March 26, 2018
By GJR51029 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
GJR51029 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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The thunder and lightning were having a battle outside of the ship. The waves of the ocean tossed the ship like a ragdoll. Captain Stewart was losing his mind about the cargo ship sinking in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A crew of 12 battled out the storm. But, the crew couldn’t hold out for long.

The ship tossed and turned and the lights on the deck flickered then went out. The ship was pitch black. Radios not working. No communication with the rest of the world. The crew of 12 jumped in the lifeboats and Captain Stewart stayed with the ship. 6 men in each lifeboat. They hit the water with a huge splash and paddle for their lives as the 1,000 ft cargo ship moaned and gurgled until it was completely under the black, violent waters, of the Pacific Ocean.

On one life boat, First Mate Paul Thompson, was holding out with the other 5 men in the lifeboat. They all had life vests on and smelt like wet dogs. The lifeboat was holding out very steadily as it rapidly drifted away from the horrific event that had taken place an hour ago. The crew of 5 lead by Paul Thompson, had no ways of looking or communication with the other lifeboat. On Thompsons lifeboat, they had 35 cans of water, a flare gun with 4 shots, rope, 20 cans of food, 2 knives, and 3 medical kits.

The ship, before it went down, sent out a distress signal hoping that someone would send help. The missing lifeboat had a leak and has overflowed with water and the 6 men on that lifeboat had either drown or were attacked by sharks. So all that was left was Paul and his crew of 5 that had to put in work to get home safe to their families. The crew was hoping to find a passing ship that would help them or they would beach the lifeboat at an island. The waters of the Pacific Ocean were busy with fish trying to swim away from the dolphins that were trying to eat them. Sharks circled the lifeboat and their fins scraping the side of the lifeboat.

One of the crew mates, Jack Dawson, happened to have a radio with him because he worked the far end of the ship when it was still working. He called out for any ships nearby and he got no response back. Everyone fell asleep in the lifeboat except Paul who was on watch for ships or any islands. The crew woke up the next morning only to find an island that they had beached their lifeboat on. The had no idea where they were or what was on that island. The crew had been out at sea for 15 days and the current had taken them to an island that they believe is 2,000 miles away from New Zealand. The island was very rocky but filled with huge green trees and had that tropical feel to it. The island seemed to be filled with wildlife and lots of exotic animals living there. The weather outside was very warm at about 86 degrees and it was partly cloudy outside.

The crew is finally on the island and first they gather supplies and cut down palm trees that hit the ground with a loud thud. A crew member fell out of the boat and screamed when he hit the freezing water because of the coldness. Paul was the second one to jump right up and was wide awake. The first thing he did was wake the rest of the crew up and make sure they were all full of food and water and ready for a long day of hard work. The crew jumped off the lifeboat and 2 people drug it upon the white sand of the new world. Paul had no map but all he had was a small radio that couldn’t even get a signal because they were in the middle of the ocean on a small remote island filled with luscious trees and colorful flowers and animals inhabiting the island.

As they all got rested for about half an hour or so, they started thinking of ways to get nearby planes or ships attention. This man named Teddy Philips said that they should start cutting down huge trees and taking the leaves to burn them and form a big cloud of smoke that could be noticeable from the sea and sky. They ended up trying out Teddy’s idea of burning the leaves of the huge palm trees. As they finished taking the leaves, a decent sized storm cloud rolled in and started off with a loud boom of thunder. KRACK!. A huge bolt of Zeus struck a palm tree. Then came the heavy rain. The crew was thankful that it wasn’t a super violent storm just a casual thunderstorm. The leaves were soaked in water which made them super hard to burn and it would take a while for the storm to pass through. Paul didn’t want to wait so he went back to the drawing board and brainstormed some new ideas.

2 days after the thunderstorm that had soaked their leaves that they were going to use as a signal to planes and passing ships, it became a very sunny and hot day because the crew was right near the Equador. Paul and three other men started making 3 inch lettering on the beach that said S.O.S. which means, Save Our Souls. That plan only lasted till 8 p.m. at night because the Pacific decided to send in the tide. The tide ended up foiling the crews second attempt to get home safely by washing away the lettering in the white sand.

The crew was out of ideas so Paul told them to split into teams. 3 men go look for food and fresh water also pick up firewood and things that the crew could use or make into weapons for hunting and fishing. The other 3 men, including Paul, started making 2 huts for 3 people into one hut to sleep in that way they wouldn’t have to sleep on the ground with all the insects and critters running amuck in the night time. It took the team that was building, 2 days to complete the two huts for the crew to sleep in.

It was day 30 on the remote island and still no sign of help from anyone. The crews morning started off with Jack setting off alone in the forest to find some coconuts to stay hydrated. Jack wandered off into the forest only to find out that he wasn’t alone and that he was being watched. Jack got to the tree of his choice and begins to climb and ended up falling right on his back. He was dazed and sat up only to be face to face with a huge black panther. The panther snarled and smacked Jack with a tremendous blow to the side of the head which then lead to him being an easy snack for the panther.
The rest of the crew set out to look for Jack but it was way too late. The black panther had already made a meal out of Jack and flead the scene in the blink of an eye. The crew gave up looking after 8 hours of looking for Jack. Paul was still out looking but he was armed and ready for whatever nature threw at him. He had a spear sharper than a Tungsten Needle and had the face paint of a warrior. He was being stalked by the same black panther that had already gotten Jack and was ready for more.

Paul was walking quietly and quickly still looking for what now is the remains of Jack. He took one more step and then paused. “Grrrrrrr.” The panther growled. Paul swung around like a flash of light and the panther sprung from a bush and attacked Paul but didn’t harm him at all because it was speared right through the stomach and was instantly dead. Paul sighed with relief that he wasn’t killed by the panther. Paul took the panther back to the camp where the rest of the crew was hooting and hollering with joy.

Paul returned to the camp to find his crew excited and happy. There, coming towards the shore, was a huge freight ship that the crew had signaled down with the flare gun from the lifeboat. Paul and his crew were thrilled that they wouldn’t have to suffer anymore on this remote island and that they could finally go home to their families and sleep in a warm bed and eat hot food. The captain of the cargo ship was Captain Zach Vaughn of a Russian ship. The crew that escaped tragedy at sea and survived 110 days on a remote island was finally going home safe and sound. The lesson that they all learned was not to go on a big ship during a storm also do not wander into the forest and have no idea what is in there.

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