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I'll be Okay

March 26, 2018
By Jordy101 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
Jordy101 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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The disease kept spreading to everyone, one by one.
Everyone tried to run, but you could not escape fate. At first, they all thought they just had a little cold, little did they know that it was much more than what they could ever imagine. Once you had the disease there was no turning back, you would slowly die and only the strongest could survive.
Jack is an eighth grader at Bellview Middle School. Jack suffers from severe depression, ever since his mother’s passing. Jack’s dad left when he was three years old and no family member was willing to take him and his little sister Ellie in. They are currently living in a foster home with, Mike and Sue Everin. Ellie is four and has no idea who her father is and vaguely remembers her mom, it’s all a complete blur for her.
Jack tries to be an optimist for himself and his sister, but he has very little faith.
Jack always prayed when he was younger with his mom and Ellie, now he has lost all hope of ever being successful due to his past experiences of everyone he ever loved suddenly disappearing. Jack is trying to get better not only to help himself, but to help his younger sister have good memories. All he wants to do is help Ellie live the best possible life out there for herself.
In 2005, a disease started to spread in Belleview, wiping out millions of citizens. It is now the year 2018, and people are still struggling to stay alive. There are many quarantine places, but even there you are not safe, if your not infected, you are   very lucky. Jack is among the very few people left in the town that are not infected, yet...
People went crazy mad, wars started happening between many family members and most of them were found dead on the side of the road. Jack couldn’t bear to see people so vicious and kill the people they once loved, deeply. Jack knew that if he ever had the chance to get his family back, he would not have a second thought about it, he would jump onto that moving train if it meant he could have his life back.
Ellie was struggling to survive, she could not breathe normally. She was going in and out of consciousness. Ellie was slowly dying, one day at a time.
Jack is slowly losing his mind over the fact that everyone he ever loved is fading away from him. He is going crazy from the virus spreading to his little sister, but now… Jack, himself. He knows that the only way they could possibly survive is if they stick together and don’t breathe in the toxic air. Jack was determined to keep him and Ellie in this world longer than the disease could stay here.
Mike and Sue were currently on their deathbeds due to them not getting enough oxygen to their lungs.
Sue’s last words before she passed were, “ Fight until the end, my little darlings. I know you both have it in you, make it farther than anyone else.”
Jack decided that he needed to step up and take charge in order to honor his foster parents. From then on, he never second guessed his decisions because he knew that it would lead to more war. Jack started to keep a journal to help himself stay somewhat sane.

March 15,2018
Ellie is starting to feel nauseous and she is slowly losing her memory. I miss my mom and dad more than ever, knowing that the only person I have left is starting to become infected. I know I have to stay strong for the both of us, but it’s getting harder and harder as the days go by.
Jack and Ellie woke up to sirens and chaos roaring through the town. Ellie was scared half to death, Jack tried to stay calm for the both of them, but it was hard to hold all of his emotions inside. Jack was truly miserable knowing that he could do absolutely nothing to stop his sister from getting sick. She was laying in bed like a sick dog, she kept tossing and turning, but could not seem to fall asleep.
Jack was doing some research to try to help Ellie feel healthy again. He discovered that Epinephrine can help take away the pain the disease is causing. He figured that if he could get his hands on some of that medication, it would improve Ellie’s immune system and her lungs. There was very few pharmacies still up and running since the disease took over. Jack was able to find one pharmacy that was still open and it was only half a block from where their current residence was.
Jack’s plan was to wait until Ellie finally fell asleep, then he would sneak out to go get the medication for her from the pharmacy. It was ten before Ellie finally fell asleep, Jack snuck out to retrieve the life saving medication.
  A tall, older looking man approached him and said,“Hey! What are you doing out this late?”
“I’m trying to help my sister stay alive,” Jack shouted, “What’s your name anyway?”
The man responded by saying, “I have missed you very much Jack.”
Jack asked, “How do you even know my name?”
“Jack, I heard what happened to your mom and I’ve come back to try and fix my mistakes,” said the man.
Jack asked again, “What’s your name?”
“My name is Ryan,” he responded.
Jack whimpered,“You think that you can just walk right back into my life and pretend like nothing ever happened?”
Jack could not deal with another problem right now, so he decided to leave and go back to finding the pharmacy. When, he reached the big, brick building it looked like it was abandoned and it seemed to him that no one has step foot in it for a while. Jack was hopeless, he figured that it was in his best interest to just go back home.
Jack had so much to worry about at this point in his life and in all honesty, he felt like giving up any possibly of anything going right for him and his sister. He knew that he could not avoid the disease forever, but he thought that he could avoid the situation with his dad for as long as possible...

March 20,2018

I’m currently losing my mind over everything that is happening. My dad decides that he is just going to try to be a part of my life now after how many years of him never caring one bit about me or Ellie. I don’t know how to handle the situation and he acts like I should be so forgiving to just invite him right back into my life. I’m not sure how to approach the situation, but I know that I have bigger problems to worry about right now, so he is just going to have to wait for me. If he truly does care about and wants to make things right then he should be willing to wait around for me to get everything straight.

March 21,2018:

The disease is becoming worse and I’m not sure how to help Ellie get better. I’m not sure that she can get better at this point, but maybe I can prevent her from getting any worse.
Ellie is getting weaker and weaker as the day goes on. Jack does not want to lose the one person that he loves the most, but he knows that her life won’t last much longer. Ellie refuses to eat anything, she is so pale and her breathing is very heavy. Jack knows that Ellie is not getting enough oxygen, but he is not ready for her to leave him as everybody else has already.
The morning of March 26th, Ellie had passed away at 9:52 a.m.
Jack was now all alone, he was sick with sadness. All he wanted was happiness in his life,but he couldn’t even get that from thirteen years of life so far. He was discouraged by what his life has become ever since his mother had died.
Jack decided that he was going to try to make ammence with his father considering he was the only person he had left. He wanted to resolve the problems they had, but Jack didn’t know how to because he didn’t understand what he did wrong to make his dad leave. As a little kid, he always wondered what was going through his dad’s head to make him leave his own kids.
Jack was not sure how to get ahold of his dad at this point, he decided to walk down the same block that he met his father at the other night and pray that he was somewhere around there. He grabbed his blue backpack and headed on his way to find his dad.
He had been walking for about twenty minutes before he reached the spot where the two had met. Jack waited for about forty five minutes to an hour before he saw his dad walking down the abandoned alley. Jack was nervous and excited at the same time, his stomach was in knots. He felt like his life was a roller coaster, he was on the top at times, but generally he was on downhill spiral.
Jack hesitantly said, “Dad... is that you?”
“Jack?”Ryan asked.
Jack questioned,“Can we please talk?’’
“Of course, son,” said his father.
They went back to the house Jack was staying at to talk out their differences. They went in depth about each other’s feelings to have a better relationship. All in all, they were able to work out their problems in an orderly manner.
Jack and his father are now living in Fremont, California and starting from the ground up for a steady relationship. They are happy with their new lives together as somewhat of a family.
Ryan is currently seeing someone for the first time in a while, Jack is very happy for him and hopes that their family continues to grow.
Jack will never forget the people he has lost because they have made him the person he is today.

The author's comments:

My story is based on past experiences and how society is today.

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