped at what time?”, asked  Mary, “at 3:07”, mom replied.
Mary looked at Lyle, then Lyle said we know just what it is and explained they would be right back. They went to get all their equipment to set up cameras, and motion sensors to get pictures and take tests on the house. By the time they came back we were just getting done with dinner and we were doing chores. Mom and dad sent all of us kids ot the living room so that they could help with the setup. They sat up a computer and speakers on the kitchen table and put cameras by the basement door, then all the rest of the doors. We were all sitting down and then we heard the basement door open and shut real quick and the camera made a click noise.
“There's one picture”, claimed Lyle so mom and dad got up with Mary and Lyle then walked over to the camera and looked at the picture. All my sisters and I got up to go see, you could barely see but there was a face there for sure!

  Then I noticed something. There was weird footprints leading down the hall to the stairs. I showed my dad and he showed Mary. Mary, my dad, Nancy and I all walked to the stairs and went up, while my mom and Lyle stayed downstairs with the rest. As we got to the top of the stairs and looked down the hall Nancy noticed that the footprints were leading into our room. We pointed and then everyone walked slowly. Mary said not to turn on the lights cause it was still a little bright enough to see. We walked in and looked around then Nancy walked over to our tall wardrobe dresser and opened it, then I saw it. The thing. Again. It was on top of it looking right at her. I yelled for her to move but she looked up. It made a loud screech noise and everyone got scared and screamed besides Lyle. Mary ran upstairs asking what happened, but by the look on her face staring over at the dresser she looked as if she knew.

As if she could see something. “Bring a camera up here and set it up pointing towards the dresser,” Mary said. We all went downstairs and then mom said that it was time to go to bed because we have school tomorrow.

I woke up and it was in the middle of the night, and went to check what time it was. All the clocks were on 3:07 am but that's the time they usually got stuck so I layed there for a while to see if they would change but nothing ever happened. I was terrified, and pulled the covers over my head. It was morning already. I didn't even know I fell asleep, but I did. Mom had breakfast started so we all hurried and got around. Once everyone was at the table, we all looked at eachother. Confusedly. Mom wasn't acting like herself at all. Alice went and got dad and he came out and talked to mom. But something happened. Her face got all pale, and she screamed. But it wasn't any scream she sounded possesed, like in all those scary movies. Then she took off running into the basement, and slammed the door behind her. Dad yelled for Mary and Lyle, and they came running out of the guest room after a minute. While telling Mary and Lyle dad said that we weren't gonna go to school today and that we needed to go set in the living room and watch tv or something, but we all just stayed where we were. Lyle went and opened the basement door, but couldn't see or hear anything so he slowly went down the stairs while Mary and my dad followed.

There was a huge bang and yelling. I was scared, but i was one of the oldest of my sisters so I knew the right thing to do was to make everyone else stay upstairs and go make sure that everything downstairs was ok. When i got down there mom was tied to a chair with a cloth over her head. Dad yelled at me to go find a bible, and i knew right where one was from where i sat it after we got back from church. Once i got up the stairs and into the kitchen Alice asked if mom was ok and if everything was gonna be alright. I told her i didn't know, and that there was a lot going on. I ran and grabbed the bible then ran down the stairs of the basement quick. Mary grabbed the bible opened it to a random page and said “wipe demons,” the books pages flipped and everything in the basement fell off the shelves and she picked the book up and started to read the page of the bible. Her nose was bleeding, she was crying and she was shaking badly. My mom, I've never thought of something like this happening to her, I didn't even know it was possible. She was screaming but her voice was so deep it didn't even sound like her, then the chair tipped over and everything went silent. The lights flickered and Mary dropped to the floor, Lyle following along to make sure he was alright. I picked up a flashlight and turned it on and shined it towards dad. Lyle got up and went to untie mom. She got up and hugged dad and me and said, “ I don't know what just happened I remember everything it was horrible, I was terrified, im sorry”. Dad explained it wasn't her fault, then said, “we aren't staying here no more we are finding a house and moving.” All of a sudden Mary said, “no need, your house has been blessed from the bible and all the demons are gone, there's not one thing i feel that shows a sign either.”  Everyone walked upstairs once we got up all my sisters stared at mom and then i told them that it was fine and she was alright. They all came and hugged her.

It has been four years now since everything. Nothing has happened ever since, and mom has been perfectly fine ever since. The only thing is, she still has to go talk to Mary because she can still picture what happened to her. But everyone else is fine and we all have fun together on family nights.

The author's comments:

Its about a possessed thing that follows and gfamily and possessed the mom

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