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Going Down

March 26, 2018
By Anonymous

Do you know the definition of scary? Nobody does.  Not until you have been put in a spot where you have to fight for your life. Most don’t know how it feels to believe you are going to die, or picturing that there is no chance that you will make it out alive.
No one understands the way blistering hot fire all around you causes the sharp pains to shoot throughout your body. No one understands how you can unsee the blood everywhere. Or the recurrent screaming for help, that will never seem to leave your dreams. But most of all, no one understands the feeling thrust upon you when you see your family in that same situation and knowing you can’t do anything; nobody knows how that feels like the Dundie Marathon Cardboard Company.
  Stanlie was a Salesmen at Dundie Marathon Cardboard Company. On August 3, 2011.  Stanlie had a heart attack in the office he worked at, right at the same desk he sits now because of Dewight another Salesmen who Stanlie goes neck to neck with everyday with sales. On that hot August day, Dewight caught Stanlie’s desk on fire and tied the chair he was sitting in to the desk so he couldn’t move. Stanlie was so scared that his heart was racing so fast that he had a major heart attack but, luckily survived and didn’t get burned. Stanlie never forgot that Dewight almost killed him.  So, this gave Stanlie a plan to completely take out that imbecile and get revenge like the cold-blooded man always did; time and time before these retributions took place two minutes apart.
Michael Scarn loved his job as the Manager of Dundies Marathon Cardboard Company. He loved each and everyone of his employees, except one… Jimy Halpert. Jimy Halpert was a tall, handsome, saucy, married man. He was also another one of the many Salesmen at the Dundie Marathon Cardboard Company.  Michael and Jimmy used to be best friends. They shared the same job.  Michael Scarn was co-manager and Jimy Halpert was co-manager. Things ran so smoothly until one day when Jimy Halpert made a horrible comment about how Michael Scarn ran his conference meeting and about how dysfunctional those meetings were. Michael Scarn is a  very nice and funny man, but when somebody makes fun of him he doesn’t take it well.  He will, soon enough, make them regret ever even saying anything to him at that moment.
“I’m so sick of my employees treating me so rotten.  What have I ever done to them, Pamala?  I have always covered their tail when it came to Angiela, the President of this sluggish company,” said Jimy Halpert.  His wife Pamala didn’t know what to say.  They had always treated her so nicely.  They were all her friends, and she wasn’t going to stab them in the back.
“Jimy, I’m sorry honey, but these people are my friends and I can’t talk bad about them! I don’t want to be like those people that I went to high school with.  Always talking about one another behind each others back.  I’m not that kind of person honey, I’m sorry.”, said Pamala.
“Fine, you can leave. Go stay with one of your “friends”.  I can’t believe you Pamala! You are supposed to be my wife. You are supposed to support me, but, you know what, everytime I talk about work and my problems with these stupid ignorant people you always pretend to listen.
You always act as though you don’t want to hurt anybody's feelings. Guess what?  I notice. I’M NOT STUPID Pamala!  So, you know what, just leave.”, said Jimy Halpert.
So, that is what Pamala did. She was so sick of Jimy.  The way he treats her everyday. She had no problem with leaving, as a matter of fact, she was leaving forever. She didn’t care anymore.  She was taking her secret and everything with her and never going back to that house. She will stay at her brothers until she finds an apartment to move into. It’s big enough for two.
“ I would like to file a complaint about Dewight.”, yelled Stanlie at Michael Scarn.
“ Ok, what is this complaint about, my good man?”, asked Michael  After Stanlie didn’t answer Michael and just stood there frozen, Michael said, “Don’t tell me he mad you so mad you want me to make him stay later so you can crash an airplane into the building and kill him.”
“ Actually that is exactly what I was thinking Michael.”, said Stanlie.
“ Oh my gosh, really!  Just between us Stanlie, that was my plan to kill Jimy Helpart.  I just can’t stand him anymore, and I can almost bet you feel that same way about Dewight.”, said Michael to his new sidekick Stanlie.
“ But here’s the thing my man, how about we try firing them first?  Ok. You will need to find a way to make Dewight so mad at you again, that he will try to get pay back like he always does. When that happens, you need to fake a heart attack. Then I will have the ability to fire him.”, said Michael Scarn.
“ I have just the thing Michael. What are you going to do so you can fire that dimwit out there flirting with Erin just to make Pamala jealous?”, said Stanlie.
“ Don’t worry, I have that all under control.  Meet me here tomorrow morning at six o’clock to discuss the time and where tomorrow when you plan to engage in your plan.”, said Michael.
“ Yes, sir!”, said Stanlie.
“ Now get out of here you clown, and remember this stays between only us.”, said Michael Scarn.
Everyday for five weeks, Stanlie put everything on or in Dewight’s desk in yellow jello. Stanlie didn’t just choose yellow jello for no reason.  He chose it because Dewight hates the color yellow.  It reminds him of ducks, and he doesn’t like ducks because he almost died when a duck was chasing him. On the thirty-fourth day of irritating Dewight, Dewight had  had enough and concocted his revenge.
“Quick everybody outside for a practice exercise in case of another fire.”, yelled Dewight.
“But what about Stanlie?  He’s in the bathroom?”, said Osco.
“Who cares about that imbecile!”, shouted Dewight to Osco.
“Ok.  Whatever you say.  I guess it’s not a big deal.  It’s only a drill.”, said Osco.

“BANG, BANG, CRACK!” Stanlie couldn’t get the bathroom door open.  For some reason, it was locked… it nevers locks, Stanlie kept thinking to himself. As Stanlie walked out of the bathroom, he came upon a man with a knife.  The knife was kept on one of those black, shiny belts, that fit your waist perfectly.  It resembled those that a police officer would wear. The atrocious man had a gun in his hand,
“Are you Stanlie?”, said the man with the gun in his hand.
Thump!  That was the sound Stanlie’s body made when he hit the floor.

“ Can I have Jimy Halpert and Dewight Shruat in my office please.”, said Michael Scarn in a soft voice.
It was time for the plan to finally be finished.  After many weeks and hours of planning, Stanlie and Michael had completed the task.  It was time to fire those two dingbats.
“Please sit down.”, said Michael with a friendly smile.
“I would first like to start out by apologizing for what I’m about to do and then apologize again at the end of this meeting.  Oh, and yes Jimy, this is a meeting.  So, don’t even say a word.  I don’t want to hear it!   As I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted by Jimy’s train of thought.  I am super sorry, but I am going to have to fire both of you two boneheads.  BOOM ROASTED!”, said Michael to what he thought were his two ex- employees.
“Michael…”, said Jimy before Michael cut him off.
“Nope get out!  Pack up your things and get the heck out of my building!”, yelled Michael.
So that is what Jimy and Dewight did, but they knew this wasn’t over.  They had a contract with this dreadful company.
“ Hello, this is Michael Scarn.”, said Mr. Scarn.
“ Michael, I hope you know that you can’t fire Jimy and Dewight.”, said Angelina the President of the Dundie Marathon Cardboard Company.
“ Duh, of course I knew that!”, said Michael in a joking manner.
“ So, this was just another one of your little “jokes”, then?”, said Angelina annoyed.
“Yes, of course it is honey.”, Michael said.
“I’m not your wife anymore Michael, remember.  We have gone over this about one-hundred times by now, and everytime we do, it is because you have pulled one of your “jokes.  ”These doltish jokes need to stop!  I’ll  be expecting those two back at work tomorrow.”,  Angelina yelled at Michael through the phone.
“Ok, whatever you say honey.”, responded Michael.
“ Oh my gosh, goodbye Michael.”, said Angelina as she hung up.

“Plans on.  Call up Kevin and let him know tomorrow at 5:02 P.M. the first one hits and then at 5:04 P.M. the next.”, said Michael as he walked by Stanlie.

“BUZZ, BUZZ,BUZZ”, said Michael’s phone.
“Hello, Scarn here, how can I help you honey?  I was just getting ready to leave the office since it’s five o’clock”, said Michael to Angelina.
“ I would just like to let you know that I need everybody to work till 7:30 P.M.  The sales have been down this month.”, said Angelina.
“Oh, ok I understand.”, said Michael.
Right after Michael hung up, he knew he had to do something and do it quick.  He had  to get everybody but Jimy and Dewight out of the building in less than two minutes.
“Excuse me , hello everybody, can y’all  please go outside and across the street into the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company for a quick meeting. Jimy and Dewight, don’t go.  I need to see you two in my office.”, said Michael.
“ But Michael, we just went over there yesterday for a meeting.  As far as I can tell, we don’t have another meeting scheduled until next Monday.”, said Jimy.
Michael looked at his watch it was 5:02, he didn’t know what to do, so he ran. Just as Michael was nearing the door Pamala yelled, “Everybody down, under your desk now!”
BOOM!  The first plane hit the building.  At that very moment,  Michael regretted his choices.  He looked over and began moving to where Stanlie had been.  There, on the floor, was Stanlie with blood everywhere around his lifeless body. The closer Michael got to Stanlie, the more he discovered.  He could see that a piece from the plane stuck him right in his heart. Michael felt like he was lost in another dimension, like his spirit wasn’t there but his body was. He couldn’t think at all.  All Michael could hear was the recurring screaming from everybody, over and over again.
“HELP, I’m going to die, oh my gosh I’m going to die!”, said Pamala.
As Michael stood there with only a couple of scratches on his body, while everybody else was badly hurt or dead, all he could think about was his employees and what he could do to help them.  At that very moment, he realized that those people laying there on the floor were his only family.  He had done this to them, and now he couldn’t help his family.  They were gone. Ripped right away from him, just like that, because he and Stanlie wanted to get rid of two dimwits that they couldn’t stand.
Jimy just laid there on the floor regretting his life.  He was thinking about Pamala and there fight last night. He wished he could go back and change their last moment together. That all stopped though when he heard, “Jimy?”  It was a very faint whispering call from his beloved Pamala.
“Pamala, I’m here and I want you to know I’m sorry for everything that I have ever done to hurt you.  I want you to know I love you so much.  I would do anything to change what I have done to us and our marriage.”, said Jimy.
(cough, cough, squeaky breathing)” Jimy… I’m preg…” and Pamala was gone, The love of his life taken away from him way too soon.  Within just a blink of an eye, his life felt so empty.
“She didn’t even get to be a mother.  She wasn’t able to experience life to the fullest.  We weren’t able to grow old together in a big white house like she had always imagined with little grandkids running around outside while we watched them. Pamala Marie Halpert, my beautiful  wife, and the mother of my unborn child, wasn’t able to experience any of that.”, said Jimy at her funeral. Jimy continued on talking.  He said, “And to you down there in hell Michael, you were a pathetic man, you took the love of my life from me and from other people as well.  We were innocent.  We were your family.  We were there for you.  Through your divorce, your bankruptcy, and the murder of your mother and father.  Pamala and I took you in for over a year when times were rough.  After all that, and you tried to murder Dewight and I.  But guess what, you didn’t. Instead you took the love of my life and Dewight’s friend, innocent Pamala, from us.  You buffoon. Dewight and I wish you were never murdered so you could rot in a cell. Jimy stood there and sobbed over his memorable wife and future child.
Five weeks later, the news reported that on September 9, 2011 the killing of fifteen people in the Dundie Marathon Cardboard Company was a terrorist attack not a murder gone wrong. To this day, nobody knows and will ever know what happened to the two planes that Stanlie and Michael had made plans to crash into the building, and Michael made sure nobody ever would.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece because we were talking about 9/11 in one of my classes awhile ago and some of my classmates were trying to make light of the situation. At that moment I relized that was what I was going to write about to show how the people that had family members that died felt. 

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